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News on our latest Data Recovery from Servers, Raid Arrays and broken connector repairs. We also sell HDDs and can recover hard disks from electronics failures including IDE, SATA and USB.
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Seagate SSHD repair broken Sata plastic data point attachment

The circuit board from a Seagate Sata SSHD 2TB drive which had it's data connection point broken so the cable could no longer be attached. The customer only required the data back rather than have the drive working again.
A Seagate SSHD circuit board with repaired plastic data connection point

DPHarding, We can repair the data cable attachment point on Seagate hard drives when the plastic breaks off. The repair is sufficient to allow the data to be copied off the drive to a new disk. This particular drive was only 6 months old and working fine. Unfortunately the data point attachment had been broken in that the plastic over the connector point has broken off and so the customer could not attach a data cable. Clearly there is a PCB attached to the drive which might have been replaced but the customer settled for just having the data (about 500GB)..

SCSI hdd data recovery

A pair of SCSI disk drives sent to us for data recovery from a server which used them in Raid to save files and folders. The fdrives had stopped spinning up when the computer was turned on so the client sent them to us for repair.
SCSI Server RAID data recovery

SCSI Data Recovery, We recover from all types of SCSI Server, SCSI Raid and SCSI Hard Disk Drives. Files can be recovered from Server Raid5 array failures and when the disk does not spin up and remains silent when powered. We also can transfer data from old SCSI drives to more modern media such as CD DVD or Hard Disk. This is particularly requested from old Apple Mac computers. So just email or call us for a quote. Most jobs are solved in 1 to 2 days..

Laptop Hard Disk not booting up in to Windows

A Laptop drive taken from a Dell XPS M1530. It used SATA connection, and the laptop had stopped responding. After it had frozen, the disk was sent to us for data recovery.
Windows not starting on Laptop HDD

DELL Laptop Toshiba HDD Windows problem, We recover from Laptop SATA 2.5 inch laptop hard disk drives - here is a typical example from Dell XPS M1530 using Toshiba MK3252GSX 320GB HDD we received recently. The problem started when the programs like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word were not responding, i.e. they were frozen. The keyboard could not control anything. Switched off the computer and re-booted but after the initial Windows start up it would not go into my normal desktop mode - only entered safe mode. When next re-started, it automatically went into check disc mode !! This then screwed everything up because then there was a flashing cursor on a black screen. The drive was taken out and tried to access from another computer (treating it as another drive) but the disc couldn't be read. We successfully extracted the data from the disk to a new Windows USB disk, so call or email us now for a quote..

G-Speed data recovery repair folder access

A G-Speed Q drive undergoing data recovery after it became corrupted when connected to an Apple Mac that may not have been shut down correctly. The device held data in a striped raid configuration.
G-Speed data recovery repair file access

G-Tech Disk Drives, We recover from the G-Speed drive made by G-Technology (Hitachi). These drives usually can be configured in Raid 5, but also as mirror and striped arrays (Raid 0, Raid 1). Often used on Apple Mac's but also Windows PC. We can recover files and folders no longer shown on the desktop or in the finder/explorer. We recently did a job for a National Broadcaster to recover vital olympic footage in 2 days. So if you have a problem or trouble call or email us for data recovery from the G-Speed drive..

Hard Drive Wrong or Reversed power supply Data Recovery Repair

Repair of a pcb circuit board. PCD repairs to HDD are conducted after incorrect power supply was used. Common damage or faults for these hard disks are power surge, shut down, over-voltage, faulty supply, reversed polarity with a burning smell.
Reversed power connector polarity hard disk drive hdd repair

Data Recovery, Hard discs suffer from mains power surge leading to no disk spin of the drive motor. Alternatively this may be caused by Reversed polarity from the power lead being connected the wrong way, or accidentally plugging the wrong (usually laptop/printer/scanner) power supply into the back of the drive causing over voltage supply. A burning smell from burnt out PCB circuit board is emitted due to power surge/voltage spike melting components. Call or email us now for a fast recovery of your data - usually 2 days depending on extent of damage..

Firewire drive data recovery - Western Digital WD 320gb hdd

A Western Digital Firewire drive (This wasa  MyBook, but others may be USB caddy disks). This was used with a Mac and was suffering bad blocksafter which it was sent to us for data recovery.
Western Digital Hard disk data recovery

Data Recovery, Firewire caddy containing a Western Digital 320GB Caviar hard disk. This external disk was used on an Apple Mac computer. The hard disk drive would not mount on the desktop. Attempts to recover the data led to bad blocks failure part way through the drive. The Volume was no longer recognised. We successfully recovered all data from the drive in 2 days so call or email now for a fixed price quotation..

Quantum Hard Drive burnt Philips chip drive does not start

A pcb circuit board shown from a Quantum LCT Fireball hard disk with a burnt chip. This one was from an LCT08 which is like the LCT10 and LCT20. This was sent for recovery after the drive failed to start up.
Quantum Hard Drive burnt Philips chip - drive not spinning up

Data Recovery, Quantum used to make hard drives. Typically the LCT series (LCT08 LCT10 LCT20) fail to start when powered. The printed circuit board shows burn marks on the Philips chip TDA5247HT. We can recover the data from such hard drives..

Iomega HDD2H Data Recovery - drive not spinning

An Iomega HDD2H that remained silent and would not mount on the Mac desktop. The customer said it was not spinning up when powered on so they sent it to us for repair and recovering the data.
Iomega HDD2H Drive not powering up when switched on

Data Recovery, The Iomega HDD2H is frequently used by Mac users and suddenly may not mount on the desktop. If you listen closely it may remain silent when turned on - the drive is not spinning when powered. We have received these often after people have contacted Iomega for a quote. The best advice is to come to us asap as the more people that mess with it the less chance of recovery..

Repair Seagate Hard Drive after faulty power supply connected

A Seagate drive that was connected to a defective power supply  and no longer worked due to over-voltage from the incorrect polarity. The disk model number was ST3400620A 7200.10 Barracuda and was for repair after it remained silent when turned on.
Recover data from Seagate Hard Disk after voltage damage

Data Recovery, The Seagate ST3400620A 7200.10 Barracuda FW 3.AAE HDD was received from German customer after they connected a wrong/defective power supply. There was a burning smell and spark. It appears to be over-voltage/incorrect voltage damage. The drive remains silent when powered and was not seen in the BIOS. The data was recovered and files and folders written to a new hard disk..

Lacie (Porsche) Burning Smell repair data recovery

A Lacie Porsche disks with flashing poweer supply LED light and not spinning up when plugged in. Before arriving with us for file recovery the customer also said it had a burning smell that he had tried to repair.
Lacie external Porsche drive burning smell when powered

Data Recovery, Lacie have a series of hard drives designed by Porsche. We often get cases where the drive fails to start when powered up - you do not hear the drive spinning or booting up however you can sometimes smell electric burning smell. The light on the power supply may start flashing as soon as it is connected. Simply turn off the device and call/email us for data recovery..

Apple Mac Hard Disk Drive copy files to CD

An image of an Apple Hard drive along with a G4 and G5 Mac, we also recover data from disks from Apple G3 computers.
Old Mac Hard Drive files copied to CD

Data Transfer, Perhaps your Old Apple Mac computer no longer works correctly but you still have the old hard disk drive. This is what happened with one owner of a Mac G3. The computer hard drive held Final Draft ScreenPlay files and Mac document data. We transferred from te Western Digital WD AC34000-40LA Caviar to CD for use on a PC or Mac..

SAS Hard Disk Drive and Raid Recovery and Repair

A SAS connector on hard drive is shown, with it's power and data connectors joined together unlike in a SATA disk. This one was sent to us as part of a raid system that needed data recovery.
SAS HDD and Raid Data Recovery Drive Repair

Data Recovery, SAS drives have an interface connector that looks very like SATA drives, except for a solid bar between the power and signal connectors. This means it cannot be connected to SATA controllers. However SATA drives can be connected to SAS controllers. SAS drives offer higher speed ideal for RAID server storage applications. We recover data from individual SAS drives or from RAID arrays, as well as SAS repair sufficient to extract the data..

