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News on our latest Data Recovery from Servers, Raid Arrays and broken connector repairs. We also sell HDDs and can recover hard disks from electronics failures including IDE, SATA and USB.
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Terastation data recovery from raid array error

The photo shows the 4 ide hard drive by Western Digital taken from a terastation that had suffered an error in it's raid array. Also shown is the front view of a Buffalo Terastation model HD-H1.0TGL/R5 with its 4 red leds.
Buffalo Terastation model HD-H1.0TGL/R5 with raid array error

, ....The client had sent it to us after all four lights started to flash and they rerquested recovering data to a new USB hdd....

SCSI hdd data recovery

A pair of SCSI disk drives sent to us for data recovery from a server which used them in Raid to save files and folders. The fdrives had stopped spinning up when the computer was turned on so the client sent them to us for repair.
SCSI Server RAID data recovery

SCSI Data Recovery, ....Files can be recovered from Server Raid5 array failures and when the disk does not spin up and remains silent when powered....

Laptop Hard Disk not booting up in to Windows

A Laptop drive taken from a Dell XPS M1530. It used SATA connection, and the laptop had stopped responding. After it had frozen, the disk was sent to us for data recovery.
Windows not starting on Laptop HDD

DELL Laptop Toshiba HDD Windows problem, ....The problem started when the programs like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word were not responding, i.e....

G-Speed data recovery repair folder access

A G-Speed Q drive undergoing data recovery after it became corrupted when connected to an Apple Mac that may not have been shut down correctly. The device held data in a striped raid configuration.
G-Speed data recovery repair file access

G-Tech Disk Drives, ....These drives usually can be configured in Raid 5, but also as mirror and striped arrays (Raid 0, Raid 1)....

Hard Drive Wrong or Reversed power supply Data Recovery Repair

Repair of a pcb circuit board. PCD repairs to HDD are conducted after incorrect power supply was used. Common damage or faults for these hard disks are power surge, shut down, over-voltage, faulty supply, reversed polarity with a burning smell.
Reversed power connector polarity hard disk drive hdd repair

Data Recovery, ....Alternatively this may be caused by Reversed polarity from the power lead being connected the wrong way, or accidentally plugging the wrong (usually laptop/printer/scanner) power supply into the back of the drive causing over voltage supply....

Lacie (Porsche) Burning Smell repair data recovery

A Lacie Porsche disks with flashing poweer supply LED light and not spinning up when plugged in. Before arriving with us for file recovery the customer also said it had a burning smell that he had tried to repair.
Lacie external Porsche drive burning smell when powered

Data Recovery, ....We often get cases where the drive fails to start when powered up - you do not hear the drive spinning or booting up however you can sometimes smell electric burning smell....

Data Recovery Lacie Porsche HDD

A Lacie Porsche mobile drive that remained silent after being switched on. Also when powered it had a burning electronics smell and the green blue led power brick light was blinking / flashing before the customer sent it to is to recover the data after repair.
Lacie Porsche hard drive repair data recovery

Data Recovery, ....It includes backup software for Windows PC and Mac OSX as well as FireWire connection....

Maxtor Hard Disk Drive Power Failure

A Maxtor DiamondMax 10 3.5 inch drive hard drive that failed to spin up awhen the computer is turned on. The disk remained silent and was not recognised by the computer bios before it was sent to us for repair. The customer thought they had accidentally connectoed the power plug the wrong way around and had a burning smell before it failed.
Maxtor HDD Not Spinning Data Recovery

Data Recovery, ....This includes situations where the drive remains totally silent when powered up, and is not recognised in the computer bios....

G-RAID Data Recovery

A G-Tech G-Raid drive showing the Firewire and USB connection Ports. Modern versions of this external disk include Thunderbolt ports for Apple Mac computer connections. This drive was awaiting data recovery in our lab.
G-tech G-raid hard drives mac data recovery

Data Recovery, ....These drives usually incorporate a couple of SATA hard drives, with Firewire or USB connections.....

Data Recovery USB snapped connector

A Sandisk with a broken USB connector that snapped whilst plugging it in to a computer. The usb was resoldered to enable the files to be recovered.
Retrieve files from USB memory stick with broken connector

Data Recovery., ....Recently we had a Sandisk Cruzer Memory stick 16GB that snapped from connections whilst plugged into the PC....

xD Card DSS file recovery from Olympus Player

An Olympus Voice Recorder that used an xD memory card to store DSS files. The DSS files wwere deleted so the memory card was sent to us for recovery.
Olympus xD memory card recover deleted DSS files

DSS File Recovery, ....Quite often customers contact us when they accidentally deleted the important audio DSS files of say interview recordings....

