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Reviews of our broken Raid array and Server Data Recovery. We also fix Broken USB connectors, and recover Virtual Disks such as vhd vhdx files.
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Terastation Server TS-XE20TL/R5-EU with E23 and E13 error red light

A Buffalo Terastation model TS-XE20TL/R5-EU which was  suffered E23, I12, and E13 errors with red flashing display after it's raid array and HD3 failed. The Terastation is shown in degraded mode with red blinking led screen.
A Buffalo Terastation TS-XE20TL/R5-EU with its red light flashing and in need of data recovery

Ali & Garry Newton, Warminster
Data Recovery from a Buffalo Terastation Server with error. This was a Model Number TS-XEL/R 5 Series, TS-XE20TL/R5-EU which stored data on 500GB SATA hard drives in a RAID 5 Array. 3 weeks ago when we heard squeaking noise and red flashing display on the server. The errors showing were listed as:

HDI is faulty error E23.
Degrade mode – operation mode I 12.
Raid array error E13.
Peeping and red flashing display.
No initiate file at HDD3.

We switched it off immediately and restarted next day but same red flashing display appeared with same errors.

First we tried to get it repaired locally but could not find anyone. We found Apex Technology and once we contacted them the response was very quick based on the query with comprehensive information on possibility of repair and associated costs. Once we heard that our data has been successfully retrieved and that the existing server can still be reused within its limits we were very relieved and pleased. We were very happy with Apex's approach, very personable and professional. We are very pleased to have approached the Apex Technology and would happily recommend it to any professional company. Thank you Howard that you managed to retrieve all the data!.

Evesham Silverstor XS (Thecus4100) NAS 1.6TB 4x800GB SATA hdd recovery - RAID Failed

An Evesham Silverstor XS NAS box which shows the 4 hard disks with their silver handled drawers. The Silverstore has lost it's share folders after a power cut so was sent to us for data recovery. The device uses a proprietary filesystem, that is also used on Thecus systems.
Thecus 4100 Evesham Silverstor XS RAID Data Recovery

Pathhead School, Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland
We will have no hesitation in using or recommending your service in the future. I will be delighted if the data is can dispatched today.
THE RECOVERY ... The Evesham Silverstor XS 4x WD 800GB hard drives hdd had lost it's share folders after power system failure. The customer had attempted a raid rebuild which failed after about 10%. When Apex recover the data we do not attempt Raid rebuild - we first clone the drives to preserve the data then recover files in a read-only environment outside of the Evesham unit..

Terastation E21 network failure data recovery

A Buffalo TS-0.6TGL/R5 which had sufffered the E21 network failure message and so was sent to our labs for data recovery.
Terastation E21 Network controller failure

Bell Projects Limited, Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire UK
Marvellous, thank you for all your have done. The client was very impressed with the speed and level of service - we will certainly be using you again!
THE RECOVERY ... The Buffalo Terastation TS-0.6TGL/R5 0.6GB RAID5 had suffered the error E21 chip failure Network Controller. This meant no shared folder or data access as the system would not boot up..

Acer Altos Easystore Recovery

An Acer Altos Easystore shown with the drive caddys which hold 4 hard disks in Raid 5. The web interface failed after a power cut when the system just hangs.
Easystore Raid recovery

Basingstoke, Hants
Acer Altos Easystore - 2TB (4x1TB) hard drives in Raid 5. Access to the system was not possible, ie web interface did not work and the shared folder and files could not open. Eventually I powered off and on, after which the unit just hangs. Acer NAS controller failure - unit lost from network after turned off. Model No. NS04-4110B-ACE with 4 Seagate 7200.11 ST31000340AS disks. Thanks for this - Your service is exemplary and very much appreciated - happily (not always what you want to hear) we rarely get failures but rest assured you will be our first port of call in any further cases of this kind..

Linkstation LS 250GL Repair Folder Access

A Linkstation LS 250GL made by Buffalo. It was sent to us for data recovery after the share folder disappeared.
Buffalo LS 250GL Folder Recovery

Johnston Control Services Ltd, Horsham
I had a Linkstation LS 250GL by Buffalo where my Share folder had disappeared. The system still booted up and Link LED was on. It provided an IP address but the share folders did not show on the network places in Windows. Thanks a lot, much appreciated..

ReadyNAS cant access data

A Readynas NV+ which holds 1 TB hard disks. One drive failed and then the volume refused to re-sync. It was sent to us for data recovery after the customer could not access the files and folders.
ReadyNAS offline data recovery

Publications Ltd, Watford, Hertfordshire
Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ (RND4410 / RND4000) disk 1 died - it contained 4x1tb HDDs with Netgear's X-RAID. We replaced the disk but the volume is refused to re-sync - can't access any of the data. Could access the drive, and view the web GUI, also saw the folder structures from a windows PC but it would not access the share and the front end said the share is offline or cannot be found. The device contained all the important documents and artwork - required 48 hour turn-around. Drives were Seagate ST1000528AS Sata. We received the drives back this morning, thank you so much for turning that around so quickly!.

HP Proliant DL385 failed drives raid recovery

An HP Proliant DL385 that had been running Citrix across 6 SCSI hard disks, when suddenly 2 of the disks in the raid5 array had failed. So the unit was sent to us for data recovery when the drives failed to start up.
Failed raid array HP Proliant DL385

Mayfair, London.
HP Proliant DL385 Raid 5 6x 147GB HDD SCSI 2 failed disks running Citrix OS Operating System (Linux). Possibly a hotspare disk as well attached to scsi controller. Data Recovery required. The array consisted of 4 Fujitsu SCSI 10k rpm drives MAT3147NC with pcb no.CA21326-B42X Ultra 320, and 2 WorldDisk MXJ3147SC800600X. Both WorldDisks failed and remained totally silent when switched on, they did not spin up or boot when powered. The recovery was very good news..

Thecus N3200 raid 5 recovery

A Thecus 3200 drive whose raid 5 array had failed across the 3 internal hdd.
Data Recovery Thecus N3200

Enfield, London
Thecus N3200PRO 3 disk raid 5 - data recovery - simply was working then 1 hour later failed raid array. 3x Blue WD Caviar 320gb hdds. You may recall you recovered the data of a Thecus drive for us last year - you did a very good job. Thank you again..

Iomega Ix2-200 drives not mounting

Two drives from an Iomega Ix2-200 which had become corrupted so was sent to us for data recovery.
Iomega Ix2-200 drives drive data not seen

Creative Ltd, Richmond, London
2x1TB Seagate Barracuda LP HDD from Iomega Ix2-200 Mirrored Array. Possibly corrupt Superblock. A large pdf photoshop file was being saved just prior to the corruption / damage to the NAS. Since then the Iomega device has booted up but not been able to see the drive data. Iomega have exhausted all options and not been able to access the data. The array is visible but volumes will not mount due to no secondary superblock and needing a clean structure for the raid. I want to say thank you so much for helping us out, I can maybe get a good nights sleep tonight knowing we can operate fully again. Many thanks from me and my team..

Easystore Shared Folder File recovery

4 Hard disks that have been removed from an Acer Altos Easystore for data recovery. The share folder was visible but the customer could not see the folder contents on the network.
Easystore Shared Folder File Access

4x 750GB Hard Disks from Easystore Altos. We had a RAID 5 with 4 hard drives. The RAID was working well, the discs are fine, can access the Home folder, but the rest only see the shared folders, but not their content. This happened after an unexpected power off. FalconStor filesystem. Thank you very much for your work, we are very happy..

Iomega 150d Storcenter crash after power outage

An Iomega Storcenter 150d with it's 4 hard drives removed for data recovery following a power outage. The raid array had become corrupt.
Iomega 150d Storcenter data recovery after power outage

VEK IT Consultants, Utrecht, Netherlands
Iomega STORECENTRE 150d 2TB NAS with 4x 750GB Seagate SATA Hard disks. Disk volume unreadable - the system NAS crashed after power outage. The unit did not start anymore but the disk status led blinks red/green. Main board defect, possibly header corrupt for the raid 5 configuration. The disk arrived this week, was busy so I\'m a bit late in the feedback. Have loaded the data on the new NAS. It looks fine. Thanks for your support..

FibreCat iSCSI data recovery

Hard Disks from a Fujitsu Fibrecat SX80i that had used vmware to create virtual machines and virtual disks. The raid crashed after a power failure and required recovery of the vmdk files from the sata HDDs.
Fujitsu SX80i Fibrecat Virtual machine recovery

DSI SCRL, Bruxelles, Belgium
FibreCat SX80-i iSCSI Raid 5 ESX VM-ware Virtual Machines - data recovery. 12x 750Gb Seagate Hard Drives ok - Raid Controller failed. System NAS crashed after unexpected power outage. 11 drives were in the raid array and disk 12 was Hot Spare. After the crash disks 2 6 and 10 were in Left Over state. Fujitsu engineer applied the Trust Command but the raid would not start. There were 4x 2TB LUN's each formatted with VMFS. The VMDK files were a mixture of Linux EXT and Windows NTFS virtual disks. Thank you also for recovering our data, we have a lot of users who were without services, including Belgian administrations. I will recommend your services....It was a pleasure to work with such an expert like you..

Thecus data recovery iSCSI partitions on Raid 5

A Thecus i5500 which held 5 hard drives in a raid5 array. 2 disks failed in the raid, which held iSCSI partitions.
Recover Thecus from failed drive iSCSI Raid 5

Shwlan Comms Ltd Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Thecus i5500 iSCSI NAS 5x 1TB drives in Raid5 array, Disk 4 failed and was replaced 10 days ago, now disk 1 failed and says that d1 and d4 no longer part of raid. No data access as 2 disk are missing from the RAID 5. Thecus service engineers could not gain access to the unit remotely as the unit would not allow them to repair it. The unit provided iSCSI partitions formatted in Windows NTFS file system. Thank you - it is reassuring to see some familiar images again..

Easystore raid5 failed to appear on network

An Acer Easystore whose files and folders were not on the network shares. It was sent for data recovery after its directories failed over the holiday.
Easystore disappeared from network

Technical Services, Oxford, Oxon
Acer Altos Easystore - stopped talking on network - drive lights appear ok. Data Recovery required from the 4x Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB drives. System was setup as raid 5 and failed over the holiday. Could not find Public Directory. You have done a marvellous job. Well done..