Trouble accessing Windows User Folder

A screeshot of the Users My Documents Folder ( in Documents and Settings) which cannot be opened on the hard drive. This one was from a customer who needed their data recovering to a usb hard disk.
Cannot open My Documents Folder

Data Recovery, We have seen this problem a number of times. The Windows computer is shut down unexpectedly during a power outage. The customer reboots but is unable to access their documents and settings user folder on the hard disk drive. They have trouble opening the My Documents folder or other files. We can successfully recover your lost files from this sudden power loss and repair folder access and restore data to another hard disk or DVD..

Data Recovery Lacie Porsche HDD

A Lacie Porsche mobile drive that remained silent after being switched on. Also when powered it had a burning electronics smell and the green blue led power brick light was blinking / flashing before the customer sent it to is to recover the data after repair.
Lacie Porsche hard drive repair data recovery

Data Recovery, Lacie FA Porsche designed Mobile Hard drive comes with a 250GB hard disk and USB Bus-powered interface. It includes backup software for Windows PC and Mac OSX as well as FireWire connection. Sometimes the drive remains silent when powered, or emits a burning smell and the power supply green/blue light flashes. We can recover the data from the Lacie hard drive..

Lacie - flickering power supply not spinning - data recovery repair

A Lacie external drive that remained silent when turned on. Although not shown in the photo, it's power supply green LED was blinking when switched on so the Lacie was sent to us for repair.
Lacie not spinning or starting data recovery repair

Data Recovery, Lacie are popular particularly among Mac users where the aluminum case suites the Apple Computer Design. One trouble with the unit is that the drive does not spin up when powered. Examination of the power supply shows the LED blinking or flashing. The drive remains silent / emits no noise. We frequently recover file data from such Lacie drives with power problems like this..

Maxtor Hard Disk Drive Power Failure

A Maxtor DiamondMax 10 3.5 inch drive hard drive that failed to spin up awhen the computer is turned on. The disk remained silent and was not recognised by the computer bios before it was sent to us for repair. The customer thought they had accidentally connectoed the power plug the wrong way around and had a burning smell before it failed.
Maxtor HDD Not Spinning Data Recovery

Data Recovery, We can recover data from all types of Maxtor Hard Disk drives. This includes situations where the drive remains totally silent when powered up, and is not recognised in the computer bios. There is no vibration or hum noise from the drive usually associated with it spinning up. Accidental reversed molex power connectors can cause a burning smell. Also the computer may not start and shut down immediately when the Maxtor is connected..

Buffalo 1TB DriveStation Combo4 data recovery

The top part of a Buffalo Drivestation Duo is shown that was sent to us for repair and file recovery after it failed to start up when switched on.
DriveStation Combo4 file data recovery

Buffalo, Available with TurboUSB software, the Buffalo 1TB DriveStation Combo4 has eSATA/SATA, FireWire 400/800 and USB 2.0 interface connections. It is designed for local Backing-up/ file restore recovery to a single sata hard drive. And available in 320GB HD-HS320Q, 500GB HD-HS500Q, and 1TB HD-HS1.0TQ models..

LaCie S2S 5TB SATA RAID Data Recovery rebuild

A Lacie Biggest S2S Raid external drive which includes 5 disks usually made by Hitachi. The drive has eSATA connections and sometimes looses it's raid configuration. This one was sent to us to repair and reocver the data to a USB drive.
Data Recovery Lacie S2S SATA Drive Raid

Lacie, LaCie's 5TB Biggest S2S 5-disk RAID is aimed at the video media market. It includes an eSATA / SATA connection, and supports hardware RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID 0+1 or JBOD. The systems are used on Windows PC and Mac OSX systems..

Seagate 1.5tb desktop and 500GB laptop drive data recovery

A Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 desktop hard drive that was not spinning up when powered, and awaiting repair and data recovery in our lab. This drive is a 500gb, shown with it's label face up.
Seagate SATA 1.5TB and 500GB hdd data recovery

Seagate, Seagate's Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB SATA hard drive. Seagate's 2.5-inch 500gb laptop drives 5400- and 7200-rpm drives Momentus 5400.6 and Momentus 7200 have also launched. It will be interesting to see the long term stability of these perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology based products. Both are offered with SATA interfaces..

G-RAID Data Recovery

A G-Tech G-Raid drive showing the Firewire and USB connection Ports. Modern versions of this external disk include Thunderbolt ports for Apple Mac computer connections. This drive was awaiting data recovery in our lab.
G-tech G-raid hard drives mac data recovery

Data Recovery, Apex Technology can announce successful data recovery from the G-Tech G-RAID and G-RAID2 External hard drives frequently used by Apple Mac owners. These drives usually incorporate a couple of SATA hard drives, with Firewire or USB connections..

Data Recovery USB snapped connector

A Sandisk with a broken USB connector that snapped whilst plugging it in to a computer. The usb was resoldered to enable the files to be recovered.
Retrieve files from USB memory stick with broken connector

Data Recovery., A common failure on USB flash drives is the connector / pcb circuit board breaking. Recently we had a Sandisk Cruzer Memory stick 16GB that snapped from connections whilst plugged into the PC. We recovered all the data the same day it arrived so if you have a snapped USB stick email or call now for details..

SD card photo recovery - SDHC not recognised

SD card photo recovery (SDHC) not recognised.
SD card photo recovery (SDHC) not recognised.

Data Recovery, Recently received a 16GB Silicon Power SDHC card. The SD memory card was in the digital camera and stopped working. The PC and card reader did not recognise the card when plugged. The card had two Flash memory chips 29F64G08FAMCI, and a Controller black blob with no name. We successfully recovered all photos from the SD card so email or call for a quote if you have similar trouble..

USB light not on and USB memory stick not recognised

AN Easydisk USB whose led would not light on awaiting repair in our lab.
Easydisk USB led not on and memory stick not recognised

USB data recovery, Flash memory sticks commonly fail to be recognised - like the case we had of a 1GB Easydisk Leather USB. The Device was unrecognised, and the memory stick light/led not coming on. The device had Electronic chips SM321QF & Samsung K9G808U0M on the pcb. We recovered the data in a day so Call or Email us now for a fixed price before you send it in for data recovery..

xD Card DSS file recovery from Olympus Player

An Olympus Voice Recorder that used an xD memory card to store DSS files. The DSS files wwere deleted so the memory card was sent to us for recovery.
Olympus xD memory card recover deleted DSS files

DSS File Recovery, Voice recorders like the Olympus 2300 playe often record the audio to .DSS files which are stored on a removable xD memory card. Quite often customers contact us when they accidentally deleted the important audio DSS files of say interview recordings. We can recover the files - the best advice is not to use the card any further until data recovery has taken place. Email or call us now for a quotation price..

Integral Flash drive broken USB connector

An Integral memory stick with a bent USB connector. The flash drive had stopped working after the connector broke, so was being repaired by re-attaching the silver USB.
Bent USB connector repair Integral memory stick

Data Recovery, We often see the Integral Blue/Silver USB flash drive being sent to us for recovery repair. The USB connector appears to snap off after heavier usage and the Flash Drive stops working. When you plug it in, the PC recognises it but will not transfer data from it. Email or call us for repair/recovery of your files..

OCZ CrossOver USB 2.0 Flash drive Recovery

USB OCZ CrossOver memory stick data recovery
USB OCZ CrossOver memory stick data recovery

Data Recovery, OCZ new CrossOver USB 2.0 Flash drive incorporates a microSD� and microSDHC� card adapter. It is aimed at student, gamer, or professional. The OCZ CrossOver flash drive card reader can transfer multimedia files to and from PC computer, phone, and camera and is Apple Mac OS-X compatible..

USB Flash Sandisk Cruzer power surge shuts down computer

A Sandisk Cruzer USB flash drive that was suspected of suffering a power surge and was no longer recognised the computer. This one is ready for repair at our office.
Sandisk Cruzer USB flash drive not recognized

Data Recovery Repair, SanDisk usb Cruzer micro 1gb drive that we We recover from Sandisk Cruzer USB disk plugged into a pc creating an error message usb power surge warning or shutting down the computer when connected. The flash drive triggers a usb device not recognised error message. We have been able to retrieve the data and place it on a CD/DVD..

Dropped USB Flash drive

A close up of the
USB memory stick dropped and not wrorking

Data Recovery, The USB Flash Drive, also known as memory stick is highly portable file and data carrier, however it can be frustrating when it won't work and you require that important document. One common fault is when the disk has been dropped onto a hard surface eg road, desk, or floor. The device is no longer recognised when inserted into the computer, or flashes the LED light. We recover data from such USB problems..