Dropped USB Flash drive

A close up of the
USB memory stick dropped and not wrorking

Data Recovery, ....One common fault is when the disk has been dropped onto a hard surface eg road, desk, or floor....

Flash USB memory stick not recognized

An LG USB memory stick that was not recognised by the computer and presently awaiting repair and file recovery.
USB flash disk not recognized

Data Recovery, ....When it was plugged in to the computer the light went on then went off and the safely remove hardware icon showed device not recognized....

Repair Broken USB memory stick

A close up of a USB flash stick and its pcb circuit board. The connector is soldered to the pcb but sometimes when it is bent, it can rip the tracks off the plastic circuit board so need to be repaired or re-soldered.
Broken USB flash drive repair

Data Recovery, ....The latest case was an Easypod 1gb usb stick which had the connector contact pads ripped off the pcb damaging the tracks and needs to be soldered back on....

USB Flash memory stick - no longer lighting up

A Sandisk Cruzer USB pen drive that no longer had the flashing light when inserted into the usb socket. This one needed the connector repairing.
USB pen drive no longer flashing light when inserted

Data Recovery, ....However your heart sinks when the stick does not light up or flash as normal when inserted into the pc computer....

USB pen drive broken pcb circuit board

The broken end of a USB circuit board. The pcb has cracked just behind where the metel usb connector is soldered to the plastic. We have repaired such devices in order to recover the data. USB dongle often requires simialr re-solder repairs.
USB flash memory stick broken pcb circuit board connector

Data Recovery, ....This means that when accidental force is used in inserting or removing the drive, it is the plastic circuit board that snaps....

Raid Data Recovery Facility

An Adaptec sata raid internal card that is capable of raid 5, riad 6 and mirror raid configurations for multiple hard drives.
Data Recovery RAID0 RAID1 RAID5 RAID6

Data Recovery, ....We recover data from all types of RAID systems & RAID Servers....

Easystore Shared Folder Access Recovery

An Easystore nas raid drive that was made by Acer under the Altos brand. Following a power cut this drive lost its shared folders and disappeared off the network so was sent to us for data recovery.
Easystore Recover Shared Folder Access

Acer Altos Easystore Recovery, ....Unfortunately the marketing people make it too easy to invent a closely derived descriptive name for when an item fails....

Iomega ix4-200d VMWare raid recovery

An Iomega IX4-200d drive that was used under iSCSI VMWare as a network raid drive. The system consists of 4 hard disk drives in a raid configuration.
Iomega ix4-200d iSCSI raid recovery

Iomega Virtual Disks, ....After the client attempted repair, the console now showed 4 new disk drives with existing data have been added to your Iomega StorCenter device and requested to Authorise disk overwrite? Fortunately at this point the client contacted us for Data Recovery....

Intel SS4000-E lost share folders

An Intel SS4000e 4 hard drive NAS device. This one is configured as Raid5 and has faled to boot up following a power cut over night. There is no access to the shared directories. This one is coloured black, but similar Lacie nas is coloured Silver.
Intel SS4000-E not boot up

Intel SS4000-E data recovery, ....Customers who experience failure often say to us that "it was working one day then failed to boot up the next day." Consequently the problem is that the drive data is not accessible from LAN Network so the Shares Directories are lost....

SCSI Proliant Server recovery failed raid

A set of 6 SCSI hard drives from a Compaq Proliant 3000 Server. They were configured in a Raid 5 array which failed to boot up, so the disks were sent to us for data recovery and repair.
Compaq Proliant SCSI hard drive recovery

Proliant Server recovery, ....There are many of these old units still in service - chugging away - usually under a mountain dust in a less frequently visited corner of the server room....

Evesham Silverstor Recovery after power cut

An Evesham Silverstore showing the 4 hard disk drives pulled out of it's box. The Evesham unit is also sold under Allnet and Thecus brands, but all run the same proprietary filesystem. This NAS failed after a power cut and is ready to undergo data recovery at outr labs.
Evesham Silverstor recover lost share folders

Recover Lost Share Folders, ....The last SIlverstor we did was an XS NA5390080, with 4xWD400 gb HDD which had lost its share folders after raid rebuild following a power cut....

