Iomega HDD2H not mounting on desktop

The underside of an Iomega HDD2H drive sent to us to recover the data after it stopped appearing on the Desktop of an Mac.
Iomega HDD2H not shown on Mac Desktop

Iomega HDD2H not mounting on desktop, Islington, London, UK

The Drive stopped appearing on the desktop while using it on my Apple Mac. It was an Iomega HDD2H drive which held 2x500GB Seagate HDD inside. The hard drive sounded normal but data recovery required mainly for Jpeg Images. I am amazed and heartened at the progress! Especially since I didn't think you would receive the drive till Monday. - absolutely thrilled! You've saved this career in one fell swoop. We were quoted up to 1500 from one company! WE CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!!!! That is just SO amazing, we are totally thrilled, there are such important files to my career on that drive, this is truly a happy day. If you ever need anyone to recommend your services, do put us down to contact. Likewise if we come across anyone needing your services we will put them in touch. This Data Recovery was filed under words like iomega hdd2h not shown on apple mac desktop1.

Hard Drive Repair Laboratory, Iomega HDD2H, Islington, London, UK

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Iomega HDD2H

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