Sandisk Cruzer not recognised when plugged in to Computer

A Sandisk SDCZ12 USB memory stick that failed to work when plugged in, so was sent to us for recovering the files.
Sandisk USB not recognised by Windows

Data Recovery, Recently received a USB Flash Sandisk Cruzer SDCZ12. The drive failed when a second USB drive was plugged in to the system - the USB was not recognized at all. It had the following chips 20-99-00128-3. SDTNKLCHSM-4096. We successfully recovered the data to CD..

Flash USB memory stick not recognized

An LG USB memory stick that was not recognised by the computer and presently awaiting repair and file recovery.
USB flash disk not recognized

Data Recovery, Recently received an LG Mirror USB which used SM321QF B8, Hynix HY27UV08BG5M 4GB chips. When it was plugged in to the computer the light went on then went off and the safely remove hardware icon showed device not recognized. We repaired and recovered the files from the memory drive to DVD..

Repair Broken USB memory stick

A close up of a USB flash stick and its pcb circuit board. The connector is soldered to the pcb but sometimes when it is bent, it can rip the tracks off the plastic circuit board so need to be repaired or re-soldered.
Broken USB flash drive repair

Data Recovery, A typical situation is that someone trod or fell onto a usb flash memory drive therefore breaking it while the disk was plugged into the computer. The latest case was an Easypod 1gb usb stick which had the connector contact pads ripped off the pcb damaging the tracks and needs to be soldered back on. The usb had Alcor AU6981 & Samsung K9G8G08U0M chips. We recovered the data to a DVD..

Repair USB pen drive not lighting up after fell onto floor

A Samsung USB memory stick that was dropped and no longer flashes. It is awaiting File retrieval.
USB memory stick dropped and no longer flashes / works File retrieval

Data Recovery, A recent problem we received was a Samsung usb flash drive 4GB. The memory stick had been dropped onto tarmac road and now would not light up. It cannot be detected or seen by the Windows PC computer. The usb disk contained Phison PS2136CC-G & Samsung K9LAG08U0M chips. We have successfully recovered the data to a DVD..

SanDisk USB Flash Drives with ReadyBoost

Sandisk Readyboost USB memory stick data recovery
Sandisk Readyboost USB memory stick data recovery

Sandisk, We recover from all types of Sandisk USB Flash drives. SanDisk Supports Windows ReadyBoost in USB memory sticks. Windows Vista ReadyBoost speeds up performance by storing frequently used data in an unused area of RAM). Unallocated areas of the Sandisk USB flash drives or flash memory cards can be used by the system. According to Sandisk, "all data held in the ReadyBoost cache is encrypted, so there is no security risk if the flash drive or card is lost or stolen. A copy of the cached data is also kept on the computer's hard disk at all times, so no data is lost in the event the flash drive or card is removed.".

USBest flash memory drive data recovery

A USBest controller chip mounted on a green pcb that is just showing the USB connector attached. This was from a recent repair we did after the connect was broken. We recover many USBest memory stick.
USBest chip USB flash data recovery repair

Data Recovery, USBest USB flash drive data recovery & repair includes memory sticks with the following chips UT161-T6 UT161-T6 UT161-T6G UT163-L4 UT163-L6 UT163-LQ4 UT163-Q4 UT163-QF4 UT163-T4 UT163-T6 UT165 UT165-L48 UT166 PBA021 UT168 UT169-T6G..

USB not recognised device Malfunctioned repair recovery

A screenshot when Windows displays the error abut a USB not recognized when the device malfunctioned.
USB not recognized device malfunctioned

Data Recovery, Usb flash disks are very convenient for storing lots of files that are currently being worked on. Their light weight and size makes these memory sticks highly portable. However sometimes when you plug the pen drive into the computer windows reports that the USB device not recognized. One of the USB devices attached to the computer has malfunctioned. However we can usually repair the thumb drive to recover you data files and folders..

USB Flash memory stick - no longer lighting up

A Sandisk Cruzer USB pen drive that no longer had the flashing light when inserted into the usb socket. This one needed the connector repairing.
USB pen drive no longer flashing light when inserted

Data Recovery, The USB flash memory stick / pen drive provides very convenient file storage. However your heart sinks when the stick does not light up or flash as normal when inserted into the pc computer. We can recover your important files when the drive fails to be recognised or shows device malfunction..

USB pen drive broken pcb circuit board

The broken end of a USB circuit board. The pcb has cracked just behind where the metel usb connector is soldered to the plastic. We have repaired such devices in order to recover the data. USB dongle often requires simialr re-solder repairs.
USB flash memory stick broken pcb circuit board connector

Data Recovery, The USB connector is metal and often the strongest part of the flash pen drive. This means that when accidental force is used in inserting or removing the drive, it is the plastic circuit board that snaps. Sometimes the broken memory stick has broken pins. We received such a disk after several other data recovery companies had attempted file retrieval - including taking the memory chip off. We successfully recovered the data to CD / DVD for return to the client..

USB Flash Drive Requesting format - data recovery

A USB memory stick being held by the end ogf the circuit board. The front of the picture shows the shiny metal usb connector where is connects to the computer. This one is missing it's plastic case.
Data Recovery USB memory stick requesting format

Data Recovery, Sometimes when you plug in a USB flash pen drive it requests format. This is usually just when you need the important document or spreadsheet you have recently worked on for the last two weeks. The reasons can be numerous but commonly these flash units only have a limited number of read-write cycles and sometimes the memory area that holds the critical file system data just fails. Call us to recover that data!.

USB Flash pen drive memory stick data recovery or repair connectors

A USB connector where the circuit board has snapped in half while it was plugged into the back of the computer. The elecrical traces have been ripped up, and required repair by soldering them back together as a temporary join to the pcb.
Repair recover data broken usb flash pen drive

Data Recovery, Due to where they are plugged into computers, i.e. at the back side or front where they can either be knocked, trodden on or crushed, the silver usb connector often gets broken or Bent USB or USB Device Not Recognized. USB Flash Drive no longer flashes when inserted into the computer. USB Flash Disk LED Light does not light up and requires repair. USB Disk was dropped and no longer works or recognised. Fix broken USB Connector Pins.

USB 3.0 Superspeed spec data recovery

A USB pen drive with the connector pointing upwards.
Data Recovery USB 3 devices

USB-IF, Superspeed USB3 specification has been released. It offers speeds up to 10 times faster than USB-2.0. Apex Technology can recover file data from all sorts of usb pen drives and memory sticks..

Raid Data Recovery Facility

An Adaptec sata raid internal card that is capable of raid 5, riad 6 and mirror raid configurations for multiple hard drives.
Data Recovery RAID0 RAID1 RAID5 RAID6

Data Recovery, Apex Technology are pleased to include RAID6 Data Recovery facility. We recover data from all types of RAID systems & RAID Servers. We can rebuild RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-5, RAID-6, RAID-10, RAID-50.We can Re-construct all types of SCSI RAID, SATA RAID, and IDE ATA RAID Hard Drives, especially from Dell, Sagitta, Netgear, Buffalo and many others..

Evesham Silverstor raid recovery

An Evesham Silverstor NAS drive box which incorporates 4 hard disks in Black and Silver. It is connected buy an Ethernet network cable and is basically a Thecus Network attached storage device (also sold under Allnet brand) which often fail to boot up after a power cut.
Evesham Silverstor Raid5 Share Folders

Evesham Silverstore Data Recovery, Typical problems with the Silverstor are that it looses its share folders after a power cut. The are basically re-badged Thecus NAS drives. Often the customer has tried to rebuild the raid in order to access the data but this can be dangerous as the configurations may have been wiped during power outage, so it rebuilds on default values. When we recover the Raid5 we firstly clone all the drives to preserve the data, and then re-construct the files and folders. We do not place any drives in another Evesham or Thecus as the results can be unpredictable, so we use an independent read only system for data recovery..