Iomega Store Center Ix2 not turning on, data recovery

A Storcenter Ix2 would not power on with the red flashing led light on front that was sent to us for data recovery.
Iomega Store Center Ix2 Flashing red LED raid data recovery

Bracknell, Berkshire
Iomega Store Center Ix2 failed and I needed to recover the data stored on the device. The issue was that the device would not power on and a red light is flashing on the front. A friend has taken a look, possibly a mistake having read your site. I insisted no further action was taken as I believe the drives are configured in the RAID mode, and therefore I hope to get my data back! The device had 2x Seagate 500GB HDD in raid..... I've hooked the drive up to a USB caddy and I can see all data. Thank you for the service, it's good to have our data back..

Buffalo Linkstation Duo enters Emergency Mode only

A Buffalo Linkstation in EM Emergency mode when switched on. It failed after it was suddenly turned off during a power cut.
Buffalo Linkstation Duo failed to boot up

Banbury, Oxfordshire
Buffalo Linkstation Duo 1TB NAS drive failed to boot up when powered. It contained 2 off 500GB 3.5 inch Samsung SATA hard drives. The Linkstation was incorrectly switched off and now only enters Emergency Mode when switched on. Both hard drives inside it remained silent and would not spin up. Thanks for rescuing our files so quickly..

Terastation E04 Error kernel data recovery

A Terastation displaying the E04 load Kernel fault error message. Following this error the unit arrived here for data recovery.
E04 kernel load error on Terastation data recovery

Wandsworth, London.
Buffalo Terastation HS-DHTGL/R5 with 4x Seagate 7200 250gb hard drives. The terastation would start to boot up then fail with System Error E04 - can't load kernel fault message. Obviously we could not access it via the network. The recovery was excellent news. Thank you very much..

Terastation HD-H1.0TGL/R5 recovery network link failure

A Terastation HD-H1.0TGL/R5 with its 4 red leds on and no network connectivity - the Link/Act led was flashing.
Terastation HD-H1.0TGL/R5 no LAN link activity

Blackpool, Lancashire
Buffalo Terastation HD-H1.0TGL/R5 4x250gb WD2500 Western Digital Hard Drives. The Network connection appears to be broken - no activity from the Link/Act LED flashing. 1 disk had red status light and stopped syncing. Thanks for the speedy turn-around..

SC101 lost partition after firmware update

A Netgear nas model number sc101 with one of the hard drives showing unavailable.
SC101 data recovery dfrom lost partition due to firmware

Stuttgart, Germany
We had installed a netgear nas SC101 but had problems with one 200 MB hard drive. The Netgear SC101 has 2 Maxtor DiamondMax hdd in separate use with separate drives (not use as a mirror to system). The Disk spins
and is recognised by the Netgear software. The Netgear Smart Wizard shows the drive as available, but there is
no way to attach the drives of one of the hard disks, so there must be something broken. The other Hard Disk is still available and all partitions / drives are attachable and reachable. The failure happened after firmware update, after this step, we could only reach the one of both hard drives. Thank you for your help, have a wonderful weekend..

WD MyBook broken mirror raid array recovery

A WD MyBook with broken mirror raid 1 array which was received by us for data recovery.
WD MyBook raid array data recovery

IDPartnership, Glasgow, Scotland
WD MyBook World Edition (blue ring leds) NAS - broken mirror raid 1 array.- WD7500AAKS 750gb drives x2. Possible attempt by raid controller to rebuild the array. One drive failed. The other does not show any files or folders when connected to the computer. we can confirm that we are in safe receipt of the drive. Not only that but we have now added it to a workstation (our server is SCSI, no SATA), with drives mapped to it, so we're back online. I see the folder structure appears to have been retained, which is a bonus. Your assistance is appreciated..

Terastation E14 error data recovery

Hard Disks that were removed from a Terastation that displayed E14 error when it couldn't Mount the Raid Array. Following that it went into I12 degraded mode before being sent to us to recover the files.
Terastation data recovery raid E14 error

Sanderson Ltd, Sheffield
Buffalo Terastation Data Recovery 2TB (4x500GB Hard drives) Initial Error displayed was System Stopped. After a re-boot it displayed Can't Mount Raid Array E14 error message. Finally it reported I12 degraded mode. I have received the data disk an am already transferring the data. Thank you very much for all your help..

DriveStation Quattro Raid Recovery

4 hard drives from a Buffalo Drivestation Quattro after the unit would not power up and appeared dead. Prior to that one drive had failed and the raid card was reported faulty.
DriveStation Quattro Data Recovery

iRespons Ltd, Glasgow
Buffalo DriveStation Quattro with Drive 3 failed and Raid card faulty. The array appeared to be turned off, no fan, no LEDs, unit dead. The recovery is really good news. Thanks for all your help with this...

Easystore data recovery

An Altos Easystore showing it's indicator LED lights blinking and name badge. The unit no longer allowed access to the disk so was sent to us for file recovery.
Altos Easystore file recovery

Sogipers srl, San Benedetto Del Tronto, ITALY
Acer Altos Easystore NAS drives. There were 2 Easystore raids each with 4 Seagate 500GB Hard Drives. No longer gave access to disks.
Without disks inserted, the unit restarts and can access on the web interface. Inserting disks into it gave no access. Powered off by front button, after reboot both NAS are unreachable over the LAN network, i LED blinks and all disk lights are green. Without disks the NAS gets default parameters and works fine. We have reset it by pressing the button but no effect. I've just checked the files in the external drive and i confirm that your work has been perfect. Thanks..

Dell Poweredge Raid SCSI recovery

4 SCSI hard drives taken from a Dell PowerEdge 2850 that arrived at our office for recovery following corruption from a faulty raid controller. The Dell PERC had been running in degraded mode for some time before final failure of the hard disks.
PowerEdge SCSI raid array data recovery

Dell PowerEdge 2850 PERC 4DI Raid5 SCSI Data Recovery. The Raid array consisted of 4 146GB SCSI SCA-80 U320 connected drives. The disks were fine but they have corrupted RAID database information from a faulty RAID controller, which has run in degraded mode. The drives were Maxtor Atlas 10k Ultra320, Seagate Cheetah 10k.7 ST3146707LC, and Cheetah 15K.5 ST3146855LC. That's a huge relief for us as it will save us a couple of months redeveloping a lot of web forms.
Thanks for looking at this so quickly..

Terastation Loading Kernel Failure

A Terastation with the Loading Kernel fault. This Buffalo NAS would then drop to degraded mode before arriving with us for repair to recover the files.
Terastation kernel failure shares not shown

Newbury, Berkshire
Terastation failed to start from power failure just booting into "Loading Kernel". After several attempts to restart it went to EM mode and could not be recovered. Buffalo suggested firmware update, it did re-boot it then power-cycled again but would not re-start. Terastation could be seen by NAS Navigator, on PC but not in File Browser or firmware update utility. Now displays RAID failure, HD1 faulty. No file/folder Shares are visible. Buffalo Teratstation Raid E13 error in array D12 running degrade mode drive 1 fail - not visible on network - data recovery. 4x500GB Samsung HD501LJ hard drives. Thank you very much - got all the disks and data back now - we shall pass on your details to others who may be in need..

Linkstation Quad Motherboard Failure

The Hard Drives from a Linkstation Quad model number LS-Q4-0TL/R5. The disks were in a Raid 5 array when the motherboard failed.
Linkstation Quad Data Recovery

Bromley, Kent
Buffalo NAS - Linkstation Quad LS Q4 0TL/R5 4x 1TB Samsung hard disk drives. Correspondence with Buffalo Tech suggests that the motherboard has failed. Needed to recover the photographs and video from the unit. Just to confirm safe receipt of your package and that I can view the files on the new hard drive. Thanks for your help..

Freecom DataTank Hissing Sound

This Freecom DataTank arrived to us after the customer complained of a hissing noise. The unit contained 2 hard drives in mirrored Raid array.
Freecom Data Tank Data Recovery

Freecom 1TB Data Tank started making a hissing noise and required data recovery. The tank consisted of 2x Samsung hard disk drives in mirrored Raid1 configuration giving 500GB of disk space. Data transferred to 2TB Verbatim esata / firewire hdd. Many thanks and excellent news on the recovery!.

Power Cut lost Terastation Raid Array

The hard drives from a Terastation that failed after a power cut. The image shows the 4 hard drives that were in a raid array when the nas box went offline.
Terastation lost Raid after Power Cut

Worthing, West Sussex
Buffalo Terastation lost RAID 5 (4 x 500GB Hard Disk Drives) after a Power cut while the NAS box was online. 2 disks were showing as faulty so Data Recovery from the share folders was required. Thanks again for all your help..

Terastation Data Recovery Raid Failed

The LCD display of a Buffalo Terastation whose raid had failed. The system was configured for raid5 and disk 2 had gone down.
Terastation Disk failed Data Recovery

Oswestry, Shropshire.
Terastation Raid5 Data Recovery - Disk2 failed. Then took it out on advice from Buffalo but could not get the data as Raid had failed. They suggested it needed professional data recovery service. I have had the disk today. Thanks once again for the speedy turn around.

Storcenter Pro 150d by Iomega Network Share Folder problem

A Storcenter Pro 150d which had problems with the shared folder. Network access had been denied by the Iomega NAS box and lost its windows share folders before arriving with us for data recovery.
Storcenter Share Folders data recovery

Seagate Sata Hard drives from Iomega StorCenter Pro 150d 1T network hard disk, we had a problem in shared folder, the Network Access Denied on shared folder on Iomega StorCente, it seem that lost windows share folders. We could access to the Iomega StorCenter and see all the setting for it, and when click on disk management we saw the capacity properties (how many GB used and how many GB free), we saw all options, but not access the share folder and see our data. Thank you so much for help and cooperation..

Lacie Ethernet INNS04-4200-LAC Data Recovery

A Lacie Ethernet Disk Raid model INNS04-4200-LAC which had its system warning light flashing.
INNS04-4200-LAC Lacie Ethernet Disk Raid File Recovery

Dumfries, Scotland
Lacie Ethernet RAID model INNS04-4200-LAC. Raid Controller failed and unable to access data. The system warning light continually flashes and the unit would not shut down using the power button. Great news on the recovery. Many Thanks for your prompt service..

Terastation RAID5 array 2 drives failed

A Silver Terastation with 2 drives failed in the Raid5 array. The control console web screen showed 2 hdd had failed which for a raid 5 normally means that it can't be recovered, however we managed to get the files back.
Terastation RAID5 with 2 hard disks failure

Independent Business Park, East Grinstead, Sussex
Buffalo Terastation with RAID5 array on 4x 250GB IDE hard drives. The setup console/web screen claimed 2 drives in the RAID 5 array have failed. I'm now as happy as can be, and have been able to restore all the affected files from this backup. Thanks again for your help with this. Its great to have been able to restore the images we would otherwise have lost..