VMDK File Data Recovery

A vmdk sign showing data recovery of vmdk files from virtual VMWare server.
VMFS Virtual Disk Recovery

VMDK file Recovery, ....The two we see here more commonly are Microsoft VirtualPC .VHD files and VMWare .VMDK files for Virtual Disk or Virtual Machine....

Readynas not boot up data recovery

A Readynas nas unit configured with 4 hard drives formaing a raid. The Readynas is also branded Snazio and made by Netgear or Infrant. This system would not boot up when powered on, so arrived with us and is ready for data recovery.
Readynas Locked Up no data access

ReadyNAS Recovery, ....Customers have found the Infrant Readynas NV+ with 4x 500gb Seagate SATA hard drives unit locked up and will not re-boot....

Acer Altos Easystore Raid 5 malfunction

An Acer Altos Easystore is shown with one of the hard disk drives withdrawn from the NAS box. This unit had gone offline from the network overnight following a power cut and had lost the raid configuration for the 4 hdd.
Acer Altos Easystore Raid 5 offline

Eastore Recovery., ....The NAS will not be accessible over the net even though the hard drive indicator lights still show hdd as healthy or normal....

Fibrecat iSCSI Data Recovery

Several racks of Fujitsu Siemens Fibrecat SX80 which were sent to us for recovery of the data after it failed. The system used virtual disks and machines via VMWare so the client needed to recover the VMDK files.
Fibrecat Raid5 Data Recovery

Fujitsu Siemens Raid Systems., ....The form factors of rack mounted FibreCat and Eternus systems are convenient for Data Centres....

Terastation E21 Network Controller Repair

A Bufflo Terastation is shown with it's green led screen display. It shows E21 chip failure so required data recovery of the files.
Terastation E21 Network Controller Recovery

Terastation Data Recovery, ....This usually happens when the customer was just about to backup the terastation to another device - but not soon enough! Anyway - no problem we can recover your data from this error - so call or email us for a quick quote and fast turn around - usally 2 days on these drives,.....

Sagitta Raid Data Recovery SCSI HDDs

A Sagitta raid tower that had its internal raid card fail. We undertook cloning of the disks then rebuilding the raid array to rescue the files.
Sagitta Raid Data Recovery SCSI drives

Sagitta Raid System., ....These systems were based on the Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) interface....

Terastation recover deleted share folders

A pair of Terastation NAS boxes which arrived in our data recovery lab. Both are configured as Raid 5 arrays and use 4 hard disk drives. These are pedestall units, but Terastations are also supplied in 19 inch racks, and can have their lost or deleted share folders recovered.
Terastation recover share folders after format

Buffalo Teratstion Recovery, ....We can recover deleted share folders or lost files after format of the terastation, and in most cases the recovered data includes original file and folder names....

Lacie Server failed after power cut

A Lacie server that failed after a power cut.
Lacie Server not booting after power outage

Lacie Network Server, ....A sudden power outage, or if the machine is turned off accidentally without proper power-down, can result in the unit no longer booting up correctly....

Linux LVM raid data recovery

A seagate hard drive pictured with Linux Penguin. There are 7 hard disks in the Linux raid5 array running under Suse 9.3 that were sent for us for data recovery. The Highpoint 1820a raid controller card had failed after a power-cut and needed to be repaired.
Linux LVM

LVM recovery, ....A Power glitch caused 3 disks offline.The system the raid was running in was a Tyan mobo and the os was SuSE 9.3....

Linux EFS Extent FileSystem Data Recovery

Dicom medical image recovery from MO disks that used the Linux EFS filesystem. The picture shows server towers with data dtreaming around them in blue.
Linux Extent File System EFS Data Recovery

Data Recovery, ....Sometimes this remains in use on Philips and Marconi Medical CAT scanners which store DICOM images on Magneto Optical Disks (MOD or MO disks)....

SCSI Raid5 data recovery Netware on a Poweredge Server

3 scsi hard drives that were used in a Dell Netware server. 2 of the 3 raid disks in the array had failed so were awaiting recovery in our lab.
SCSI RAID5 Netware files recovery from a Dell Poweredge Server

RAID5 Rebuild and Recovery, ....Obviously with 2 of the 3 drives down RAID 5 rebuild appears impossible but we successfully recovered all the data inside 3 days....

ALLNET ALL-6400 RAID5 data recovery

An AllNet All-6400 nas box that would not show it's files and folders on the network browser. The HDD RAID 5 configuration had become corrupted and so this unit was awaiting data recovery by ourselves.
ALLNET ALL-6400 RAID5 repair

RAID 5 Recovery, ....Sometimes a Fan fail can cause the raid 5 to fail ths disallowing access to the files and folders on the drives....