Easystore Shared Folder Access Recovery

An Easystore nas raid drive that was made by Acer under the Altos brand. Following a power cut this drive lost its shared folders and disappeared off the network so was sent to us for data recovery.
Easystore Recover Shared Folder Access

Acer Altos Easystore Recovery, Sometimes we feel the Easystore should be renamed the EasyLost. Unfortunately the marketing people make it too easy to invent a closely derived descriptive name for when an item fails. When the Easystore fails it tends to disappear from the network meaning you can no longer access the Home or Shared Folders. This often occurs after power outage / supply failure or sometimes no apparent reason. The Disk Change notification may display or show raid failure. Best thing to do is simply turn off the device and contact us. The less that happens to the device the better chances of file data recovery..

Iomega ix4-200d VMWare raid recovery

An Iomega IX4-200d drive that was used under iSCSI VMWare as a network raid drive. The system consists of 4 hard disk drives in a raid configuration.
Iomega ix4-200d iSCSI raid recovery

Iomega Virtual Disks, The Iomega ix4-200d iSCSI that found its way to us had configured for ISCSI under VMWare. After the client attempted repair, the console now showed 4 new disk drives with existing data have been added to your Iomega StorCenter device and requested to Authorise disk overwrite? Fortunately at this point the client contacted us for Data Recovery. We took the drives out of the ix4 and cloned them to secure the data copy, before we undertook a raid rebuild outside of the ix4 environment and recovered the data to a USB drive..

Recovery from re-formatted ReadyNAS Raid

A Readynas raid drive that performs as a NAS device. This drive was made by Netgear, but later Infrant made them as well. This drive had been reofrmatted and then re-partitioned, and the drive appears unavailable in the control console.
Netgear ReadyNAS Mirror Raid failure

ReadyNAS, Drives arrive for recovery and the history of what has been attempted so far is sometimes denied by the customer as possibly their IT job is at stake. So it was with the Netgear Readynas NV+ Mirrored Disk (Seagate Barracuda 1TB). The client said the 1st drive was "unavailable" and so only sent the 2nd Mirror drive. It appeared the Disks had been reformatted and re-partitioned in a newer Readynas. Luckily we were able to reconstruct the overwritten critical filesystem data and recover the files. .

HP Compaq SCSI Raid5 configuration

A set of SCSI hrad disks from an HP Compaq server awaiting data recovery after the raid5 array failed.
HP Compaq SCSI Raid5 configuration

Raid Configurations, There are not many companies who recover SCSI drives these days. However we like the cases no one else wants to touch. After we clone the disks (to preserve the data), the next problem is to work out the raid configuration as the customer rarely knows this since the people who set them up have long since left the company. Often they are set up as Raid 5 or Raid 5 with hot spare, stripe sizes vary. Finally we put the data on a modern USB drive which holds many times the original capacity at a fraction of the cost of the original HP Compaq system. .

Fibrecat Virtual Disk Recovery

A Fibrecat made by Fujitsu Siemens, with  12 hdd raid array and virtual disks managed by VMWare. Hard drives went f=down so we recovered the data to new hard disks.
Virtual Machine Recovery from Fibrecat

Virtual Disks, The Fujitsu Siemens Fibrecat SX80 is a 12 bay storage unit with 1TB SATA hard disks drives. A recent job saw the drives were configured under a raid 5. Overlaid on this large storage area were a series of virtual disks managed by VMWare. The unit had been used to backup data for the local County Council so when it went down on a Friday night there was a mad panic to get the data back for Monday morning. While not all data was back for Monday, several critical drives were recovered in time for Monday, to enable the Council to function, and the rest followed by Tuesday. So if you have a similar situation and need fast recovery then email or call us - details at top of the page..

Intel SS4000-E lost share folders

An Intel SS4000e 4 hard drive NAS device. This one is configured as Raid5 and has faled to boot up following a power cut over night. There is no access to the shared directories. This one is coloured black, but similar Lacie nas is coloured Silver.
Intel SS4000-E not boot up

Intel SS4000-E data recovery, The Intel SS4000-E can be configured as RAID5 Raid10 etc. Customers who experience failure often say to us that "it was working one day then failed to boot up the next day." Consequently the problem is that the drive data is not accessible from LAN Network so the Shares Directories are lost. Also the console may show he raid array configuration requests disks to be initialised and the hard disks are shown a NEW. The best thing is to pull the power off the devuice and call or email us for a quote. These units are usually recoverable in 2 days..

SCSI Proliant Server recovery failed raid

A set of 6 SCSI hard drives from a Compaq Proliant 3000 Server. They were configured in a Raid 5 array which failed to boot up, so the disks were sent to us for data recovery and repair.
Compaq Proliant SCSI hard drive recovery

Proliant Server recovery, Compaq Proliant Server SCSI Hard Drive Recovery. There are many of these old units still in service - chugging away - usually under a mountain dust in a less frequently visited corner of the server room. They were well built and cost a fortune but no-one gives them a thought until they fail and panic sets in because no one has used a scsi disk for 10 years. Often a drive has failed and - the raid 5 array is down. Do not fear - we know these units and will carefully extract your data before you finally consign your faithful proliant to computer heaven or hell..

Fujitsu Fibrecat data recovery after raid fails to restart with disks in Left Over state

A set of 12 SAS hard disk drives that were removed from a Fujitsu Fibrecat after the raid5 array failed. The raid had restarted but some drives in Left-over state. Someone had foolishly tried to use the Trust command to start the raid, but fortunately they stopped it and sent the disks to us for data recovery.
Fibrecat raid fails to start even after Trust command, disks in Left Over state

Fibrecat data recovery, The Fujitsu Fibrecat can support Raid 5. Thr raid may not restart and some drives can be in Left Over state. Although we do not recommend it as it can corrupt data, some customers (and even Fujitsu Engineers) try to use the Trust command to get the raid re-started. No data should be written to the raid after Trust is applied as it may make recovered data corrupt/impossible. We can recover the data - we do this by making a clone of the system and only working from the cloned hard disk drives. This way the original data does not get destroyed. If your data is critical, do not mess with the system. The best thing is to power down the drives and call or email us for a quote now..

Lacie 2 Big Disk with burning smell

A Lacie 2 Big disk. This one arrived for data recovery following a burning smell. The Lacie drives do seem prone to this probably due to their fanless design which can lead to heat build up in some offices. Like mosyt Lacie's they were used with Apple Mac OSX computers.
Lacie 2 Big Disk with burning smell data recovery

Lacie 2 Big Disk, We received a Lacie 2 Big Disk with burning smell from it. It had been formatted on an Apple Mac to create a raid array. The customer had tried their in house IT department but after a week they gave up and came to us. We managed to repair the file system and recover the data to a new SATA drive and have the whole lot ready 4 days later. So email or call us if you have a problem with the Lacie 2 Big Disk right now for a quick quote..

Linkstation flashing error data recovery

A Buffalo Linkstation showing the red flashing LED light on the front indicating an error. It's model number is HS-DH-GL and was sent to us for data recovery.
Buffalo Linkstation NAS flashing beeping data recovery

Buffalo Linkstation HS., Buffalo HS-DH-GL range of Linkstation NAS devices have flashing red LED on the front to flash error codes and also make beeping sounds. We can recover data from the Linkstation. The Network share may become unavailable with no access to disk. Flash codes for Linkstation are audible beep low tone followed by a higher tone followed by X flashes. 3 flashes - Partition problem with hard drive. 4 flashes - Fan problem. 5 flashes - ROM problem.
6 flashes - Hard Drive can not be recognized and remains totally silent. 7 flashes - Problem with motherboard (RAM, LAN, or Hard Drive controller). Call or email us now for a quote - Data Recovery timescale are typically 1 to 2 days from receipt..

Evesham Silverstor Recovery after power cut

An Evesham Silverstore showing the 4 hard disk drives pulled out of it's box. The Evesham unit is also sold under Allnet and Thecus brands, but all run the same proprietary filesystem. This NAS failed after a power cut and is ready to undergo data recovery at outr labs.
Evesham Silverstor recover lost share folders

Recover Lost Share Folders, Evesham Silverstor are re-badged Thecus 4100 NAS, which are also the same as the AllNet All-6400 and All-6500. The last SIlverstor we did was an XS NA5390080, with 4xWD400 gb HDD which had lost its share folders after raid rebuild following a power cut. The data was recovered in 2 days so if you have similar NAS device call or email us now for a fast recovery..