INTEL SS4000-E RAID-5 led blinks and no access is possible to files or web management

A Intel SS4000-E with the top hard disk removed. This NAS was configured for raid5 but the array failed after a powercut. The hard drives were shown as new instead of being part of an existing array.
SS4000-E NAS drive RAID-5 recovery - no data access

Hypersys O.E., Attica, GREECE.
Intel NAS contained 500GB seagate SATA Hard Drives with RAID-5 configuration. The problem was caused by an unexpected power failure. On system boot, the web configuration console requested the disks to be initialized and their status is now New instead of RAID5 array. The initialization phase has not been kicked off, as this would probably have deleted all the data that is already there. Once again thank you for the recovery. Hopefully I will not need anymore..

Fujitsu SX80i iSCSI Data Recovery

A pair of hard disks from a Fibrecat SX80i which needed data recovery after it's VMFS corrupted and the VHD and VDMK files were no longer accessible.
Fujitsu SX80i iSCSI Virtual Disk Data Recovery

NetSolution Limited, Nottingham
After a power outage on the Fujitsu Siemens Fibrecat SX80i the Virtual File System disappeared. The system consisted of 2x 2TB drives VMFS configured as Raid0 stripe used with ESX iSCSI. Apex was the first company we talked to that could recover Virtual Filesystems. Package arrived onsite at 10:15, and is all up and running now! Once again you have performed miracles, thank you. I hope you don't take this the wrong way but I hope it is a few more years down the line before we need to do business with you again..

Lacie NAS Mini failed after power cut

A Lacie Ed-Mini arriving at our offices after a power outage caused the blue led light to blink.
Lacie Mini blue light flashing after power outage

Stevenage, Herts
Lacie NAS Ed mini (Ethernet Disk) with Samsung HD320KJ 320GB hard dribe EDmini V2. It powers up but just sticks with a blue blinking light. disk is spinning and it appears to be clicking in sync with the flashing blue light. we had a power failure overnight.Many thanks for your prompt and professional service..

Terastation Emergency Mode data recovery

This Terastation boot up went striaght to Emergency EM Mode and it's disk array was not registered in the web control console. It was therefore sent to us for data recovery.
Terastation Data Access from Emergency Mode

Southampton, Hampshire
Terastation HS-DHTGL went into emergency mode. No disk array was being registered in the control console. We had attempted to re-load firmware. Error code E04 unable to load kernel. The recovery is good news thank you..

Linksys NAS200 recover access to files

A Linksys NAS200 (also made by Cisco) awaiting file transfer when it failed.
Linksys NAS200 data recovery

Brecht, nr. Antwerpen, BELGIUM
External Network Storage System (NAS200 Linksys / Cisco) containing 1 Western Digital SATA II HD 400GB (WD RE2 WD4000YS). During a file transfer, the connection with my NAS200 system suddenly got interrupted. From that moment on the NAS200 system asked for a user/password whenever I tried to connect to the external drive.As I had never configured a password, the login always fails (even with admin/admin). After resetting the NAS200 I could connect again to the NAS200 using the IP address and a browser.The NAS200 indicates that a drive is available with zero, 0GB Disk Space and zero, 0GB Free Space.
I could no longer access my files, so, I guessed I have a corrupted hard disk. ..The hard drives have arrived.
I just connected my laptop to the new hdd and it seems that I can access all files ;-) Many thankx for your support and recovery. It was a pleasure to work with you..

Terastation Raid5 shares folder is not accessible -permission problem

Hard disks from a Buffalo Terastation Live that would not allow access to the old shares directories possibly due to permissions problems. The network path was not found due to raid 5 corruption so it was sent to us to recover the data.
Terastation Shares folder permission to access trouble

I had a Buffalo Raid5 3tb Terastation Live with 4 disks. It worked fine except cannot access old shares directories. New shares can be added/accessed OK but since the drive filled up the shares created before this are now inaccessible. Possibly shares went corrupt while deleting files. A message suggests "You might not have permission to use this network resource contact the administator of this server to find out if you have access permissions" and "The network path was not found". The nas navigator could see the terastation but folder is not accessible. Fantastic news on the recovery!.

Adaptec Dpti20 SCSI Raid5 Data Recovery

A Raid5 array from an Adaptec Dpti2o raid controller that was operating under Windows NT. The bios system showed one and then two drives missing from the array so was sent to us to recover the data.
SCSI Adaptec Dpti2o Raid 5 data recovery

Kingston Ltd, Hull, Yorkshire
Seagate 36gb SCSI hard disk drives were in a RAID5 array on a Windows NT machine controlled by Adaptec dpt i2o (dpti2o) raid controller. The system was showing - one and then two drives missing from raid 5 array and required data recovery. Many thanks for your help on this job..

Linkstation data recovery - 6 flashes red light

A pair of Linkstation HS-DHGL-500 drives that had error siren sound and flashing red LED light before arriving with us for data recovery.
Linkstation no network shares - data recovery

The Research Institute, Cambridge
I had a Buffalo Linkstation HS-DHGL-500 NAS that has the error sound then flashing red light (flashes 6 times).
meaning that it no longer recognises the hard drive. It made a siren like sound e.g. a low tone followed by a higher tone. Network share unavailable - no access to disk. The linkstation remained totally silent with flashing red led. 3 flashes - Partition problem with hard drive. I did not Reformat the hard drive as I did not want to loose the files. I have now received the data. Thanks again..

HP MSA2324fc G2 Raid 6 recovery including VMWare hosts

A Raid6 array of SAS disk drives from an HP MSA2324fc G2 server. 3 dirves were in LEFTOVR (leftover) state and the client needed to recover the VMWare vmdk, vdisk, and virtual disk files.
HP MSA2324fc G2 3 disks failed in RAID6 data recovery

There were 9x 300GB SAS disk drives from RAID 6 HP MSA2324fc G2. 3 disks in the RAID6 ADG Array failed and the MSA put the vdisk (virtual disk ) offline. Smart warnings were shown on the console and the disks brought back online using the Trust command. The RAID appeared online and rebuilt using a hot spare - one volme was available on VMWARE hosts but others were not. 3 drives marked as LEFTOVR (leftover). Needed to recover vmdk file representing a drive from a vmware virtual machine. All the vdisks were vmware vmfs format.Thank you very much (for the recovery work), that is great news..

Buffalo Terastation data recovery copying data fails

A Terastation Pro rack mounted version which had flashed error messages I18, E13, E14, and E23, and failed to copy large files from it. One disk in the raid had error, and it has arrived with us to recover the data.
Terastation shows files but trouble copying them

Guildford, Surrey
Buffalo Terastation Pro, 4x Internal Samasung SATA hard drives. At least one disk has an error and RAID rebuild has not been successful. Various messages have flashed up including I18, E13, E14, E23. The data appears to be accessible, but any attempt to copy large amounts of files fails after a period of time. The recovery is great news. Thanks again.

Dell Raid Recovery SCSI Hard Drives

A Quantum SCSI disk label from a drive that had been used in a Dell PERC SCSI raid5 server. The raid had failed so drives were shown offline, there they were sent to us to recover the files.
Perc Raid Recovery Dell SCSI drives

There was a Dell Perc SCSI Raid Server containing 5xQuantum 18GB hard disk drives in a RAID5 configuration. One day the Raid failed and some hard drives were showing offline in the configuration screen so data recovery was required. Previous Raid rebuild attempts had failed. Thanks - this job was a huge relief for us..

MDADM RAID1 Striped disks Linux Ext3 no partition shown after Ubuntu / Fedora.

A pair of Ubuntu formatted hard drives that were in a raid 1 striped array. Previously the drives were used under Linux Fedora.
MDADM RAID Recovery after no partition shown

Recover from 2x500gb MDADM RAID1 Striped disks Ext3 - not reformatted - no partition shown after Ubuntu install (was Fedora) on IDE boot drive. 2nd pair hdd were reformatted Ext3. Thanks for looking at this. Recovery Disk received, thanks. I have successfully mounted it..

Altos Easystore data recovery

An Easystore whose active directory would not sink or allow the data to be browsed from the network. The Easytore is made by Acer Altos and arrived with us to recover the files.
Altos Easystore Raid5 recovery

St Andrews, Guernsey
Altos Easystore 2TB, 4 x 500Gb in Raid 5. We could not browse data from network, error log showed active directory not synced. Powered unit off from within the console software, when it switched back on it did not appear on network.Pressed the reset button (oops) unit now appears on network but will not use preset IP, replies on DHCP.
Could not access console software, unless unit is powered up without the drives installed, if they are plugged in then it powers up at the same IP but cannot access data or console screen.
Unit gave no indication of hdd or raid errors. This is the second one we have had problems with, the 1st constantly came up with a disk change screen, had to reformat it. I have just noticed your email from last night (do you ever go home?). Great news (on the recovery), thanks..

Sagitta raid 8 disks 73.7gb scsi Seagate hdd from AGFA printing system data recovery

A Sagitta tower raid that had would not boot up due to the power supply and raid card failure so was sent to us to recover the data.
Sagitta SCSI system AGFA printing system data recovery

The Sagitta raid system failed due to power supply / raid card failure. Thanks for the recovery. That's good news - thought it'd be wrapped in red tape for at least a month!! Would it be fine to come and collect the drive tomorrow morning? Thanks for the fantastic service!.

Buffalo Terastation Pro E21 Error repair / data recovery

A Terastation Pro that needed repair following E21 error message. This Buffalo Nas unit arrived in our office for data recovery from the hard disks.
Buffalo Terastation Data Recovery from E21 Error repair

Dundee, Scotland
E21 Error - Buffalo TeraStation Pro data recovery. I am super pleased to say that everything has arrived and I have already connected the WD drive up and am currently going through the data and it looks really good so far. I would definitely be very happy to provide yet another positive recommendation to go alongside the already long list on your website. Many thanks.

Intel SS4000E NAS raid recovery

A SS4000E made by Intel that was no longer recognized after a power failure.
Raid repair for Intel SS4000E Network drive

Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey
SS4000E no longer recognize the disk raid after a power failure. It was impossible to access data in the disks. Very good news (on the recovery)! Drives arrived this morning, thank you..

HighPoint SAS Raid Disk Failed data recovery

A Highpoint SAS raid tower that had the sata hard disks configured by a Rocket Raid 2322 controller. Disks had failed in the array and staus shown as
Highpoint SAS 8 disk array raid failure rebuild

This job consisted of 8 x 320GB Sata RAID Hard Drives on 2 x 4 port SAS multi-lane ports. The controller was HighPoint Rocket-Raid 2322 (RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50 and JBOD) with Dual External Mini-SAS Connectors to Array enclosure. Highpoint advised the raid aray is corrupt and two sets raids are visible in the configuration screens whereas there should be one single 2TB raid. Log reports Disk Failed. Plugging Device detected. (’ST3320620AS’ at controller1-channel1) Status Disabled / Maintenance. The box has arrived intact, thank you for your work..