Storcenter Pro data recovery raid rebuild

An Iomega Storcenter Pro which used Raid5 to store files on the 4hard drives before coming to us for data recovery.
Iomega Storcenter Pro raid5 data recovery rebuild

Data Recovery, ....Sometimes we see these units after customers have attempted several raid rebuilds and this can skew the data corrupting the files....

Netgear SC101 data recovery

A Netgear SC101 Nas box that was now showing empty or 0gb. Theis would not allow access to the data files so was sent to us for repair and recovery.
File Recovery from Netgear SC101

Data Recovery, ....The PC was able to attach to the SC101 and see a drive letter but was unable to access the data on the drives....

Dell PERC Raid5 data recovery

A Dell PowerVault 14 bay scsi raid shown in its rack mounted configuration. The array was being controlled by a PERC and 2 or 3 drives had failed in the array when the customer sent tit to us for data recovery.
Rebuild Dell Perc RAID-5 arrays

Data Recovery, ....We have recovered data when 1, 2, and even 3 disks were reported failed in the array by the customer....

Buffalo Terastation ISCSI Virtual Disks Recovery

An iSCSI Terastation storing virtual disk volumes across a raid 5 array of 4 hard disks. The client had attempted a raid rebuild before sending the drives to us for data recovery.
Terastation iSCSI Virtual Machine Disk Recovery

Data Recovery, ....They consist of 4 SATA hard drives and the unit is usually used in conjunction with Microsoft's iSCSI initiator to provide anything from LUNs, Virtual Volumes VMware ESX vmfs, Citrix XenServer virtual machines, NTFS partitions to name a few....

Snazio Teranas Data Recovery

A Snazio Teranas which is using the proprietary Radiator X-RAID filesystem. This NAS box crashed showing the flashing blue led light on the front and failed to boot up so was sent to us for data recovery.
Snazio Teranas Raid File Recovery

Data Recovery, ....The unit can crash or have apparent hardware failure leaving a flashing blue light but not booting up....

Intel SS4000-E repair data not accessible

An intel SS4000E showing its 4 sata hard drives being pulled out of the front. The 4 disks were in a raid 5 array which needed data recovery so the customer had sent it to us for repair.
Data Recovery Intel SS4000-E

Data Recovery, ....The files folders & data were not accessible via computers from the LAN Network.The client wisely did not alter any settings in the SS4000 and called us....

X-Server Raid defunct hard disk Raid5

Some raid hard disks from Mac OSX X Server pictured with an Apple.
X-Server defunct or offline hard disk drive Raid5

Data Recovery, ....Errors in the array are shown as hard disk drives (HDD) as defunct or offline....

Blade Server Raid Rebuild

A Blade raid server rack that required data recovery.
Blade Server RAID data recovery array rebuild

Data Recovery, ....A blade enclosure holds the power supplies, networking, and other components....

Intel SS4000-E NAS data recovery

An Intel SS4000-E front view shown with the 4 hdd removable drive trays. The Raid array failed and so the nas bdid not boot up, would not show on the network and had flashing led lights on the front. It is awaiting data recovery.
SS4000-E Data Recovery Repair

Data Recovery, ....They consisted of 4 SATA hard drives, in most cases these are Western Digital WD, Hitachi or Seagate....

SAS Hard Drive RAID Repair

A SAS hard drive taken from a raid server that was in our lab for data recovery.
SAS Hard Disk RAID Rebuild & Repair

Data Recovery, ....It replaces the parallel SCSI bus and uses the standard SCSI command set....

Data Recovery Netware Raid Volumes

Novell Netware server in for data recovery after raid 5 scsi hdd failure.
Netware NSS Dell Poweredge Server Data Recovery

Data Recovery, ....It is often provides shared volumes on a file server in a Local Area Network (LAN)....

Western Digital Netcenter Data Recovery

A Netcenter by WD which had failed after a power cut, and then had a shared folder deleted. It was awaiting data recovery in our office.
Netcenter Lost shares data recovery

Data Recovery, ....We can recover files and folders when the NetCenter has lost its share folder, or data cannot be viewed through the web interface utility....

