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Reviews of our broken Raid array and Server Data Recovery. We also fix Broken USB connectors, and recover Virtual Disks such as vhd vhdx files.
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Data Recovery and Conversions Reviews...

Broken contacts off the end of the circuit board inside the USB stick.

USB stick with fractured connector. The USB drive had 3 of 4 contacts which had fractured off the circuit board. Green Swivel design with single epoxy enclosed memory chip and Alcor AU6989SNHL-G-8 controller chip.
A Green Swivel USB stick with broken contacts ready for repair

Guy Mason, Stourbridge, West Midlands.
....I have used this company several times now, to recover data from crashed hard drives that my Company PC's and laptops would not even recognise or boot from, and also from USB memory sticks where someone broke the contacts off the end of the circuit board inside the stick....

Terastation E21 network failure data recovery

A Buffalo TS-0.6TGL/R5 which had sufffered the E21 network failure message and so was sent to our labs for data recovery.
Terastation E21 Network controller failure

Bell Projects Limited, Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire UK
....The client was very impressed with the speed and level of service - we will certainly be using you again!

Acer Altos Easystore Recovery

An Acer Altos Easystore shown with the drive caddys which hold 4 hard disks in Raid 5. The web interface failed after a power cut when the system just hangs.
Easystore Raid recovery

Basingstoke, Hants
....Access to the system was not possible, ie web interface did not work and the shared folder and files could not open....

ReadyNAS cant access data

A Readynas NV+ which holds 1 TB hard disks. One drive failed and then the volume refused to re-sync. It was sent to us for data recovery after the customer could not access the files and folders.
ReadyNAS offline data recovery

Publications Ltd, Watford, Hertfordshire
....We replaced the disk but the volume is refused to re-sync - can't access any of the data....

FibreCat iSCSI data recovery

Hard Disks from a Fujitsu Fibrecat SX80i that had used vmware to create virtual machines and virtual disks. The raid crashed after a power failure and required recovery of the vmdk files from the sata HDDs.
Fujitsu SX80i Fibrecat Virtual machine recovery

DSI SCRL, Bruxelles, Belgium
....12x 750Gb Seagate Hard Drives ok - Raid Controller failed....

Terastation E04 Error kernel data recovery

A Terastation displaying the E04 load Kernel fault error message. Following this error the unit arrived here for data recovery.
E04 kernel load error on Terastation data recovery

Wandsworth, London.
....The terastation would start to boot up then fail with System Error E04 - can't load kernel fault message....

SC101 lost partition after firmware update

A Netgear nas model number sc101 with one of the hard drives showing unavailable.
SC101 data recovery dfrom lost partition due to firmware

Stuttgart, Germany
....The Netgear SC101 has 2 Maxtor DiamondMax hdd in separate use with separate drives (not use as a mirror to system)....

Terastation E14 error data recovery

Hard Disks that were removed from a Terastation that displayed E14 error when it couldn't Mount the Raid Array. Following that it went into I12 degraded mode before being sent to us to recover the files.
Terastation data recovery raid E14 error

Sanderson Ltd, Sheffield
....After a re-boot it displayed Can't Mount Raid Array E14 error message....

Easystore data recovery

An Altos Easystore showing it's indicator LED lights blinking and name badge. The unit no longer allowed access to the disk so was sent to us for file recovery.
Altos Easystore file recovery

Sogipers srl, San Benedetto Del Tronto, ITALY
....There were 2 Easystore raids each with 4 Seagate 500GB Hard Drives....

Terastation Loading Kernel Failure

A Terastation with the Loading Kernel fault. This Buffalo NAS would then drop to degraded mode before arriving with us for repair to recover the files.
Terastation kernel failure shares not shown

Newbury, Berkshire
....After several attempts to restart it went to EM mode and could not be recovered....

Freecom DataTank Hissing Sound

This Freecom DataTank arrived to us after the customer complained of a hissing noise. The unit contained 2 hard drives in mirrored Raid array.
Freecom Data Tank Data Recovery

....The tank consisted of 2x Samsung hard disk drives in mirrored Raid1 configuration giving 500GB of disk space....

Power Cut lost Terastation Raid Array

The hard drives from a Terastation that failed after a power cut. The image shows the 4 hard drives that were in a raid array when the nas box went offline.
Terastation lost Raid after Power Cut

Worthing, West Sussex
....2 disks were showing as faulty so Data Recovery from the share folders was required....

Terastation Data Recovery Raid Failed

The LCD display of a Buffalo Terastation whose raid had failed. The system was configured for raid5 and disk 2 had gone down.
Terastation Disk failed Data Recovery

Oswestry, Shropshire.
....Then took it out on advice from Buffalo but could not get the data as Raid had failed....