ALLNET ALL-6400 RAID 5 (rebadged Thecus)

AN Allnet All-6400 which used 4 hard drives in a raid5 array. The nas box overheated after a fan failed, and needed to recover data from the raid5.
ALLNET ALL-6400 RAID 5 recovery

ALLNET ALL-6400 RAID 5 with x 400 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 drives (Rebadged Thecus 4100). Fan failed causing it to overheat which triggered raid failure. Replaced fan unit okay. Raid 5 needs recovering as it was not showing although we can log in. Thanks for all your help with this (recovery). All the best.

Lacie Ethernet disk raid 2TB 4 x 500 Gb raid lost after power-cut

A close up view of the Lacie Ethernet Disk led lights blinking when access failed to the shared folders.
Recover lost RAID Lacie Ethernet Disk

Harbour Estates, Chelsea, London
After power cut the RAID was broken leaving the system status led = yellow and the global disk status led = yellow blinking. No access to any shared folder and back up data. Many thanks for the recovery. This is a good way to begin the week !!!! Thank you very much for the very professional treatment..

SCSI Intel Raid Server Data Recovery

An Intel SCSI raid card controlling 4 scsi disks whose array had failed. The card model number is GC80303 SL57T SRCZCR SRC.
Intel Raid 5 SCSI data recovery

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Cheshire
We had 4 SCSI Drives - 3 Raid5 + Hot Spare connected to an Intel GC80303 SL57T SRCZCR SRC series RAID Controller. We had previously approached another company which failed to recover the data. Thanks again for your support..

iSCSI Buffalo Terastation recovery Virtual Machine partitions

An iSCSI terastation TS-RI4.0TGL in for data recovery of the LUNs with NTFS and VMFS partitions. Drive 3 had an error causing failure of the raid5 array.
Recover iSCSI Buffalo Terastation Raid 5 error

iSCSI Buffalo Terastation Rack Mounted TS-RI4.0TGL/RR-EU serial 4584308490031. RAID 5 2x LUNs with NTFS and VMFS partitions. Drive 3 had an error, the unit tried to rebuild but got in a loop of rebuild. Buffalo support said take the drive out, format it and put it back in to see if it would rebuild. Unfortunately it then thought the drive was ok but showed an error on the Raid and would not offer a rebuild option.Just to say a big THANK YOU for all your help in getting the data back for me. I have (just!) now got all the VMs transferred back over and up and running..

Iomega Nas P435m failed raid recovery

An Iomega NAS P435m that freezes on boot up. The drive is configured as a Raid5 using 4 hard disks. The raid status said all drives have failed so it was sent to us for data recovery.
RAID5 Iomega P435m data recovery

Grantham. Lincolnshire
Iomega Nas P435m 320GB Network Storage that freezes when booting up.we removed the 4 raid 5 drives and fitted them into a pc to see the raid status and the drives all say failed. Raid 5 consisted of 4 x 80gb Hitachi hdd. Thanks for having recovered my files..

Failed Buffalo Terastation Raid - Red flashing LED

A close up of the Terastation dial with red flashing led lights that was awaiting data recovery.
Red Blinking LED lights on Buffalo Terastation - data recovery

Equinox Technologies
Buffalo Terastation with red light is flashing 5 times - computers cannot connect to it over the network. Thanks for your speedy an professional service.

Dell Power-Edge SCSI RAID recovery

Hard Drives from a Dell Server. The Perc 4 poweredge had 5 SCSI disks in a raid5 that reported as not recognised by the controller so was sent to us to restore the files.
Dell PERC SCSI raid data recovery

Weybridge, London
5x146GB SCSI Hard Drives from Dell Power-Edge Server PERC 4. 3 of 5 disks had gone down and were reported as not recognised in the RAID-5. Just to let you know that files now restored so Server Data back on our server and all now seems back to where we were before the server crashed. Can I thank you personally for all you hard work to get us back up & running again. Many thanks.

Data Recovery of shared folder for a Western Digital 500Gb NetCenter

A WD Netcenter whose shared folder was shown but the files inside it were missing in the configuration screen so was sent to us for recovery.
WD Netcenter recover lost shared folder

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Recovery of missing Western Digital NetCenter 500Gb shared folder was missing - the configuration screen is still visible but the files were not. The reason for the failure seems to be that I inadvertently filled up the drive completely. I received the recovery drive in the post this morning and the files seem to be there. Thank you..

Buffalo Terastation Pro Error Data Recovery NAS

A Terastation pro with E21 ethernet failure awaiting file recovery.
Data Recovery Buffalo Terastation Raid error

The Terastation showed a raid error and ethernet failure E21 which needed files recovering. I wanted to place on record how very impressed I have been with your data recovery service. As you are well aware, these incidents when they occur, are quite harrowing. The files which you recovered represent several year’s photographs taken by our Publicity Department.
I was impressed with:
. The way in which you kept me informed at every stage

. The speed at which you responded

. Your professionalism

And most of all, that you managed to recover the data! You will see that I have copied this reply to a contact at Livingstone Solutions. These are a small firm of IT consultants who have helped me with various IT issues. I told them of my data problem and they were interested to know our experience of dealing with your company.On the basis of this incident I can thoroughly recommend your services to anyone.

Snazio TeraNAS lost raid recovery

A Snazio TeraNAS with OS crash and hardware failure and not visible on the network, now awaiting data recovery from the share folder.
Recover Snazio TeraNAS Raid data

West Melborne, Palm Bay, Florida USA.
The Snazio TeraNAS / Infrant Readynas 600 was configured using the Raidiator X-Raid. OS crash or hardware failure left flashing blue light but not raid not booting up or not visible on network. Thanks for an excellent service. Certainly something we will recommend to others in a similar unfortunate position!.

Terastation flashing red light error recovery

A Terastation with close up of the blinking red error lights after no access to the data was allowed over the network.
Data Recovery Terastation with blinking red LEDs

CarocLtd, London W9
Buffalo Terastation HD-H0.6GL/R5. The dial red light LED blinks and was flashing 5 times. Computers could not connect to it over the network so no access to data was possible. The unit included 4 x 160GB WD hard disk drives. Data was recovered to a Windows USB Hard Disk. Thanks for your speedy an professional service..

Netgear SC101 with Firmware Upgrade corrupt unreadable data partition

An SC101 by netgear that was not seen on the network after a firmware upgrade.
SC101 Firmware change missing / unreadable data partition

Erith, Kent
After upgrading the firmware on our SC101 the data was no longer seen on the network drive. When looking at the console it appeared the data partition had been deleted. Just to confirm parcel has just arrived. Thank you very much. I will definitely give a reference to all people I know..

Terastation Pro E14 Raid Error

A Terastation that exhibited E13 error. It would not mount the raid array and beeped its alarm and flashed the red lights.
Terastation Raid E13 E14 error Rebuild

Norwich, Norfolk
Buffalo Terastation Pro containing 4 hard drives in RAID5. One disk failed and a Raid array rebuild was attempted. No access to shares and not mounting the Raid array. Terastation LED lights flashed red, beeped and gave error E13. Via web console one hard disk was showing as "not connected". Thanks I have just put this recovery disk in my computer. Nearly all the photos seem to be there, which is a great relief, and my backups. Thanks again.

Buffalo Terastation Disk Error

A Terastation showing disk error that failed to boot up.
Terastation not booting up

PSU Technology Ltd, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
The Buffalo Terastation would not boot up one morning. The display showed a disk error. The files and data were recovered to a Windows NTFS drive. Thanks, I have received the hard drive..

Redhat linux scsi mirror raid array failed to start

A drive from a Redhat Linux Raid Array that failed after a power cut.
Linux SCSI mirror array failed - data rebuild & recovery

London N4
The Redhat Linux 9 Raid-1 Mirror array consisted of 2x 73GB SCSI Drives with ext3 filesystem. Unexpected / sudden failure of the Power supply caused one disk not to be recognised. The scsi controller error message was "ASYN start unit request failed". Data hard drive was delivered before 9am - I have plugged drive into a PC and it works a treat..

Qnap problem migrating raid5 stopped at 50% data recovery

A Qnap 409 Pro which had problems migrating from Raid1 to Raid5 with a disk reporting as invalid before being sent to us for data recovery.
Data recovery QNAP stopped expanding and migrating raid-5

Chatham Gillingham
QNAP 409 pro. Problem when migrating from Mirror RAID 1 to 4 Disk RAID 5. The NAS reported one disk as invalid;, which was removed half way through the migration. The migration got to about 50% . After removal of HDD4 the NAS reported it was ’rebuilding 1%’ but no further progress. Qnap support then said that the volume data had gone so I contacted Apex for re-build. Thanks for that, I’ll arrange payment today. Looks like all the data. Cheers..

Intel SS4000E no data folder access from LAN

An SS4000e intel server nas box where the share folders were not accessible from the LAN network.
SS4000-E not shown on network

Hornchurch, Essex
The Intel SS4000E INNS04-4200 incorporated 2 x 1TB Western Digital WD1000FYPS sata hard disk drives in RAID1 mirrored configuration. The NAS Drive Share Folders were not accessible from LAN Network - it appeared to be a hardware problem within the drives. The data was recovered to a new Windows compatible hard disk. Package has been received and data restored. Thank you for your assistance..

Linux Raid data recovery SCSI hard drives

2 SCSI drives with SCA-80 connectors that were used in a Redhat linux 9 raid 1. The Raid failed after a power cut  with ASYN start unit request failed error message before they were sent to us for data recovery.
File recovery from Linux SCSI Raid

Northwich, Cheshire
2x 73GB SCSI Drives with SCA connectors that were a mirrored RAID 1 array. The OS was RedHat Linux 9, using ext3 filesystem. Power supply failure caused one disk not to be recognised with scsi controller reporting "ASYN start unit request failed". Parcel was delivered before 9am - I have plugged drive into a PC and it works a treat..

Intel SS4000-E failed to boot up

An Intel SS40000E drive that had been configured for Raid10 but failed to boot up so was sent to us for data recovery. The image shows it's hard disks partly withdrawn from the nas box.
Intel SS4000-E NAS RAID 5 failed to start up - data recovery

Newcastle University
Intel SS4000-E configured as RAID 10 containing data that requires repair. 4x500GB Seagate SATA hard drives. The NAS was working one day then failed to boot up the next day. Everything is now perfect. The data has arrived and been restored to a new location here. Your performance was outstanding. I really appreciate everything you did for us..