VMDK File Data Recovery

A vmdk sign showing data recovery of vmdk files from virtual VMWare server.
VMFS Virtual Disk Recovery

VMDK file Recovery, Virtual Disk and Virtual Machines can be created by a number of different methods. The two we see here more commonly are Microsoft VirtualPC .VHD files and VMWare .VMDK files for Virtual Disk or Virtual Machine. We have recovered data from these even when they are built on top of Raid 5 or Raid 6 systems. Recent examples were from a Fujitsu Fibrecat on VMFS filesystem, HP MSA2324fc G2 running 9 SAS drives and Buffalo Terastation ISCSI unit with NTFS virtual machines. So call or email us now for a quote..

Readynas not boot up data recovery

A Readynas nas unit configured with 4 hard drives formaing a raid. The Readynas is also branded Snazio and made by Netgear or Infrant. This system would not boot up when powered on, so arrived with us and is ready for data recovery.
Readynas Locked Up no data access

ReadyNAS Recovery, The Readynas system has been made by Infrant and Netgear, as well as being supplied under the Snazio badge. Customers have found the Infrant Readynas NV+ with 4x 500gb Seagate SATA hard drives unit locked up and will not re-boot. The system used X-RAID and had disk check failure. We can recover the data, and the last one we did took only 2 days to get the customer back up and running. So email or call us now for a quote..

Lacie Ethernet Disk Raid corrupt no access to data

A Lacie Ethernet Disk with 4 drives formaing a Raid 5 configuration. The drive can not be accessed via the network or web browser as the raid definition has been corrupted.
Lacie Ethernet Disk Recovery from corrupt Raid

INNS04-4200 Recovery, Lacie Ethernet Disk can be configured in various ways eg. 3 x Raid5 + spare hdd, Mirror and pure Raid 5. One customer had the following faults. Firstly Lan clients could only read data on NAS, but then after re-starting the system they could not access it with Web browser or the console software. The Raid definition appeared to be corrupt but all Hard Disk unit LEDs were green. We recovered the data and had all the data on a plane back to Italy after 4 days, so simple call or email us for a quote now.

Acer Altos Easystore Raid 5 malfunction

An Acer Altos Easystore is shown with one of the hard disk drives withdrawn from the NAS box. This unit had gone offline from the network overnight following a power cut and had lost the raid configuration for the 4 hdd.
Acer Altos Easystore Raid 5 offline

Eastore Recovery., A common complaint we hear is that you can arrive at the office to find the Easytore has gone offline overnight without any warning. The NAS will not be accessible over the net even though the hard drive indicator lights still show hdd as healthy or normal. Acer will often offer to replace the disks if under warranty but this will not recover your data. We can recover the data from the drives - please do not continue to use the hard disks as it risks corrupting the data making recovery impossible. Simply email or call us for a quick quote. Timescale usually 2 days for recovery on these units..

Fibrecat iSCSI Data Recovery

Several racks of Fujitsu Siemens Fibrecat SX80 which were sent to us for recovery of the data after it failed. The system used virtual disks and machines via VMWare so the client needed to recover the VMDK files.
Fibrecat Raid5 Data Recovery

Fujitsu Siemens Raid Systems., Sometimes we are the first company that a customer has found who can cope with recovery from Raid5 Virtual Machines - other companies have had high charges or cannot handle iSCSI systems. The form factors of rack mounted FibreCat and Eternus systems are convenient for Data Centres. Data Recovery for the Fibrecat systems employing Virtualised iSCSI Disks, LUN's, Machines, VMDK files, controlled via ESX VMware, is common place here at Apex. So why not call or email us now for a fixed price quote and fast turn around..

Terastation E21 Network Controller Repair

A Bufflo Terastation is shown with it's green led screen display. It shows E21 chip failure so required data recovery of the files.
Terastation E21 Network Controller Recovery

Terastation Data Recovery, The Buffalo Terastation passes across our data recovery benches often suffering the E21 chip failure Network Controller. This usually happens when the customer was just about to backup the terastation to another device - but not soon enough! Anyway - no problem we can recover your data from this error - so call or email us for a quick quote and fast turn around - usally 2 days on these drives,..

Sagitta Raid Data Recovery SCSI HDDs

A Sagitta raid tower that had its internal raid card fail. We undertook cloning of the disks then rebuilding the raid array to rescue the files.
Sagitta Raid Data Recovery SCSI drives

Sagitta Raid System., Sagitta raid systems were often found in printing, film, broadcast, video, oil and gas industries. These systems were based on the Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) interface. We have experience for recovering from many of their systems including SR 1201-FC, SR 1202-FC, RF 1200-FC, RS 1200-U160, RF 1200-FC, SS 1201-FC, SS 1202-FC (12 Bays) Fibre Channel Storage Cabinets. The units contain SCSI Seagate hard disks running Windows or Unix. We also recover Sagitta EziRaid and EziJBOD systems. Frequently the drives are ok but the RAID Controller card or Power Supply is blown. Simply call or email us for fast quote and turnaround (typically 2-3 days)..

Terastation recover deleted share folders

A pair of Terastation NAS boxes which arrived in our data recovery lab. Both are configured as Raid 5 arrays and use 4 hard disk drives. These are pedestall units, but Terastations are also supplied in 19 inch racks, and can have their lost or deleted share folders recovered.
Terastation recover share folders after format

Buffalo Teratstion Recovery, The Buffalo Terastation usually holds 4 hard drives often configured in Raid5. We can recover deleted share folders or lost files after format of the terastation, and in most cases the recovered data includes original file and folder names. As soon as you realise the data is gone please do not continue to write or use the terastation as each time you risk overwriting critical data that may degarde the quality of the recovery. Simply power down the unit and email or call us for a quote. Timescales are in the region of 2-3 days on these units lathough faster emergency turn-arounds can be arranged including weekends and over-night..

Lacie Server failed after power cut

A Lacie server that failed after a power cut.
Lacie Server not booting after power outage

Lacie Network Server, These Lacie Servers can be configured as NAS RAID 10 mirror, Raid 5 etc. A sudden power outage, or if the machine is turned off accidentally without proper power-down, can result in the unit no longer booting up correctly. The hard disks might appear to operate ok with their green led lights on/flashing but the raid array has been wiped out and folder data is not accessible. Simply power off the device and call or email us for a no obligation quotation. Timescale on these units is usually 2-3 days. The less that happens to the unit (in terms of attempting to "repair" it ) then the better the chances of recovery by ourselves..

Linux LVM raid data recovery

A seagate hard drive pictured with Linux Penguin. There are 7 hard disks in the Linux raid5 array running under Suse 9.3 that were sent for us for data recovery. The Highpoint 1820a raid controller card had failed after a power-cut and needed to be repaired.
Linux LVM

LVM recovery, We have recently recovered 7x Hard Disk Linux LVM RAID5 System. A Power glitch caused 3 disks offline.The system the raid was running in was a Tyan mobo and the os was SuSE 9.3. The raid system is a RAID5 with the default 64k stripe size. The raid card was a Highpoint 1820A. Disks 3, 4 and 6 were the ones that temporarily failed during the power glitch.There were 3 LVM volumes on it, all in the volume group called lvm_raid5. Each volume used the reiserfs file-system. We successfully recovered all the data so if you have a similar set up then call or email our experts now. Timescale on this job was only 2 days..

Buffalo Linkstation Quad Data Recovery

A Linkstation quad using 4 hard disk drives. This Buffalo NAS had crashed and failed to show up on the network so was sent to us for recovery of the files and folders.
Data Recovery Linkstation Quad NAS

Buffalo Technology, Buffalo LinkStation Quad is a 4 SATA HDD NAS devices with RAID 5. Some customers start receiving write errors and E13, E16, E23, and I12 messages. This was then followed by a crash and after re-booting it displays 'unformatted' error and failure of the RAID array which often customers try re-formatting and consequently loosing their data. As soon as you receive write errors stop using the unit and call us for data recovery. Timescale usually 2-3 days..

SCSI Raid data recovery Intel Controller

An Intel SCSI card that was used by a school to control 4 SCSI hard drives in a raid5 array. The Raid 5 went down so there was no access to the files, therefore it was sent to us for data recovery from the SCSI disks.
Scsi Raid File Recovery Intel Controller

Data Recovery, We recently recovered from an SCSI Intel GC80303 SL57T SRCZCR SRC series RAID Controller SCSI. There were 4 SCSI Hard Disk Drives 3 in Raid5 array and a Hot Spare. The raid went down leaving no access to the files and folders. We successfully recovered all the data enabling the School Pupils and Teachers to access their data. Call or email now for a quotation..

