Terastation Loading Kernel Failure

A Terastation with the Loading Kernel fault. This Buffalo NAS would then drop to degraded mode before arriving with us for repair to recover the files.
Terastation kernel failure shares not shown

Terastation Loading Kernel Failure, Newbury, Berkshire, UK

Terastation failed to start from power failure just booting into "Loading Kernel". After several attempts to restart it went to EM mode and could not be recovered. Buffalo suggested firmware update, it did re-boot it then power-cycled again but would not re-start. Terastation could be seen by NAS Navigator, on PC but not in File Browser or firmware update utility. Now displays RAID failure, HD1 faulty. No file/folder Shares are visible. Buffalo Teratstation Raid E13 error in array D12 running degrade mode drive 1 fail - not visible on network - data recovery. 4x500GB Samsung HD501LJ hard drives. Thank you very much - got all the disks and data back now - we shall pass on your details to others who may be in need. This Data Recovery was filed under words like terastation kernel loading fault recovery.

RAID Data Recovery Laboratory, Terastation EM Mode, Newbury, Berkshire, UK

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Terastation EM Mode

Terastation EM Mode problems that we recover data from are listed below.
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We can provide Data Recovery for Terastation EM Mode. This case was related to Terastation kernel failure shares not shown.