Storcenter Pro 150d by Iomega Network Share Folder problem

A Storcenter Pro 150d which had problems with the shared folder. Network access had been denied by the Iomega NAS box and lost its windows share folders before arriving with us for data recovery.
Storcenter Share Folders data recovery

....We could access to the Iomega StorCenter and see all the setting for it, and when click on disk management we saw the capacity properties (how many GB used and how many GB free), we saw all options, but not access the share folder and see our data....

Terastation RAID5 array 2 drives failed

A Silver Terastation with 2 drives failed in the Raid5 array. The control console web screen showed 2 hdd had failed which for a raid 5 normally means that it can't be recovered, however we managed to get the files back.
Terastation RAID5 with 2 hard disks failure

Independent Business Park, East Grinstead, Sussex
....The setup console/web screen claimed 2 drives in the RAID 5 array have failed....

Fujitsu SX80i iSCSI Data Recovery

A pair of hard disks from a Fibrecat SX80i which needed data recovery after it's VMFS corrupted and the VHD and VDMK files were no longer accessible.
Fujitsu SX80i iSCSI Virtual Disk Data Recovery

NetSolution Limited, Nottingham
....The system consisted of 2x 2TB drives VMFS configured as Raid0 stripe used with ESX iSCSI....

Linksys NAS200 recover access to files

A Linksys NAS200 (also made by Cisco) awaiting file transfer when it failed.
Linksys NAS200 data recovery

Brecht, nr. Antwerpen, BELGIUM
.... During a file transfer, the connection with my NAS200 system suddenly got interrupted....

Adaptec Dpti20 SCSI Raid5 Data Recovery

A Raid5 array from an Adaptec Dpti2o raid controller that was operating under Windows NT. The bios system showed one and then two drives missing from the array so was sent to us to recover the data.
SCSI Adaptec Dpti2o Raid 5 data recovery

Kingston Ltd, Hull, Yorkshire
....The system was showing - one and then two drives missing from raid 5 array and required data recovery....

Dell Raid Recovery SCSI Hard Drives

A Quantum SCSI disk label from a drive that had been used in a Dell PERC SCSI raid5 server. The raid had failed so drives were shown offline, there they were sent to us to recover the files.
Perc Raid Recovery Dell SCSI drives

....One day the Raid failed and some hard drives were showing offline in the configuration screen so data recovery was required....

Altos Easystore data recovery

An Easystore whose active directory would not sink or allow the data to be browsed from the network. The Easytore is made by Acer Altos and arrived with us to recover the files.
Altos Easystore Raid5 recovery

St Andrews, Guernsey
....We could not browse data from network, error log showed active directory not synced....

Buffalo Terastation Pro E21 Error repair / data recovery

A Terastation Pro that needed repair following E21 error message. This Buffalo Nas unit arrived in our office for data recovery from the hard disks.
Buffalo Terastation Data Recovery from E21 Error repair

Dundee, Scotland
....I am super pleased to say that everything has arrived and I have already connected the WD drive up and am currently going through the data and it looks really good so far....

Intel SS4000E NAS raid recovery

A SS4000E made by Intel that was no longer recognized after a power failure.
Raid repair for Intel SS4000E Network drive

Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey
....It was impossible to access data in the disks....

HighPoint SAS Raid Disk Failed data recovery

A Highpoint SAS raid tower that had the sata hard disks configured by a Rocket Raid 2322 controller. Disks had failed in the array and staus shown as
Highpoint SAS 8 disk array raid failure rebuild

....The controller was HighPoint Rocket-Raid 2322 (RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50 and JBOD) with Dual External Mini-SAS Connectors to Array enclosure....

SCSI Intel Raid Server Data Recovery

An Intel SCSI raid card controlling 4 scsi disks whose array had failed. The card model number is GC80303 SL57T SRCZCR SRC.
Intel Raid 5 SCSI data recovery

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Cheshire
....We had previously approached another company which failed to recover the data....

Snazio TeraNAS lost raid recovery

A Snazio TeraNAS with OS crash and hardware failure and not visible on the network, now awaiting data recovery from the share folder.
Recover Snazio TeraNAS Raid data

West Melborne, Palm Bay, Florida USA.
....OS crash or hardware failure left flashing blue light but not raid not booting up or not visible on network....

RAID-0 Data Recovery Striped array IBM IC35L040AVER07-0

An IBM Disk showing the pcb circuit board. The disk was from an IBM Raid 0 striped array that was sent to us to recover the data. The Hard disk model number is IC35L040AVER07-0.
Striped RAID-0 Data Recovery IBM HDD

Anon., Plymouth
....All my data files have been recovered and precious irreplaceable files have also been recovered.

I just wanted to thank you for your help and because of the nature of my work I often get people asking me for PC advise - If anyone ever has a hard drive crash there is only one place I’ll be sending them....