IBM Xseries Raid data recovery 2 drives offline

SCSI hard drives showing the top cover and bottom pcb. These drives came to us for data recovery from an IBM server Xseries that showed 2 of the 3 drives in the raid5 had gone offline.
IBM eServer RAID rebuild array

Wassen Ltd, Surrey
The IBM eServer xSeries consisted of 3 x 73,4GB SCSI hard drives in RAID5. The Raid controller indicated 2 out of 3 HDD were logged offline. The array had crashed. Hard disks were shipped to Apex. Awesome news on the recovery! We will initiate the payment process today. It was great doing business with you. Thanks.

Buffalo terastation RAID5 failure 4 x 400gb drives - file recovery

The close up silver dial from a Terastation TS-1.6TGL/R5 after the raid 5 array failed. It shows the 4 red led lights and was sent to us for recovery as there was no access to the share folders data.
Data Recovery TS-1.6 TGL / R5 Terastation after Raid failed

University of Regina, CANADA.
Buffalo terastation RAID5 failure 4 x 400gb drives, Buffalo technical support advised that the array on a TS-1.6 TGL / R5 has failed. The 4 red LED lights were shining and there was no data access to share folders. Thanks for confirming that you have been able to recover the data. I will arrange payment tomorrow. I will see what we can arrange by way of delivery of a new drive to accommodate the saved data..

RAID-0 Data Recovery Striped array IBM IC35L040AVER07-0

An IBM Disk showing the pcb circuit board. The disk was from an IBM Raid 0 striped array that was sent to us to recover the data. The Hard disk model number is IC35L040AVER07-0.
Striped RAID-0 Data Recovery IBM HDD

Anon., Plymouth
The reality of my situation was pretty grim with having the drive "Crash" but also not being visible in the BIOS, as well as being the primary drive in a RAID-0 stripped array - I really thought my chips were up! I think my situation had to be one of the worst you could get, and I still have my data at the end of it. All my data files have been recovered and precious irreplaceable files have also been recovered.

I just wanted to thank you for your help and because of the nature of my work I often get people asking me for PC advise - If anyone ever has a hard drive crash there is only one place I’ll be sending them.

Terastation Pro E14 Raid Error Repair Data Recovery

A Terastation Pro showing the 4 red lights when disks have failed in the raid and require the data recovering.
Terastation Raid E13 E14 error Rebuild Data Recovery

Carter Synergy, Birmingham
Buffalo Terastation Pro (4x 250gb hard disk drives). One disk failed and a rebuild was attempted for RAID-5. The unit was not allowing access to shares and not allow to mount raid the Raid array. Terastation LED lights flashed red, beeped and gave error E13. On the web interface disk 2 was showing as "not connected". Thanks I’ve received the package, just put this recovery disk in the computer. Nearly all the photos seem to be there, which is a great relief, and my backups. Thanks again.

1TB Buffalo Terastation - deleted share folders / format terastation

A Buffalo Terastation that used 4x Samsung IDE 250gb hard disks in a raid array. The Terastation had been formatted and had it's share folders deleted by accident so the owner contacted us for data recovery.
Buffalo Terastation file recovery after deleted share folders and formatted the drive

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
1TB Buffalo Terastation 4 x 250gb Samsung hdd - deleted share folders then formatted the terastation. First of all I would like to thank you for all the hard work and speed in the matter. I must confess, keeping people updated is a very good quality..

Asus P4C800-E lost RAID-0 SATA recovery

One of 2 200gb Maxtor hard drives. The image shows the circuit board side of the disk. They were configured for Raid 0 striped array on an Asus P4C800-E computer, but one of the disks was not recognised.
Lost SATA Raid-0 recovery Asus P4 Motherboard

Greenfrog Computing, Chesterfield
The computer system had 2 200gb Maxtor SATA hard drives configured as RAID-0 on asus P4C800-E. The Raid array was not recognised on one of the hdd disks. Thank you - I know where to come in future..

Dell Perc data recovery failed raid

A Maxtor SCSI drive shown on top of a Dell Perc raid rack. There were 3 SCSI disks forming a Raid 5 array and one of them had failed, so the unit was sent to us for recovery of the files.
PERC SCSI raid rebuild data recovery

County Durham NHS PCT
Dell PERC 3x 73.6GB Raid Maxtor Atlas SCSI hard disks. One disk failed in Raid array. Someone had also attempted raid rebuild or boot up from emergency disk. Thank you for the recovery..

E21 error Buffalo Terastation data recovery

A Terastation TS-H2.0TGL/R5 with the E21 chip error message. This Buffalo NAS failed to appear on the LAN network after a power cycle.
Terastation E21 chip error data recovery

IT HealthCheck Ltd, Dukinfield. Cheshire
Buffalo Terastation Pro TS-H2.0TGL/R5 Chip Error E21. Ethernet failure after power cycle. There was no way to access the Buffalo unit. That’s good. Thanks for all your efforts..

Maxtor 160GB SATA RAID-0 Dell Computer Data Recovery - Rebuild RAID

A maxtor drive from a Dell computer. This is an IDE ATA parallel cable disk and the image shows the pcb circuit board.
Maxtor SATA RAID-0 (Dell) File Recovery - Rebuild RAID

Offshore Handling Services Ltd, Morley, Leeds
The external drive arrived safely today, thank you. I am delighted to say that everything on it appears to be in order. Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service. I shall recommend your company should any of my colleagues find themselves in a similar predicament to mine!.

Netgear SC101 data recovery lost drive partition after firmware upgrade

An SC101 awaiting data recovery after its stored files were lost.
Netgear SC101 data recovery following firmware upgrade

Wednesfield Staffordshire, West Midlands
SC101 lost data partition which stored vital files for our business. I just wanted to convey my thanks for your hard work recovering this important data for us during the holiday period. We have now resumed normal operation. Feel free to contact me if you want a testimonial for your service..

Lacie Ethernet Disk RAID 1Tb, 4 HD Samsung 250Gb, Corrupt Raid no data access

A Lacie Ethernet disk in our data recovery lab. The Lacie nas had disappeared off the network and could not access it's files and folders. It's LED light was flashing.
Lacie Ethernet Disk Data Recovery 1 TB lost RAID after power failure

Phitek Systems, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
RAID corrupt, could not access to the unit with web browser. LAN clients could only read data on NAS, could not access with administrator id and password. Could not access unit with web browser. Raid definition corrupted but the unit leds were all green. This morning I will pay your fantastic work. Many thanks for the recovery..

Thecus N4100 lost data after power cut

A Thecus N4100 awaiting data recovery after it lost all the directory files and folders following a powercut.
Thecus N4100 recovery after power outage

Thecus N4100 (4x 1TB RAID) and an Iomega 2x1TB RAID). There was a powercut and I lost a load of files from the Iomega and all the directory folders from the Thecus. Many thanks - I've posted a link to your company on a professional Photography forum I use. Told them what a damn good egg you are, and how you make disasters redeemable...Thanks again.

Easystore no access on network

An Easystore that failed to respond on the network. None of the files and folders could be seen so it arrived with us for data recovery to be undertaken.
Easystore data recovery

FIPRA International, Brussels BELGIUM
Our Acer Altos Easystore failed to respond on the network. We had data on it that we needed to recover. The 4 hard disk lights are all green. The unit has approximately 847 gb of data on the raid set, but we could not see the files and folders. Thank you for recovering our data..

Linkstation 6 flashes error - data recovery

A Buffalo Linkstation in for data recovery after it's red LED started flashing and it issued a beeping sound alarm. The network shares were unavaible on this model HS-DH500GL.
Linkstation 6 flashes error - recover files

ABACUS Informatica S.r.l., Macerata , ITALY
Buffalo HS-DHGL HS-DH500GL NAS 500GB. Red lights started flashing on NAS and beeping sounds. Network share unavailable - no access to disk. Flash codes for Linkstation was audible beep low tone followed by a higher tone followed by 6 flashes. The linkstation remained totally silent with flashing red led. I've now received the data. Thanks again..

Lacie Ethernet Disk Drive disappeared / not mounted from network

A Lacie Ethernet disk that had disappeared off the network. The customer sent it to us for file recovery after they could no longer access the data. The image shows the rear view of the Lacie with it's ethernet connector.
Lacie Ethernet Disk - not visible on network - data recovery / repair

NHS Perioperative Management System, Sheffield Yorkshire UK
The Lacie Ethernet drive disappeared from the network and then was unable to power down without being turned off at the mains. I had upgraded the firmware a few weeks ago. Afterwards it was no longer able to access the data. Thank you so much for your efforts - I picked up the disk today from work and everything is great.
Thanks again for all your help..

Evesham Silverstor XS (Thecus4100) NAS 1.6TB 4x800GB SATA hdd recovery - RAID Failed

An Evesham Silverstor XS which had lost it's share folders following a power failure.
Thecus 4100 Evesham Silverstor XS RAID Data Recovery

Headteacher, Pathhead School, Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland
Evesham Silverstor XS 4x WD 800GB hard drives hdd - lost share folders after raid rebuild / power system failure Thanks. We will have no hesitation in using or recommending your service in the future. I will be delighted if the data is can dispatched today..

SCSI Raid Server Sagitta data recovery

A SCSI hard drive shown with circuit board facing upwards that was one of a 4 disks from a Sagitta SCSI raid server received here for data recovery. The disks were used in a Sagitta EziRAID which is similar to the EziJBOD.
Data Recovery SCSI Raid Server Sagitta

Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
The Sagitta server housed 4x SCSI hard disk drives configured in Raid 5 and running windows. All the drives appeared to boot up ok, but the raid card was blown and last time we had to import a whole new server from USA to get the data off. Once again many thanks for your help..

Iomega HDD2H not mounting on desktop

The underside of an Iomega HDD2H drive sent to us to recover the data after it stopped appearing on the Desktop of an Mac.
Iomega HDD2H not shown on Mac Desktop

Islington, London
The Drive stopped appearing on the desktop while using it on my Apple Mac. It was an Iomega HDD2H drive which held 2x500GB Seagate HDD inside. The hard drive sounded normal but data recovery required mainly for Jpeg Images. I am amazed and heartened at the progress! Especially since I didn't think you would receive the drive till Monday. - absolutely thrilled! You've saved this career in one fell swoop. We were quoted up to £1500 from one company! WE CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!!!! That is just SO amazing, we are totally thrilled, there are such important files to my career on that drive, this is truly a happy day. If you ever need anyone to recommend your services, do put us down to contact. Likewise if we come across anyone needing your services we will put them in touch. .