Western Digital WD NetCenter Data Recovery

A trio of Western Digital WD Netcenter with lost share folders and are now awaiting data recovery.
Netcenter file data recovery

Data Recovery, Email or call us now for Data Recovery for the WD NetCenter when it has lost its share folder, or when the NetCentre cannot be viewed through the utility. Recover accidental removal of the Share Folder. Gradual failing or reporting of incorrect file size. Lost File & Folders on the NetCentre. Also recovery from Corrupt Superblock. The Western Digital NetCenter is not visible from a standard Windows system. Timescale usually 1-2 days..

Linux EFS Extent FileSystem Data Recovery

Dicom medical image recovery from MO disks that used the Linux EFS filesystem. The picture shows server towers with data dtreaming around them in blue.
Linux Extent File System EFS Data Recovery

Data Recovery, We have developed data recovery from the Linux Extent File System. Sometimes this remains in use on Philips and Marconi Medical CAT scanners which store DICOM images on Magneto Optical Disks (MOD or MO disks). We can recover the data off EFS disks and transfer them to say CD DVD or hdd hard drive. EFS is an old legacy Linux format and not widely handled by modern programs and software..

Intel SS4000E INNS04-4200 not accessible from LAN - data recovery

An Intel INNS04-4200 SS4000E undergoing data recovery in our labs following failed raid after a power cut. The unit shows 4 hard disk drives with quick release handles on the front of the NAS box.
Intel SS4000E INNS04-4200 not showing on network

Data Recovery, We recover data from the Intel SS4000E INNS04-4200. Other NAS with similar problems are the Lacie Ethernet disks, Acer Altos Easystore, Systemax MiniVault NAS
NORCO NS-520 Server. Common problems are Flashing Light LED, Disk Change Notification failed screen and User data not accessible OR failed RAID particularly after unexpected or accidental power loss or shut-down. If you have these problems email or call us for a quotation - recovery timescale usually 2-3 days on these units..

Dell Perc with 3x SCSI drives - failed Raid 5 data recovery

A screenshot from the Dell Perc bios screen showing configuration of the SCSI hard drives. It shows 3 scsi disks members in the raid container, and the container status is critical. It looks as though someone had attempted data recovery before it was sent to us but they did not know how to repair the system to allow it to boot up.
Data Recovery Dell Perc Raid 5 SCSI

Data Recovery, A Dell Perc Raid array had failed with one disk down. Then Raid 5 was using Maxtor Atlas SCSI hard disks each 73gb. the Raid container status was critical and rebuild did not work It appeared to have incorrect parameters in it on our inspection - so possibly incorrect data recovery attempts had already been tried. We successfully recovered the data in 24 hours so Email or Call us now for a fixed price quotation..

SCSI Raid5 data recovery Netware on a Poweredge Server

3 scsi hard drives that were used in a Dell Netware server. 2 of the 3 raid disks in the array had failed so were awaiting recovery in our lab.
SCSI RAID5 Netware files recovery from a Dell Poweredge Server

RAID5 Rebuild and Recovery, A Netware server running on a Dell Poweredge (PERC) SCSI controller had 2 of the 3 hard drives fail (it had 3x73GB Fujitsu / Seagate disks). Obviously with 2 of the 3 drives down RAID 5 rebuild appears impossible but we successfully recovered all the data inside 3 days. So if you have a Netware Server and need to recover from the SCSI RAID5 then simply call or email us for a fixed price quote..

Linux LVM Raid - 3 disks offline after power glitch

A SCSI rack mounted array is shown with a Linux penguin in front of them. The raid array had failed to rebuild correctly with 3 disks going offline before it was sent to us for recovery.
Suse LVM Raid - 3 disks offline after power glitch

LVM Raid recovery, Recently we received 7x250gb Seagate hdds from a RAID System. LVM. A Power glitch caused 3 disks offline. The Operation System was SuSE 9.3 OS. The raid system was a RAID5 using Highpoint 1820A raid card. Disks 3, 4 & 6 were the ones that temporarily failed during the power glitch and the system had previously been sent to a very well known data recovery company who could not recover it. We recovered all the data to Reiserfs Sata drive, so if you have something similar then email or call us for a fixed price quote. Turnaround time was 3 days on this job!.

ALLNET ALL-6400 RAID5 data recovery

An AllNet All-6400 nas box that would not show it's files and folders on the network browser. The HDD RAID 5 configuration had become corrupted and so this unit was awaiting data recovery by ourselves.
ALLNET ALL-6400 RAID5 repair

RAID 5 Recovery, The ALLNET ALL-6400 RAID 5 is basically a rebadged Thecus 4100. Sometimes a Fan fail can cause the raid 5 to fail ths disallowing access to the files and folders on the drives. The fan unit may be replaced okay, however the files will still not show up on the network. The Raid5 array will need recovering separately - so just email or call us asap for a quotation price..

Dell Power Edge Server data recovery

A Dell Poweredge Perc Server showing the rack mounted Raid Controller. This is one of the older SCSI disk raid5 that was sent to us for data recovery after the array failed. The newer systems use SATA or SAS drives.
Dell PERC Raid rebuild file recovery

Data Recovery, Dell are famous for their PERC Raid controller in their Power Edge Servers. They used to be primarily SCSI although these days they are SATA or SAS based systems. A typical recovery we undertake involves 5x146GB SCSI Hard Drives from a PERC 4 raid. 3 of 5 disks had gone down and were reported as not recognised in the RAID-5. Email/call us now if you have similar problems..

Storcenter Pro data recovery raid rebuild

An Iomega Storcenter Pro which used Raid5 to store files on the 4hard drives before coming to us for data recovery.
Iomega Storcenter Pro raid5 data recovery rebuild

Data Recovery, The Iomega NAS Storcenter Pro 150d includes 4 hard drives usually configured in Raid5 or Mirror Raid. Sometimes we see these units after customers have attempted several raid rebuilds and this can skew the data corrupting the files. Do not use the unit after failure - simply email us for a quote and fast turn-around..

SCSI Raid array Linux Redhat 9 Ext3 Data Recovery

A stack of SCSI hard drives taken from a Ubuntu Linux Server. There are 6 scsi 3.5inch disks in this picture of the array which had failed after power failure and one drive showed as ASYN start unit request failed.
SCSI RAID Linux Redhat rebuild

Data Recovery Rebuild RAID., We can recover SCSI Raids running under Linux eg. SUSE Redhat Ubuntu server etc. Power supply failure can cause one drive not to be recognised with scsi controller reporting "ASYN start unit request failed". The raid will not mount. Call or email us for a quote. Remember that the less that the disks are messed around before they reach us the better the chances of recovery..

Bluetooth PCLOS2009.2 and the EEEPC-1000h

An Asus eeepc running linux.
Bluetooth not working PCLOS & EEEPC

Advice, This article is more for advice rather than what we do for data recovery. We love Linux and have been taking our first steps in it for the last 7 years. One piece of advice for those with eeepc & PCLOS 2009.2 who do not appear to have got their bluetooth working - we suggest installing kdebluetooth. After boot up try root command "hcid", then right click on kbluetooth and devices should appear. Well it worked for us. Other commands for testing whether the bluetooth is seen atall can be found from "apropos bluetooth". Good luck. Sorry we can't answer individual qustions on this subject..

Netgear SC101 data recovery

A Netgear SC101 Nas box that was now showing empty or 0gb. Theis would not allow access to the data files so was sent to us for repair and recovery.
File Recovery from Netgear SC101

Data Recovery, We recently received a Netgear SC101 NAS enclosure set-up as a mirrored drive with 2 Seagate Hard Drives. The PC was able to attach to the SC101 and see a drive letter but was unable to access the data on the drives. When we check the disk properties in Netgear utility we see 0GB even though the client advised the drives are over half full. We successfully recovered the data to a new hard disk. If you have a similar problem then turn off the SC101 immediately and contact us for a recovery quote - the less you mess withh it the less trouble you create for recovering your data..

