Quantum Hard Disc Data Recovery 13.6GB Disc failure

A close up of a Quantum Fireball IDE hard disk which was sent in for repair after loss of function when it was powered up. The circuit board had a burnt power chip, but luckily the data was recovered.
Quantum 13.6AT CX13A2F1 REV 02-B A3FOB Data Recovery

Quantum Hard Disc Data Recovery 13.6GB Disc failure, Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK

Quantum CX13A2F1. I have received the discs and am relieved and pleased with the result. All through the crisis of the loss of function of my hard disc you have provided the very best possible customer care and support. The worry about the potential loss of data was greatly eased by the confidence and reassurance that you provided and inspired. From the very first contact with Apex, right through each of your follow up calls I knew that I was in the hands of a highly professional and caring organization. The care that was taken to prepare for receipt of the disc, the research into product and serial details, acknowledgment of receipt of the disc, confirmation of work starting, advice of successful recovery; these were much appreciated and confidence building messages. Even through a weekend, I was provided with excellent feedback. Apex sets a new and valuable standard in IT care and support. Even the giants in the industry pale into insignificance. Very well done. This Data Recovery was filed under words like Quantum Hard Drive Data Recovery Repair.

Hard Drive Repair Laboratory, Quantum Hard Drive, Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK

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Quantum Hard Drive

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We can provide Data Recovery for Quantum Hard Drive. This case was related to Quantum 13.6AT CX13A2F1 REV 02-B A3FOB Data Recovery.