Maxtor USB drive not power up

An external USB Maxtor hard drive. This model is a Personal Storage 3200 - that arrived with uds for data recovery after it remained silent after being powered. Tests showed there was no power going to the disk.
Maxtor external drive not switch on

Solihull, Birmingham
Maxtor 500GB USB External Hard Drive (Model Maxtor Personal Storage 3200) - no power going to the drive. The Hard Disk remained totally silent when powered. The drive contained many engineering drawings that needed to be recovered.The Maxtor drive caddy held a single 500gb disk. Apex saved the day for us - thanks!.

G Drive Q not powering up, remains silent, only fan comes on

A G-Drive that needed repair by us after it failed to power up and remained silent after it was switched on and plugged in to the Mac. Data was saved toa a WD MyBook for return to the customer.
G Drive Q does not power up when disk turns on

Flawless Media, London
G-Drive Q 1000GB P/N GDg 35/1TB eSATA FW and USB from G-Tech. When the drive turns on it does not power up - hard disk remains silent, only the fan comes on. I received the drive (WD MyBook Studio 1TB with recovery data) this morning. Thank you for all your help..

G-Raid lost files recovery

A G-Raid drives against a blue background. The drive holds 2 hdd sata disks in raid and arrived with us to recover the data after it no longer appeared on the Mac Desktop.
G-Raid used on Mac - lost video files recovery

I had a 500GB G-Technology G-RAID which consisted of 2x 250GB SATA Hard disk drives. The Drive was connected by Firewire to a Mac and formatted as Raid but no longer appeared on the desktop. The recovery was good news! Cheers.

Buffalo DriveStation Raid Fault Data Recovery

The image shows the 4 hard disk drives taken out of a DriveStation Quattro for data recovery after one disk went faulty and the raid array card configuration was lost.
DriveStation Raid Card failed, data recovery

iRespons Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland
Buffalo DriveStation Quattro HD-Q1.0TSU2/R5-EU - one hard disk failed and the Raid card was faulty. The raid array disappeared and there was no noise, fan or lights as the unit was dead when powered up. The recovery was really good news. Thanks for all your help with this..

Mac firewire drive not mounting on desktop

A Firewire drive that was connected to a mac but sent for repair with us after it failed to show up on the desktop. A Western Digtal Caviar drive was contained in the WD My-Book external disk.
Firewire HDD not mounting - Volume not recognised

Elevator Ltd, Liverpool
Western Digital 320GB Caviar hard disk - Firewire drive not mounting on desktop. Intel iMac crashed and failed to boot. Initially thought to be software related. Tried recovering files while in target mode, but got through about 6GB before bad blocks caused failure. Volume no longer recognised. I just want to confirm that everything appears to be ok with the drive and data. Thanks for your service, it's most appreciated..

Seagate Hard Drive no longer powered up

The printed circuit board shown for a Seagate Barracuda 7200 hard drive that we recieved for repair of the electronics pcb after it remained silent when powered up. The computer would not boot up.
Seagate Hard Disk not spinning up

Harrow, London
We had a Seagate Barracuda SATA 7200 500GB hard drive that's stopped powering up. The disk remained silent when turned on. It used to be the system drive in an HP PC. Thank you for the recovery..

Broken SATA connector repair - data recovery

The Sata connector from an Hitachi Deskstar hdd that was sent to us for repair after the customer had bent the cable and tried to force the plug to join with the hdd socket. The connector had snapped but was soldered back to the pcb circuit board.
Snapped SATA connector - repair or Data Recovery

Poole, Dorset
The 500GB Hitachi Deskstar was being transferred to a new computer. The cables had to be bent at an awkward angle and the SATA connector snapped on the hard drive's PCB circuit board after the plug was accidentally forced. Many thanks for the data recovery..

Seagate Hard Drive recovery

The pcb from a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 Hard Drive that stopped working so was removed from the computer and sent to us to recover the files and folders.
Seagate Hard Disk recovery

Putney, London
SATA Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 750GBytes Hard Drive. The disk progressively stopped working then prevented windows from starting. The drive was recognised in BIOS. Was tested in 2 computers and 2 usb/esata external drive enclosures but were unable to recover data before sending to Apex.This is great news thanks very much!.

Maxtor Shared Storage Drive Data Recovery

A Maxtor Shared Storage drive with 2 internal Maxtor disks in a mirror raid array. The client passed it to us for data recovery after one of the drives clicks and the other was missing it's partitions and folders.
Maxtor Hard Disk data recovery

Welsh Assembly, Cardiff, Wales
The Maxtor Shared Storage 2 hard drive consisted of 2 500GB Maxtor hard disks in a Mirrored array. data recovery. One drive clicks and the other did not show any data partitions. Non of the data was visible. Great news (on the recovery) - You have just saved my life..

Western Digital NAS drive not spinning up

A Western Digitaldrive that would not spin up which was sent to us for recovery after the NAS failed to boot up. The client suspected it needed repair to the circuit board.
WD NAS 500GB pcb failure - no power

WD 500GB Western Digital NAS Hard Drive WCAPW1456403. Following standard shut down of the Network NAS storage and restart the disk failed to spin up. It will not spin up in docking station - possibly pcb failure. Many thanks the recovery is excellent news..

Hitachi Drive stopped suddenly

The label area from an Hitachi drive that was sent to us for data recovery after it stopped working suddenly.
Hitachi Hard drive no longer working

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
The Hard Disk Drive abruptly stopped working and is no longer recognised by BIOS. No previous symptoms, and no SMART errors. It was a 320GB Hitachi Hard Disk Drive HDT25032VLAT80 pcb 0A29525 BA1790_ M1R705 08WR. The data was recovered and transferred to a new hard drive..

Fujitsu Hard Drive recovery

The pcb is shown from a Fujitsu Laptop hdd that was not spinning up when powered. The drive would not boot up the laptop when turned on.
Fujitsu MPG hard disk repair

Kent ME2
The Fujitsu MPG3102AT hard disk had failed to boot up. It occurred after overheat of a cooling fan in the PC computer. The HD was not seen in BIOS and not spinning - no sound could be heard when powered. The recovery was truly good news..

Maxtor Drive incorrect Power supply - repair

The cicuit board is shown being repaired from a Maxtor external hdd which had the wrong power supply put into it and there was no response from the disk.
Recover data from Maxtor with wrong power supply

Watertight Roofing, Dundee, Scotland
400GB Maxtor External hdd with power supply. 19V put in instead of 12V no response at all from disk. Burning smell and Over-voltage damage. Internal Seagate hard drive ST3400620A failed to start up when powered on. The Hard Disk Drive remained totally silent. Data was recovered to a new drive supplied by client. Thank you..

Maxtor hard drive burning smell after switch off

A circuit board with burnt components from a Maxtor Hard drive. After the birning smell the disk was switched off and sent to us for repair.
Maxtor burnt out drive - dead when powered

Macclesfield, Cheshire
Maxtor Hard Disk Drive 5T020H2 20GB had a burning smell after the power cable was suddenly switched off. The disc does not spin and remains silent when turned on. The Computer shut down immediately when the drive is connected. Data File recovery required.The data was transferred to a new drive. Many thanks for your help recovering it. You provide a good service..

Seagate hard drive burnt circuitry - data recovery

The label shown off a Seagate hard drive with a short in the pcb circuit board. The drive was sent to us for recovery after attempted repair by the customer.
Seagate not powering up recover files

Towcester, Northamptonshire
Seagate 3.AAH 300gb Seagate Hard Disk Drive. Power cable failed. Investigation suggested short in circuit board and no power to the drive. Changing power cables did not work. Thank you very much - I now have the data back. Thank you..

300GB Maxtor One-Touch HDD data recovery

The end osf a One-Touch Maxtor HDD sent in for repair. The drive has Firewire and USB connections but was not recognised when plugged in to the computer port so arrived iwht us for recovery of the files.
Maxtor External drive data recovery

Bass Wing, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire
300GB Maxtor One-Touch HDD failed to boot up. Hi - just got in from a meeting - great news, we have purchased a hard drive so will speak to you Tuesday am and arrange to bring it to you. Thanks for your help.

Data Recovery from WD WDAC21600-60H 1.6GB hdd DOS system

The circuit boards shown from two WD hard drives in for data recovery and repair.
Cloning Hard Drive DOS system

Labtech Ltd, Presteigne, Powys
Data Recovery and transfer from Western Digital WDAC21600-60H 1.6GB to Fujitsu 4.3gb hdd of an old DOS system. That's great news on the recovery. Invoice is passed to accounts. Thanks.

Seagate 160GB Firmware 3.AAC not spinning or recognised in computer BIOS

A Seagate disk causing computer to shut down when inserted. The disk was not spinning. It is a 160GB IDE (parallel connected ATA hard drive) sent to us for data recovery.
Data Recovery Seagate HDD not spinning up when powered

Active Computing, Barnstaple, Exeter
The Seagate drive would not spin or boot up when powered or switched on. The computer to which it was attached would shut down when the hard disk was connected. Just to say thanks from our client for a speedy and successful data recovery. If something like this happens again you will be top of our list to call!.

Windows Blue Screen data recovery

Windows blue screen of death screenshot when failing to boot up via a Seagate HDD.
Blue Screen of Death BSOD - Seagate Sata fails to boot Windows

Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland
When booting up to Windows the Blue Screen showing error was displayed. The hard drive was Seagate Disk 160gb SATA ST3160023A fw8.12 7200.7 Barracuda. Thank you for the great news on the data recovery, we are very pleased. Many thanks..

Maxtor Athena 20gb hdd 2B020H1 recognised in BIOS but no data access

A Maxtor IDE drive that was not seen in the Bios and failed to boot up the computer. It is a 20gb HDD model   2B020H1 541DX from the Athena family and often suffered firmware corruption so was sent to us for data recovery.
Data Recovery Maxtor Athena HDD no data access but recognised in BIOS

IMS Ltd, Northwich / Middlewich, Cheshire
Many thanks for your quick response and keeping us up to date with the progress. We are up and running again after the scare and now backing up to usb pen drives in rotation 1 each night. I would Highly recommend you for to future users.

Seagate hard disk short circuit computer - data recovery

A Seagate hard drive showing it's circuit board. The pcb smelled of burning electronics and would not allow the computer to turn on - it immediately switched off when the disk was connected to the power supply cable, so was sent to us to retrieve the files.
File recovery Seagate Hard Drive will not allow computer to start

Northampton, UK
The Seagate ST3160022A 160gb hdd caused the pc to switch off when powered. Hard drive - shuts computer down when attached - burning smell. Just a quick note to say I received Ext drive with retrieved data all in good working order. Thank you very much for an excellent service and seamless process. I would gladly recommend your business to any prospective customer. Thanks once again.