Dell PERC Raid5 data recovery

A Dell PowerVault 14 bay scsi raid shown in its rack mounted configuration. The array was being controlled by a PERC and 2 or 3 drives had failed in the array when the customer sent tit to us for data recovery.
Rebuild Dell Perc RAID-5 arrays

Data Recovery, Dell Perc (Power Edge Server Raid Controllers) usually have SCSI, SATA or IDE drives attached although leter ones use SAS. We have recovered data when 1, 2, and even 3 disks were reported failed in the array by the customer. Data Access has been restored to files and folders in the Raid Array. If your data is important then messing around trying to repair it if you do not fuly understand what you are doing can result in data being destroyed so leave it alone and call us..

Buffalo Terastation ISCSI Virtual Disks Recovery

An iSCSI Terastation storing virtual disk volumes across a raid 5 array of 4 hard disks. The client had attempted a raid rebuild before sending the drives to us for data recovery.
Terastation iSCSI Virtual Machine Disk Recovery

Data Recovery, The Buffalo Terastation iSCSI IP SAN units display their storage as iSCSI virtual volumes and are available as desktop or rackmount versions. They consist of 4 SATA hard drives and the unit is usually used in conjunction with Microsoft's iSCSI initiator to provide anything from LUNs, Virtual Volumes VMware ESX vmfs, Citrix XenServer virtual machines, NTFS partitions to name a few. We have successfully recovered the Virtual Volumes from these units when there has been a hard drive error. Also we have recovered data even after when Buffalo has attempted to rebuild the raid5 to a new spare drive but the rebuild failed and simply kept going into a raid rebuild loop or the Terastation entered emergency mode and requested reformat. The best advice we have is to simply switch off the terastation and call is if you value getting your data back - the less it is messed with the better the chances of recovery..

Snazio Teranas Data Recovery

A Snazio Teranas which is using the proprietary Radiator X-RAID filesystem. This NAS box crashed showing the flashing blue led light on the front and failed to boot up so was sent to us for data recovery.
Snazio Teranas Raid File Recovery

Data Recovery, The Snazio Teranas pro is essentially a re-badged Infrant Readynas-600 and utilises Raidiator X-RAID control software. The unit can crash or have apparent hardware failure leaving a flashing blue light but not booting up. The unit is not seen on the LAN network. We can recover the data in this situation to say a Windows formatted hard drive..

Intel SS4000-E repair data not accessible

An intel SS4000E showing its 4 sata hard drives being pulled out of the front. The 4 disks were in a raid 5 array which needed data recovery so the customer had sent it to us for repair.
Data Recovery Intel SS4000-E

Data Recovery, The Intel SS4000E NAS unit had Western Digital WD1000FYPS sata hard disk drives mirrored. The files folders & data were not accessible via computers from the LAN Network.The client wisely did not alter any settings in the SS4000 and called us. We recovered the data to a separate hard drive which could installed directly to a Windows NTFS computer..

X-Server Raid defunct hard disk Raid5

Some raid hard disks from Mac OSX X Server pictured with an Apple.
X-Server defunct or offline hard disk drive Raid5

Data Recovery, Apple provide Mac OSX X Server. Errors in the array are shown as hard disk drives (HDD) as defunct or offline. XServer enables RAID arrays for data file storage. We can recover files from failed XServer raid5 arrays with 1 or 2 hard disks failed (usually they are assembled as 3 disk RAID-5 arrays)..

Terastation not boot up No Link E22 error Raid5

A Terastation showing E22 No Link error that would not boot up  and was in our lab for data recovery. The Terastation has its hard drives withdrawn from the nas box.
E22 Error Buffalo Terastation No Link E22 not booting up

Data Recovery, Terastation Live 2TB Failure - the system was configured as RAID 5. Sometimes it will not boot up. Possibly you can get into EM mode and reflash (not recommended as may wipe data). The Terastation may indicate an E22 error and also LINK STATUS NO LINK. We can recover your data files however the unit should be immediately turned off to prevent any further over-writing of data..

Lacie Ethernet Disk Data Raid Recovery

A Lacie Ethernet Disk model number INNS04-4200-LAC that shows its 4 hard disk raid array. In the control console panel the drives were shown as New Disk due to the disk change notification, even though they had been configured as raid 5 before the power went off.
Data Recovery Lacie ed-mini Ethernet Disk

Data Recovery, Lacie Ethernet & Edmini NAS RAID Data Recovery. We can recover from the broken RAID in these systems. The disks may be shown as New Disk as opposed to RAID 5 in the Console program. They systems tend to crash on power cut / failure. The Raid is broken and Shared folders are lost. Orange Flashing Disks Status Error Light, and solid orange system status LED light. The Disk Change Notification One or more hard disks in the storage system have failed screen possibly appears when accessing the storage system console program..

Iomega P435m NAS lost raid data recovery

A p435m server that was made by Iomega and used in a 19 inch rack mount. The image shows the 4 hard drives in their removable caddys, however this one lost its raid 5 and would not allow access via the network.
Iomega Rack Nas p435m server raid repair

Data Recovery, The Iomega Nas P435m 320GB Network Storage is a rack mounted NAS. It is often configured as Raid 5 with 4x80gb Hitachi hard disk drives. The Server runs windows. We specialise in recovering data from the P435m as well as other Iomega NAS when the Raid is lost, it will not boot up or data access is lost on the network..

Windows Raid 1 Mirror not booting - file recovery

A Maxtor hard drive, with SATA connector that was used in a Raid. The raid aray needed to be rebuilt after the system failed to boot up.
Windows Mirror RAID1 repair

Data Recovery, There were 2 Maxtor SATA hard disks in RAID that would not boot up. The drives sounded normal but exhibited read errors and the computer would hang / not start up properly..

NAS Network Attached Storage Data Recovery

A man pushing the server back in line.
NAS data recovery

Data Recovery, Apex Technology are pleased to provide a Data Recovery facility to recover data from all types of NAS systems & NAS Servers. We can rebuild The Network Storage RAID Arrays for SCSI SATA and IDE ATA Hard Drives. We Have specialist facilities for recovering data from Buffalo Terastation, as well as Linux, Apple Mac and Windows servers from Dell, Sagitta, Netgear SC101, Buffalo and many others..

IBM eServer SCSI RAID data recovery

3 scsi hard drives shown in a stack. The hard disks were from an IBM e-Server x-Series which showed that 2 disks has crashed and were offline. The data in raid array was recovered and sent back to Egypt.
IBM eServer X-Series 2 of 3 drives offline raid rebuild

Data Recovery, The IBM eServer xSeries received here consisted of 3 x 73,4GB SCSI hard drives in RAID 5 configuration. The machine ran Windows 2003 server. The SCSI raid controller was showing 2 out of 3 HD were logged offline / crashed. The Egpyt client contacted us and we successfully rebuilt the raid array and recovered the data to fresh drive that could be mounted in a Windows PC Computer..

Dell RAID PowerVault MD3000 Data Recovery

A series of servers in a room depicting the possibility of data recovery.
Dell RAID PowerVault Data Recovery Raid Rebuild

Dell, Dell PowerVault MD3000 is a versatile, direct-attached storage array delivering high performance and high availability for critical applications. The PowerVault MD3000 is the first external RAID SAS array from a this storage system company..

Netgear SC101 firmware and drive partition data recovery

A pair of Netgear SC101 that failed after firmware upgrade and sent to our labs for data recovery.
Firmware update SC101 data recovery lost partition

Data Recovery, Data Recovery for Netgear SC101. Following firmware upgrade the drive partition has been known to disappear. Apex now offers data recovery of files and folders from the SC101. The SC101 uses a proprietary file-system and is not visible from a standard Windows or Linux system. Sometimes (when the SC101 is in Mirror drive mode RAID1 one drive disappears from the system for a while. A user upgrades the firmware and then nothing is visible on tee drive. Contact Apex Technology for data recovery..

Blade Server Raid Rebuild

A Blade raid server rack that required data recovery.
Blade Server RAID data recovery array rebuild

Data Recovery, Blade servers are usually rack computers designed to for a minimal space. A blade enclosure holds the power supplies, networking, and other components. Together, blades and the blade enclosure form the blade computer system. The RAID may use SATA, E-SATA, SCSI, iSCSI hard disk drives and usually RAID1 Mirror, RAID5 RAID6 for storing data. We can recover data, files and folders from failed RAID Blade servers computers and workstations..