Thecus N4100 lost data after power cut

A Thecus N4100 awaiting data recovery after it lost all the directory files and folders following a powercut.
Thecus N4100 recovery after power outage

....There was a powercut and I lost a load of files from the Iomega and all the directory folders from the Thecus....

SCSI Raid Server Sagitta data recovery

A SCSI hard drive shown with circuit board facing upwards that was one of a 4 disks from a Sagitta SCSI raid server received here for data recovery. The disks were used in a Sagitta EziRAID which is similar to the EziJBOD.
Data Recovery SCSI Raid Server Sagitta

Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
....All the drives appeared to boot up ok, but the raid card was blown and last time we had to import a whole new server from USA to get the data off....

G-Raid lost files recovery

A G-Raid drives against a blue background. The drive holds 2 hdd sata disks in raid and arrived with us to recover the data after it no longer appeared on the Mac Desktop.
G-Raid used on Mac - lost video files recovery

....The Drive was connected by Firewire to a Mac and formatted as Raid but no longer appeared on the desktop....

Buffalo DriveStation Raid Fault Data Recovery

The image shows the 4 hard disk drives taken out of a DriveStation Quattro for data recovery after one disk went faulty and the raid array card configuration was lost.
DriveStation Raid Card failed, data recovery

iRespons Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland
....The raid array disappeared and there was no noise, fan or lights as the unit was dead when powered up....

Broken SATA connector repair - data recovery

The Sata connector from an Hitachi Deskstar hdd that was sent to us for repair after the customer had bent the cable and tried to force the plug to join with the hdd socket. The connector had snapped but was soldered back to the pcb circuit board.
Snapped SATA connector - repair or Data Recovery

Poole, Dorset
....The cables had to be bent at an awkward angle and the SATA connector snapped on the hard drive's PCB circuit board after the plug was accidentally forced....

Seagate Hard Drive recovery

The pcb from a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 Hard Drive that stopped working so was removed from the computer and sent to us to recover the files and folders.
Seagate Hard Disk recovery

Putney, London
....The disk progressively stopped working then prevented windows from starting....

300GB Maxtor One-Touch HDD data recovery

The end osf a One-Touch Maxtor HDD sent in for repair. The drive has Firewire and USB connections but was not recognised when plugged in to the computer port so arrived iwht us for recovery of the files.
Maxtor External drive data recovery

Bass Wing, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire
....Hi - just got in from a meeting - great news, we have purchased a hard drive so will speak to you Tuesday am and arrange to bring it to you....

Windows Blue Screen data recovery

Windows blue screen of death screenshot when failing to boot up via a Seagate HDD.
Blue Screen of Death BSOD - Seagate Sata fails to boot Windows

Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland
....The hard drive was Seagate Disk 160gb SATA ST3160023A fw8.12 7200.7 Barracuda....

Fujitsu Laptop Hard drive MHT2040AT in Dell Laptop Data Recovery

A Fujitsu laptop hard drive that was from Dell notebook computer. It was sent to us after it failed to spin up. It was undergoing repair after which the data was recovered. It's model number was MHT2040AT IDE disk.
Fujitsu MHT2040AT Data Recovery

WD Associates Ltd Benfleet Essex UK
....I would have no hesitation recommending your services and will in fact mention to Dell that you should be on their supplier list as a more affordable option to other DR companies who wanted in the region of £1000 and even then the lead time is three weeks!....

Chipsbank CBM2091 broken USB recovery

A USB swivel stick by Respect, and uses a Chipsbank USB controller. This USB was bumped and no longer worked so was sent to us for repair.
USB data recovery Chipsbank

Westminster Drug Project, Croydon, Surrey
....Many thanks - we’ll look forward to receiving the data later next week (post willing).....

SD card 4GB phot recovery

SD card not recognised
SD card not recognised

Oxford, Oxfordshire
....Card was not recognised by the camera or card reader....

USB memory stick suddenly missing files

A silver USB memory stick with its top cap removed. The stick does not appear damaged, however it was suddenly not working and was awaiting repair in our lab.
Files disappear from USB flash drive

Hastings, East Sussex
....After saving a word document, the USB flash drive appeared to suddenly be missing many files and folders which needed recovering....

Optima SD card photo recovery

Optima SD card not registering on pc - Photo recovery
Optima SD card not registering on pc - Photo recovery

Tensar Ltd, Blackburn
....Not able to register card on the PC....

Broken USB Integral 16GB repair

A USB Integral 16GB pen drive which was not recognised by the computer. It had intermittent connection to the computer which was repaired by us so the files could be copied off.
Broken USB Integral 16GB not recognised

....The device suddenly stopped being recognised by the computer.Many thanks for your prompt work.Thanks for everything,....