Seagate Barracuda Data Recovery 160GB ST3160021A

A close up of a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 160GBytes model number ST3160023AS disk which had failed to spin up when the computer was booted up, so was sent to us for repair.
Seagate 160gb Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hailsham Sussex
I would like to acknowledge receipt of the new 200 GB drive. On testing, I have found that you have recovered 99% of the data with only a handful of corrupted files. Many thanks for the speedy service. I would not hesitate to use you again and I will definitely recommend your company to others..

Fujitsu Laptop Hard drive MHT2040AT in Dell Laptop Data Recovery

A Fujitsu laptop hard drive that was from Dell notebook computer. It was sent to us after it failed to spin up. It was undergoing repair after which the data was recovered. It's model number was MHT2040AT IDE disk.
Fujitsu MHT2040AT Data Recovery

WD Associates Ltd Benfleet Essex UK
I would like to thank you once again for what has been outstanding service, in terms of both speed, price and communication. I would have no hesitation recommending your services and will in fact mention to Dell that you should be on their supplier list as a more affordable option to other DR companies who wanted in the region of £1000 and even then the lead time is three weeks!.

Quantum Hard Disc Data Recovery 13.6GB Disc failure

A close up of a Quantum Fireball IDE hard disk which was sent in for repair after loss of function when it was powered up. The circuit board had a burnt power chip, but luckily the data was recovered.
Quantum 13.6AT CX13A2F1 REV 02-B A3FOB Data Recovery

Macclesfield Cheshire UK
Quantum CX13A2F1. I have received the discs and am relieved and pleased with the result. All through the crisis of the loss of function of my hard disc you have provided the very best possible customer care and support. The worry about the potential loss of data was greatly eased by the confidence and reassurance that you provided and inspired. From the very first contact with Apex, right through each of your follow up calls I knew that I was in the hands of a highly professional and caring organization. The care that was taken to prepare for receipt of the disc, the research into product and serial details, acknowledgment of receipt of the disc, confirmation of work starting, advice of successful recovery � these were much appreciated and confidence building messages. Even through a weekend, I was provided with excellent feedback. Apex sets a new and valuable standard in IT care and support. Even the giants in the industry pale into insignificance. Very well done. .

Silicon Power SD card photo recovery

Silicon Power SDHC data recovery
Silicon Power SDHC data recovery

Wedding Photography, Glasgow
4GB SD Card / Digital Camera Memory Card "Silicon Power". Card was damaged in the card reader and shows error. The SD memory card is no longer recognised when inserted into the card reader. Jpeg photo recovery required. Recovery Disc received with thanks..

Chipsbank CBM2091 broken USB recovery

A USB swivel stick by Respect, and uses a Chipsbank USB controller. This USB was bumped and no longer worked so was sent to us for repair.
USB data recovery Chipsbank

Westminster Drug Project, Croydon, Surrey
Respect branded swivel USB memory stick with Chipsbank cbm2091 500MB memory Stick that was bumped when connected to the laptop and no longer worked. Many thanks - we’ll look forward to receiving the data later next week (post willing)..

SD card 4GB phot recovery

SD card not recognised
SD card not recognised

Oxford, Oxfordshire
Sandisk 4GB Extreme III SDHC camera SD memory card. Card was not recognised by the camera or card reader. The photos were recovered. That’s fantastic news, thank you very much!.

USB memory stick suddenly missing files

A silver USB memory stick with its top cap removed. The stick does not appear damaged, however it was suddenly not working and was awaiting repair in our lab.
Files disappear from USB flash drive

Hastings, East Sussex
512MB USB memory stick was working ok. After saving a word document, the USB flash drive appeared to suddenly be missing many files and folders which needed recovering. Many thanks for the fast turnaround of this..

Optima SD card photo recovery

Optima SD card not registering on pc - Photo recovery
Optima SD card not registering on pc - Photo recovery

Tensar Ltd, Blackburn
Optima SD Card 8GB SDHC memory card used in digital camera no longer working. Not able to register card on the PC. Possible fault with the card controller or memory chips SD-K08G 0950 TV8545D & TH58NVG6D2FTAK0. You are a miracle worker! Huge thanks for recovered photographs..

Broken USB Integral 16GB repair

A USB Integral 16GB pen drive which was not recognised by the computer. It had intermittent connection to the computer which was repaired by us so the files could be copied off.
Broken USB Integral 16GB not recognised

Silver/Blue Integral 16gb USB. The device suddenly stopped being recognised by the computer.Many thanks for your prompt work.Thanks for everything,.

SD card recovery mp4 video no finalised

MP4 video data recovery SD card finalisation
MP4 video data recovery SD card finalisation

Islington, London
SD Card Sandisk 4GB used in Samsung VP-DC165WB - camera dropped while in Idle mode and died so never finalised the card. Card can be read in PC but it is not showing anything.Disc received yesterday, thank you. I’ve managed to transfer to my hard drive.Thank you once again for your professionalism and efficiency. I will recommend your services to anyone with data recovery requirements..

Sony Microvault USB repair / recovery

A Sony Microvault memory key whose USB connector had been broken off from the pcb.
Sony Microvault memory key recovery

MM Ltd, Nottingham
This was a Sony USB flash memory key (256mb microvault) Grey/Purple with Silicon Motion SM321QF AC Hynix HY27UG082G2M chips. The silver USB connector was broken off from the pcb. Data was successfully recovered. Marvellous service and so quick..

Snapped USB Maxell 2GB repair

Image shows the broken USB connector on Maxell Flash drive. The connector has become detached and a couple of the connecting pins were lsot and damaged before being sent to us for repair.
Broken USB connector on Maxell USB Flash drive

Milton Keynes
The USB snapped in my pocket and looks as though it had lost a couple of pins. It does not work now. It was a Maxell 2GB USB flash memory Stick.(Rubber Blue/White). Thank you so much II am eternally grateful, you have saved me hours of needless work and huge amounts of stress!!!! Kind regards.

Sandisk USB not lighting up when inserted in computer

A Sandisk USB that was not flashing when plugged in PC or Mac. The LED light remained off when powered.
Sandisk USB not flashing when plugged in PC or Mac

Cancer Research, Liverpool
Sandisk Cruzer 4GB SDCZ6-4096RB. The USB appeared to be dead when plugged in to the computer - The LED light did not flash and memory stick did not work.I have received the Data that was recovered..

Optima USB broken connector

An Optima USB flash drive with the connector plug snapped off and shown separated from the body of the stick.
Data recovery Optima USB flash drive

FrancoDolfini Automatismos S.L, Madrid, SPAIN
Optima pink rubber 2GB USB drive with broken connector.Phison PS2231 Hynix HY27UT088G2M. Many thanks for recovering data from my daughter’s USB stick, she was over the moon. Every thing seems to be there and she has backed-up to her laptop. Thanks again for dispatching it so quickly..

XD Card recover lost photos

An olympus XD card in for data recovery.
Recover XD card photos

Paignton, Devon
1GB XD Card - after attempting to transfer the pictures via a card reader it initially showed all the files but would not give thumbnails. Tried a different XD card reader and the properties showed 992mb is used with just a little free space left. Fuji Finepix Camera. Excellent news. Thank you for the speedy turn round. Much appreciated..

USB flash drive repair

A black USB pen drive that was not recognized by the computer and was then sent to us for data recovery.
Recover data from USB pen drive

Camden London
2GB Black usb flash drive with USBest UT163-Q4 & Samsung K9LAG08U0M memory chips. The USB stopped working suddenly and not recognised by the computer. Thank you so muchfor the recovery - I am going to have a large wine now to celebrate!!.

LG Mirror USB memory stick device not recognised

An LG 4GB pen-drive that no longer lit up when the connector was inserted into the couter socket. After this is arrived with us for repair and file recovery.
USB flash drive device not recognised

Northumbria Police
LG Mirror USB Drive 4GB pen-drive. The memory stick included SM321QF B8, Hynix HY27UV08BG5M chips. When plugged in the disk LED light went on then went off and the safely remove hardware icon is saying device not recognized. Thank you very much data working. Have a nice day.

Easydisk USB device not recognised

The printed circuit board and usb plug from an Easydisk memory stick that was unrecognised, and its light failed to come on.
USB Flash Easydisk not recognised

PIE Ltd, Milton Keynes
USB memory stick 1GB Easydisk. Device unrecognised, stick light not coming on. Electronic chips were SM321QF & Samsung K9G808U0M. Thanks for the great service we got from you recently. Just want to say how happy I was with how things went..

Broken USB pen drive not recognised by computer

An Emtec flash drive whose USB connector had failed and needed soldering back on to the pcb.
Flash memory stick not recognised by computer

Forstinning, GERMANY
The Emtec 2GB USB Flash drive was not flashing or recognised by the computer when plugged in. It contained USBest UT165-L48, FBNL52AHGK3WG memory chips. Just to let you know that I have just received a CD of recovered data - thanks again !.

500mb EA USB flash pen drive data recovery

An EA USB stick awaiting data recovery.
EA USB stick data recovery

AppiChar Ltd, London
500mb EA USB drive ( Pronix chip and Skmedi SK6201 controller ) data recovery. Brilliant news - thank you. I will arrange for payment asap. Thanks.

Sandisk Cruzer micro USB pen drive data recovery

A Sandisk Cruzer USB pen drive with lost files awaiting data recovery in our labs.
Data Recovery Sandisk Cruzer USB pen drive

Skyviews Inc, BARBADOS
I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service regarding the recovery and return of my data. It is such a relief to know that the files are no longer ’lost’.I appreciate your work and would recommend you to colleagues/friends should they have problems with data loss. Thank you.

USB memory stick dropped not working

A Samsung USB flash drive that was dropped by accident and no longer lights up, hence it found it's way to us for repair.
Dropped USB flash drive no longer lights up

Anon, London
Repair 4GB Samsung black usb flash drive to recover files and folders. The memory stick was dropped onto tarmac road, no longer light up or flashes, and cannot be detected or seen by the Windows PC computer. Phison PS2136CC-G Samsung K9LAG08U0M chips. Thanks very much for the data recovery service. I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and colleagues in the future..

