USB 512MB Bytestor not recognised by Computer Data Recovery

A Bytestor Flash Drive that had a faulty USB connector and was sent to us for repair.
Bytestor Flash Drive Data Recovery

USB 512MB Bytestor not recognised by Computer Data Recovery, Lewisham, London, UK

PFearnley, GM International Information Systems
I would recommend Apex Technology to anyone who has a problem retrieving data from ICT hardware which becomes faulty. I thought I'd lost two years hard work on a USB pen which would not boot-up. I nearly hard a heart attack and could not sleep for three days. I called my ICT friends who told me to find someone ‘good' to retrieve my data. I looked up different companies on the internet and sent my disc to one. They told me that the data on my USB pen was not recoverable and I there was not the slightest possibility that an ICT engineer in the UK could recover the data. I was totally distraught but decided to try another firm. My husband advised to use Goggle to find a firm which specialised in recovering data from USB pens as well as other hard drives. Thank God , my search discovered Apex Technology Limited! After briefly speaking to them I sent my pen to be investigated and he told me in less than 24rs that he had recover the data on my pen and was sending the information in the post. This was really quick and I was really happy because the data would arrive in time for me to use the information in a head teachers conference I was scheduled to deliver during the following week. . The service at Apex is wonderful, efficient, effective, polite and very reasonable. I will back up all information stored on my USB pens in future but also keep Apex in my address book and will not hesitation recommending Apex to anyone in the future. This Data Recovery was filed under words like Bytestor USB Flash Data Recovery Repair.

Drive Connector Repair Lab, Bytestor USB drive, Lewisham, London, UK

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Bytestor USB drive

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