SD card recovery mp4 video no finalised

MP4 video data recovery SD card finalisation
MP4 video data recovery SD card finalisation

Islington, London
....Card can be read in PC but it is not showing anything.Disc received yesterday, thank you....

Sandisk USB not lighting up when inserted in computer

A Sandisk USB that was not flashing when plugged in PC or Mac. The LED light remained off when powered.
Sandisk USB not flashing when plugged in PC or Mac

Cancer Research, Liverpool
....The USB appeared to be dead when plugged in to the computer - The LED light did not flash and memory stick did not work.I have received the Data that was recovered.....

Optima USB broken connector

An Optima USB flash drive with the connector plug snapped off and shown separated from the body of the stick.
Data recovery Optima USB flash drive

FrancoDolfini Automatismos S.L, Madrid, SPAIN
....Many thanks for recovering data from my daughter’s USB stick, she was over the moon....

XD Card recover lost photos

An olympus XD card in for data recovery.
Recover XD card photos

Paignton, Devon
....Tried a different XD card reader and the properties showed 992mb is used with just a little free space left....

USB flash drive repair

A black USB pen drive that was not recognized by the computer and was then sent to us for data recovery.
Recover data from USB pen drive

Camden London
....The USB stopped working suddenly and not recognised by the computer....

Sandisk Cruzer micro USB pen drive data recovery

A Sandisk Cruzer USB pen drive with lost files awaiting data recovery in our labs.
Data Recovery Sandisk Cruzer USB pen drive

Skyviews Inc, BARBADOS
....It is such a relief to know that the files are no longer ’lost’.I appreciate your work and would recommend you to colleagues/friends should they have problems with data loss....

USB memory stick dropped not working

A Samsung USB flash drive that was dropped by accident and no longer lights up, hence it found it's way to us for repair.
Dropped USB flash drive no longer lights up

Anon, London
....The memory stick was dropped onto tarmac road, no longer light up or flashes, and cannot be detected or seen by the Windows PC computer....

256MB USB data recovery - USB Malfunction

USB Malfunction pen drive
USB Malfunction pen drive

European Pensions Management,Bournemouth, Dorset,
....Great stuff!! I shall forward these payment details onto our finance department as soon as possible.....

Data Recovery Broken USB drive

A Freecom Databar USB Flash whose connector had brokenand pcb snapped after being trodden on by accident.
Freecom Databar USB Flash Broken connector.

Southall Middlesex
....All received now; thanks again – I shan’t hesitate to recommend you to others in similar dire straits! Well done.....

USB flash data recovery - device not recognized

A Disgo USB Memory stick not recognized - device malfunctioned
Memory stick not recognized - device malfunctioned

Tectonic Analysis Ltd, Chichester, Sussex
....Many thanks for your help in recovering the data and I have made full payment to you today....

Repair Sandisk Cruzer Broken USB Connector Data Recovery

A black Sandisk Cruzer that needed someone to fix it's broken USB connector. So we resoldered it.
Sandisk Cruzer Fix Broken USB Connector

Legal Masters, Birmingham
....I have learnt a lesson and will ensure that should anything like this happen again, to refer it to the specialists as quickly as possible without any intervention!!....

XD Card Photo Recovery 256mb

Camera XD Card image Recovery
Camera XD Card image Recovery

GE Aviation, Eastleigh, Hants
....The CD is fine and we have already backed it up and had all the photos printed to ensure we have as many disaster contingencies covered off as possible! Once again thanks for all your help....

USB 256MB SanDisk memory stick Data Recovery

A SanDisk USB Cruzer requesting format. It is now awaiting File Recovery.
SanDisk USB Cruzer requesting format File Recovery

Bristol UK
....As you know, I had hours and hours of work stored on it and I was absolutely distraught when my local computer shop told me there was no chance I would be able to retrieve the data at all, no matter what....

USB 64MB Dell Memory Key Data Recovery

A Dell USB Pen Drive in our labs for data recovery.
Dell USB Pen Drive Data Recovery

Sittingbourne Kent UK
....Not only were you successful in this task but your response was commendably rapid and the cost of the exercise very reasonable....

Data Recovery 256MB USB SanDisk mini Cruzer

SanDisk Data Recovery from USB mini Cruzer
SanDisk Data Recovery from USB mini Cruzer

Director of Pupils First, Lewisham London UK
....At least I know the procedure for any future disaster! Thanks for all your help - I was most impressed with the service.....

Data Recovery and Conversions

Data Recovery and Conversions problems that we recover data from are listed below.
Data Recovery Transfer File Recovery Repair Read Files Data.
Reviews of our broken Raid array and Server Data Recovery. We also fix Broken USB connectors, and recover Virtual Disks such as vhd vhdx files..