256MB USB data recovery - USB Malfunction

USB Malfunction pen drive
USB Malfunction pen drive

European Pensions Management,Bournemouth, Dorset,
That is great news! Thank you very much for your efforts and services – I’m extremely impressed with the prompt turnaround as well as the actual data recovery. Great stuff!! I shall forward these payment details onto our finance department as soon as possible..

Data Recovery Broken USB drive

A Freecom Databar USB Flash whose connector had brokenand pcb snapped after being trodden on by accident.
Freecom Databar USB Flash Broken connector.

Southall Middlesex
After being trodden on the USB silver connector was snapped on the memory stick. All received now; thanks again – I shan’t hesitate to recommend you to others in similar dire straits! Well done..

USB flash data recovery - device not recognized

A Disgo USB Memory stick not recognized - device malfunctioned
Memory stick not recognized - device malfunctioned

Tectonic Analysis Ltd, Chichester, Sussex
USB black & silver Disgo 2GB - stopped flashing before windows reported usb device not recognized error. Many thanks for your help in recovering the data and I have made full payment to you today. Thanks again..

Broken USB connector on pen drive file retrieval

A close up view of a snapped USB memory stick after the laptop that it was plugged in to fell over onto the floor. It was sent in for repair.
Snapped USB memory stick data recovery

Rhyl, Denbighshire, North Wales
The USB memory stick had broken when the laptop fell over and pressure snapped the silver connector. I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to hear that you’ve been able to recover the data. Kind regards..

1GB Disgo USB broken connection and pcb inc. Pointsec Encryption

A Disgo Flash drive that used Pointsec encryption in for data recovery.
Disgo Flash drive broken USB data recovery Pointsec encryption

Navigate Solutions, Portsmouth / Cowes
Postman delivered disc today. Thank you so very much for your very fast and efficient service. I have everything I need to get on with work, plus pointsec is working on this, so many many thanks. Can’t thank you enough, am thrilled to have the data back..

Integral 1GB broken USB connector repair

An Integral Splash Pen Drive with snapped silver USB part.
Integral 1GB Splash Pen Drive broken USB connector data recovery

Employer Services, Brentwood, Essex
Thank you for rescuing my daughter’s school work from the USB when the silver usb snapped ..

Repair Sandisk Cruzer Broken USB Connector Data Recovery

A black Sandisk Cruzer that needed someone to fix it's broken USB connector. So we resoldered it.
Sandisk Cruzer Fix Broken USB Connector

Legal Masters, Birmingham
Thanks for your voicemail message that I received today and your prompt attention and efforts. I have learnt a lesson and will ensure that should anything like this happen again, to refer it to the specialists as quickly as possible without any intervention!!.

PNY 1GB SD Card Photo Data Recovery From Formatted and Overwritten Card

SD Flash Card Photo Recovery after accidental Format
SD Flash Card Photo Recovery after accidental Format

Braidwood School, Birmingham. UK
Thanks very much for sending through so promptly. I would hugely appreciate your posting off the disk and SD-card as soon as possible so that I might send it back to the owner in South Africa tomorrow. Once again, thanks for you all your help on this. I’ll certainly be recommending Apex to anyone I encounter with data-recovery needs!.

USB Canyon Memory Stick with Broken USB Connector 512MB Data Recovery

A Canyon USB flash memory repair that appeared to be dead after it's USB connector was broken off, so sent to us for repair.
Canyon USB flash memory repair / recover from Broken Connector

Enfield, UK
I can only describe your expertise as "brilliant"!! I am absolutely delighted at receiving ALL of my data from my "dead" memory stick. On Monday evening I was absolutely distraught at the thought of the loss of hundreds of hours of preparation of lessons and work. I really didn’t realise the actual quantity until you e-mailed the 15 pages of listed files on Tuesday when you had already re-assured me that you had sorted it. What a relief and yes, you were still working and e-mailing during the late evening. That meant I actually had more than the 3 hours of nightmare sleep that I got on the night it happened. I have and will recommend your service to ALL. Thank you again for your speedy and most helpful service..

XD Card Photo Recovery 256mb

Camera XD Card image Recovery
Camera XD Card image Recovery

GE Aviation, Eastleigh, Hants
Just to confirm that the CD and XD card arrived safe and sound. The CD is fine and we have already backed it up and had all the photos printed to ensure we have as many disaster contingencies covered off as possible! Once again thanks for all your help. After various attempts to get the data back we had all but lost hope but you have shown that you should never say never! Hopefully we won’t need to use you again but should we or any of ourfriends, family or colleagues experience the nightmare we did, we’ll definitely be sending them your way.

Integral 16GB USB pen drive with broken connector - data recovery / repair.

USB memory stick - 16gb Integral cracked pcb/connector - data recovery
USB memory stick - 16gb Integral cracked pcb/connector - data recovery

City University London
Again many thanks for all your help and saving me many months of hard work! I’ve checked all my files and they are all seem to be ok. As I said earlier, I will happily recommend you to everyone I know..

USB 512MB Bytestor not recognised by Computer Data Recovery

A Bytestor Flash Drive that had a faulty USB connector and was sent to us for repair.
Bytestor Flash Drive Data Recovery

GM International Information Systems,
I would recommend Apex Technology to anyone who has a problem retrieving data from ICT hardware which becomes faulty. I thought I’d lost two years hard work on a USB pen which would not boot-up. I nearly hard a heart attack and could not sleep for three days. I called my ICT friends who told me to find someone ‘good’ to retrieve my data. I looked up different companies on the internet and sent my disc to one. They told me that the data on my USB pen was not recoverable and I there was not the slightest possibility that an ICT engineer in the UK could recover the data. I was totally distraught but decided to try another firm. My husband advised to use Goggle to find a firm which specialised in recovering data from USB pens as well as other hard drives. Thank God , my search discovered Apex Technology Limited! After briefly speaking to them I sent my pen to be investigated and he told me in less than 24rs that he had recover the data on my pen and was sending the information in the post. This was really quick and I was really happy because the data would arrive in time for me to use the information in a head teachers conference I was scheduled to deliver during the following week. . The service at Apex is wonderful, efficient, effective, polite and very reasonable. I will back up all information stored on my USB pens in future but also keep Apex in my address book and will not hesitation recommending Apex to anyone in the future..

Olympus xD memory card - Data Recovery Camedia C-755 Ultra Zoom

Olympus xD Photo Recovery Camedia Camera
Olympus xD Photo Recovery Camedia Camera

Highgate, London UK
Thank you so much for your time and attention to my problem! I will remember about your company in case I ever have any other problem with my pictures! And I will recommend you to my friends!Thank very much again! Sincerely, Svetlana Markova.

USB Data Recovery 128MB Intuix memory stick

An Intuix USB pen drive that was not recognised by the computer hen inserted into the port, and now awaits connector repair.
Intuix USB pen drive data recovery

Vivid Automotive Europe
The usb was not recognised by the computer when inserted. I got my data today. I am very pleased with your service, and will be sure to recommend you to any colleagues or friends at this side of the channel, especially since my efforts to contact a Belgian data recovery company showed how far they have to go in terms of meeting the European competition!.

USB Drive 128MB Hi Space Data Recovery

Hi-Space USB Flash Disk Data Recovery
Hi-Space USB Flash Disk Data Recovery

Rotherham UK
Data Recovery HiSpace USB Drive 128MB. I would just like to say thanks for all your efforts and speedy responses. I was so impressed with your support and quick responses that I have already recommended your services to a couple of colleagues who I hope will contact you with the issues around their lost data. Many thanks once again..

USB 256MB SanDisk memory stick Data Recovery

A SanDisk USB Cruzer requesting format. It is now awaiting File Recovery.
SanDisk USB Cruzer requesting format File Recovery

Bristol UK
What can I say? I cannot thank you enough for finding the files on my usb flash drive. As you know, I had hours and hours of work stored on it and I was absolutely distraught when my local computer shop told me there was no chance I would be able to retrieve the data at all, no matter what. I was delighted when I saw your website and even more chuffed when you replied so quickly and positively to my problem.The same night as I felt all was lost, you very quickly reassured me and gave me the confidence that you would, indeed, find my data and therefore save me hours of repeating work. There was no way that I would have remembered every detail of my files and the amount of work I would have had to repeat would have been unbearable. Therefore, I found your service priceless and was more than happy with the reasonable price for the service.Throughout the whole process I couldn’t have faulted your company, I received up to date emails with your progress which confirmed the data being retrieved. I think the turnaround was far less than 48 hours, and this was only because I couldn’t get to a Post Office immediately – unbelievable!I really cannot thank you enough; I think I’ve said that about a hundred times in my emails to you, but its true! Your service was fantastic and although I have learned a very valuable lesson about saving my work, everywhere, every time, it is still great to know that you’re there waiting to rescue others like me, even after everyone else has gone home from work!I would strongly recommend your service to all..

USB 64MB Dell Memory Key Data Recovery

A Dell USB Pen Drive in our labs for data recovery.
Dell USB Pen Drive Data Recovery

Sittingbourne Kent UK
Please accept our thanks for the service you carried out for us in retrieving some important data from a damaged USB memory key. Not only were you successful in this task but your response was commendably rapid and the cost of the exercise very reasonable. Should we ever be in a similar situation I am sure we would not hesitate to use your recovery services or to recommend you to others..

2GB Verbatim Store n Go repair broken USB connector Data Recovery

Data recovery Verbatim USB pen drive
Data recovery Verbatim USB pen drive

Leicester, UK
The usb connector broke when it was plugged into the back of the laptop. Just to let you know the recovered data disk finally arrived mid afternoon on Friday!! Once again thanks so much. We both really appreciate this..

Data Recovery 256MB USB SanDisk mini Cruzer

SanDisk Data Recovery from USB mini Cruzer
SanDisk Data Recovery from USB mini Cruzer

Director of Pupils First, Lewisham London UK
The CD arrived on Saturday morning with the double sets of recovered files. At least I know the procedure for any future disaster! Thanks for all your help - I was most impressed with the service..

USB snapped when laptop knocked

A QIA branded USB pen drive whose connector had been snapped off while in a laptop, awaiting repair.
USB data recovery - end broken off

Ringwood, Hants
QIA (Quality Inmprovement Agency branded) iNet USB 1GB Pen Drive. USB end snapped off after laptop was knocked from desk. The device had USBest UT163-L4 and Hynix HY27UT088G2M chips. You have saved not only my sanity but also possibly my career. Thank you..

Data Recovery and Conversions

Data Recovery and Conversions problems that we recover data from are listed below.
Data Recovery Transfer File Recovery Repair Read Files Data.
Reviews of our broken Raid array and Server Data Recovery. We also fix Broken USB connectors, and recover Virtual Disks such as vhd vhdx files..