FibreCat iSCSI data recovery

Hard Disks from a Fujitsu Fibrecat SX80i that had used vmware to create virtual machines and virtual disks. The raid crashed after a power failure and required recovery of the vmdk files from the sata HDDs.
Fujitsu SX80i Fibrecat Virtual machine recovery

FibreCat iSCSI data recovery, Bruxelles, , BELGIUM

BDelbove, DSI SCRL
FibreCat SX80-i iSCSI Raid 5 ESX VM-ware Virtual Machines - data recovery. 12x 750Gb Seagate Hard Drives ok - Raid Controller failed. System NAS crashed after unexpected power outage. 11 drives were in the raid array and disk 12 was Hot Spare. After the crash disks 2 6 and 10 were in Left Over state. Fujitsu engineer applied the Trust Command but the raid would not start. There were 4x 2TB LUN's each formatted with VMFS. The VMDK files were a mixture of Linux EXT and Windows NTFS virtual disks. Thank you also for recovering our data, we have a lot of users who were without services, including Belgian administrations. I will recommend your services....It was a pleasure to work with such an expert like you. This Data Recovery was filed under words like fujitsu fibrecat sx80i vmdk data recovery.

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Fujitsu Fibrecat Virtual Disks

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We can provide Data Recovery for Fujitsu Fibrecat Virtual Disks. This case was related to Fujitsu SX80i Fibrecat Virtual machine recovery.