Iomega Ix2-200 drives not mounting

Two drives from an Iomega Ix2-200 which had become corrupted so was sent to us for data recovery.
Iomega Ix2-200 drives drive data not seen

Iomega Ix2-200 drives not mounting, Richmond, London, UK

IMuraay, Creative Ltd,
2x1TB Seagate Barracuda LP HDD from Iomega Ix2-200 Mirrored Array. Possibly corrupt Superblock. A large pdf photoshop file was being saved just prior to the corruption / damage to the NAS. Since then the Iomega device has booted up but not been able to see the drive data. Iomega have exhausted all options and not been able to access the data. The array is visible but volumes will not mount due to no secondary superblock and needing a clean structure for the raid. I want to say thank you so much for helping us out, I can maybe get a good nights sleep tonight knowing we can operate fully again. Many thanks from me and my team. This Data Recovery was filed under words like iomega ix2 200 drive not mounting data loss.

NAS Data Recovery Laboratory, Iomega Ix2-200, Richmond, London, UK

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Iomega Ix2-200

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