Netgear Storage Central Turbo SC101T Dataplow SFS

An SC101 raid drive which houses 2 IDE hard drives and presents data via the network ethernet connection. These units are well known for loosing data after firmware upgrade.
Netgear Storage Central Turbo SC101T SFS file system data recovery

Data Recovery, ....Netgear's Network Storage NAS unit supports two Sata Serial ATA hard drives and a gigabit ethernet LAN interface....

LVM2 raid data recovery

A Linux penguin looms into view.
Linux LVM2 data recovery rebuild repair

Data Recovery, ....It is mostly compatible with the original LVM Linux Volume Manager LVM....

Netware Raid Data Recovery

Raid hard drives shown in ther rack awaiting data recovery.
Netware Dell Poweredge RAID drive failure data recovery

Data Recovery, ....We received a 3x 73GB Hard Drive SCSI RAID 5 on a Netware Server Dell Poweredge 1750....

Linux Striped Raid-0 Data Recovery

2 Linux hard drives used to form a raid 0 striped array in an Ubuntu server. The raid was no longer detected so these two WD sata drives were sent to us for recovery of the files.
Linux Server Raid-0 Striped Data Recovery

Data Recovery, ....The mdadm raid was set for auto-detect, however data access was destroyed when a new Ubuntu system was installed over Fedora....

Lacie Ethernet Big Disk file recovery

A lacie ethernet big disk awaiting data recovery.
Ethernet Big Disk data recovery

Data Recovery, ....It will allow file backup, photos, music and videos and operates under Windows, Apple Mac OSX and Linux operating systems....

LaCie Big Disk Extreme+ eSATA USB2

A Lacie Big Disk external drive with firewire usb and esata connections, enclosed in a silver aluminium case. These drives are very popular with Apple Mac owners due to their aesthetic design.
LaCie Big Disk Extreme+ eSATA USB data recovery

Lacie, ....It is available in 1TB, 1.5TB, and 2TB sizes with RAID-0 (stripping) and Retrospect backup and recovery software for Windows and Mac OSX....

Lacie Ethernet Disk mini data recovery

A Lacie Ed Mini disk awaiting data recovery. This was the first Ed-Mini that we worked on and had to develop a new data recovery tool to rescue the files.
Lacie Ed-mini Ethernet NAS data recovery

Lacie, ....It includes software to allow central file backup, stream photos, music and videos and is supported by Windows, Apple Mac OSX and Linux operating systems....

Asus Sata Raid Data Recovery Rebuild

A close up picture of Asus Motherboard and sata raid hard drive. The raid 0 was lost and so the drive was not recognised as part of the array. Following this it ws sent for data recovery to ourselves.
Asus motherboard raid-0 rebuild sata drives

Data Recovery, ....We recover an increasing number of RAID-0 problems from this board, often occurring with Maxtor or WD Raptor Sata Hard disk drives....

LaCie 2TB RAID5 NAS data recovery

A close up of a Lacie NAS box showing the orange blinking led lights on the front. The drive door is closed hiding the 4 hard disks that were configured in a raid array. The raid array needed repair in order to access the data.
LaCie RAID5 data recovery

Lacie, ....It has an ftp server and can act as DHCP server for the LAN local area network via 2 gigabit ethernet connections.....

Buffalo TeraStation iSCSI data recovery raid access

An iSCSI Buffalo Terastation awaiting data recovery in our lab.
TeraStation iSCSI data recovery raid access rebuild

Buffalo, ....Available as 1TB (TS-I1.0TGL/R5), 2TB (TS-I2.0TGL/R5) and 4TB (TS-I4.0TGL/R5), or rackmounted 1TB (TS-RI1.0TGL/R5), 2TB (TS-RI2.0TGL/R5) and 4 TB (TS-RI4.0TGL/R5)....

Mandriva mini for Netbooks data recovery

The linux penguin intimating raid data recovery from linux systems.
Mandriva linux Netbook data recovery

Mandriva, ....Unlike Windows, Linux Mandriva Mini has a small footprint, power management, and interfaces designed for the small display screens on these small notebook computers.....

Raid Data Recovery Facility

A seagate hdd from an Adaptec raid array controller.
Data Recovery RAID0 RAID1 RAID5 RAID6

Data Recovery, ....We recover data from all types of RAID systems & RAID Servers....

Data Recovery, and Conversions

Data Recovery, and Conversions problems that we recover data from are listed below.
Data Recovery Conversion Transfer File Recovery Repair Read Files Data.
News on our latest Data Recovery from Servers, Raid Arrays and broken connector repairs. We also sell HDDs and can recover hard disks from electronics failures including IDE, SATA and USB..