Intel SS4000-E NAS data recovery

An Intel SS4000-E front view shown with the 4 hdd removable drive trays. The Raid array failed and so the nas bdid not boot up, would not show on the network and had flashing led lights on the front. It is awaiting data recovery.
SS4000-E Data Recovery Repair

Data Recovery, Intel SS4000-E NAS data file storage can be configured as RAID-1 RAID-5 or RAID-10. They consisted of 4 SATA hard drives, in most cases these are Western Digital WD, Hitachi or Seagate. Sometimes these units can be working one day then fail to boot up the next day. It may have disappeared off the network. Blinking Yellow or Flashing Disk Status Light LED and System Status Light glowing Orange. Disk Change Notification failed screen. User data not accessible OR failed RAID array. The best advice is simply to turn off the unit. Do not attempt any modifications to the disks or rebuilds as it can have unpredictable consequences and modify data making folder / data access impossible. Just email us for a quote..

Acer Altos Easystore data recovery

An Acer Altos Easystore that has lost its share folder access due to raid corruption after a power cut.
Easystore data recovery Acer NAS

Data Recovery, Acer Altos Easystore provides file sharing and RAID protection which may be configured as RAID-0 RAID-1 RAID-5 and RAID 5 + spare. The units are usually based on SATA or IDE hard drives. We recover data and files from lost share folder access, corrupt RAID or unit failure as well as other problems or trouble..

SAS Hard Drive RAID Repair

A SAS hard drive taken from a raid server that was in our lab for data recovery.
SAS Hard Disk RAID Rebuild & Repair

Data Recovery, SAS Serial Attached SCSI is a data transfer protocol for hard disks and tape drives. It replaces the parallel SCSI bus and uses the standard SCSI command set. One of the great features for RAID is that it can utilise SATA hard disks in place of more expensive SAS disks. We can successfully recover files and folders from SAS raid arrays including those from Dell PERC, Adaptec, IBM Blade-centre, Megaraid, LSI Logic, Highpoint, 3Ware. Just contact us for your requirement via email above..

Data Recovery Netware Raid Volumes

Novell Netware server in for data recovery after raid 5 scsi hdd failure.
Netware NSS Dell Poweredge Server Data Recovery

Data Recovery, Novell Storage Services (NSS) is a file system for NetWare operating system (OS). It is often provides shared volumes on a file server in a Local Area Network (LAN). We recently received a 3x73GB SCSI Netware RAID 5 from Dell Poweredge 1750 Server showing 2 of 3 drives failed offline from which we successfully restored file data to an NTFS Windows PC hard disk..

Western Digital Netcenter Data Recovery

A Netcenter by WD which had failed after a power cut, and then had a shared folder deleted. It was awaiting data recovery in our office.
Netcenter Lost shares data recovery

Data Recovery, The Western Digital Netcenter can have problems when shut down incorrectly or suddenly due to power loss. We can recover files and folders when the NetCenter has lost its share folder, or data cannot be viewed through the web interface utility. We can also recover accidental removal of the Share Folder. Sometimes there is a gradual failing or reporting of incorrect file size, lost Files & Folders or Corrupt Superblock which requires repair for data access.

Netgear Storage Central Turbo SC101T Dataplow SFS

An SC101 raid drive which houses 2 IDE hard drives and presents data via the network ethernet connection. These units are well known for loosing data after firmware upgrade.
Netgear Storage Central Turbo SC101T SFS file system data recovery

Data Recovery, The SC101T or SC101 Turbo utilizes the Dataplow SAN ZFS SFS (or Zan-fs Z-SAN) file system which is not directly mountable in Windows or Linux when trouble starts. Netgear's Network Storage NAS unit supports two Sata Serial ATA hard drives and a gigabit ethernet LAN interface. The Unit offers mirrored network drive central shared file storage and backup software. The hard disk drives may be of any size. We recover from The SC101 & SC101T when partitions are lost particularly as a result of automatic firmware upgrades..

Buffalo 4 red status lights flashing repair / recovery

A Buffalo Terastation that shows it's 4 read led lights flashing, meaning that no data access is possible. The drive would not boot up in this state or appear on the network. Each light represents the status of the 4 internal hard disks and they blink when the hdd has failed.
Terastation 4 flashing red status led's data recovery

Data Recovery, The Buffalo Terastation NAS offers Stripped Raid JBOD Spanned and RAID5 hard disk configurations. However a common failure is having the 4 led lights blinking or flashing and no data access is possible. The unit will not boot up correctly when powered. We offer data recovery / file retrieval from such error failures on the Terastation..

Dell Perc Raid Container Critical Rebuild recovery

Dell Perc bios console screen showing the raid configuration container with critical status.
PERC Raid Container Status Critical Data Recovery

Data Recovery, The Dell Poweredge Raid Controller PERC has undergone many generations from Perc-1 Perc-2 Perc-3 Perc-3i Perc-4 Perc-4i Perc-5 Perc-5i SCSI & SATA / SAS hard drives. The error we hear most of is when the Container status shows critical but all member hard disks are shown/recognised ok. We have successfully recovered data from this situation but the simple rule is to get it to us before too many people have messed about with settings. Attempts to re-build the raid can have unpredictable consequences and may wipe out your data files for good..

Buffalo LinkStation Pro not starting data recovery

A linkstation that had lost access to the share folders. It also failed to start up and remained silent after being switched on.
LinkStation Pro silent when powered - data recovery

Data Recovery, Buffalo LinkStation Pro is a single drive Network Storage unit. It can lose data access to share folders & files. It has a single SATA or IDE drive and supports up to Gigabit LAN connections with a USB port allowing additional drive storage. 250GB, 320GB LS-320GL, 500GB LS-500GL, 750GB LS-750GL and 1TB LS-1000GL models were made. Common problems are that the drive simply does not start even though the fan may operate. Other times the drive remains silent..

LVM2 raid data recovery

A Linux penguin looms into view.
Linux LVM2 data recovery rebuild repair

Data Recovery, LVM2 provides logical volume management facilities on linux. It is mostly compatible with the original LVM Linux Volume Manager LVM. After a power failure one client found that 3 of the 6 hard disk drive raid were shown offline. The sudden loss of power glitch meant no access to data was available as it lost LVM2 Linux partition. We successfully recovered the LVM2 raid to Windows PC NTFS disks..

Netware Raid Data Recovery

Raid hard drives shown in ther rack awaiting data recovery.
Netware Dell Poweredge RAID drive failure data recovery

Data Recovery, Novell NetWare became popular during the early 1980's by sharing disk space in NetWare volumes, comparable to DOS volumes and now includes s Novell Directory Services (NDS). We received a 3x 73GB Hard Drive SCSI RAID 5 on a Netware Server Dell Poweredge 1750. This showed 2 of 3 drives failed. We successfully recovered the data to windows PC compatible hard drive..

Linux Striped Raid-0 Data Recovery

2 Linux hard drives used to form a raid 0 striped array in an Ubuntu server. The raid was no longer detected so these two WD sata drives were sent to us for recovery of the files.
Linux Server Raid-0 Striped Data Recovery

Data Recovery, A large UK printing firm had one system running under Linux with 2xWD5000YS Ext3 drives forming a striped raid0 system. The mdadm raid was set for auto-detect, however data access was destroyed when a new Ubuntu system was installed over Fedora. The Raid was no longer recognized or detected. We successfully restored files and recovered the data to a new drive..

LaCie 4big Quadra RAID 2TB, 4TB or 6TB file recovery

A Lacie 4Big Quadra external hard drive theat was used an a Mac. It has Firewire Esata and USB connections, and its hard drives are in raid configuration.
4Big Quadra RAID Data Recovery

Data Recovery, LaCie 4big Quadra RAID offers 2TB, 4TB or 6TB capacities in a 4-bay hot-swap SATA drive. It can be configured in 7 RAID modes including RAID 0 and RAID 5. Interfaces are through eSATA, Firewire 400 800, USB..

Lacie Ethernet Big Disk file recovery

A lacie ethernet big disk awaiting data recovery.
Ethernet Big Disk data recovery

Data Recovery, The Lacie Ethernet Big Disk is available in 640GB/1TB sizes. It will allow file backup, photos, music and videos and operates under Windows, Apple Mac OSX and Linux operating systems. Network connection is via 10/100 Ethernet. We have recovered files and data off these drives especially when access via the web-console shows failure / empty or missing disks..

LaCie Big Disk Extreme+ eSATA USB2

A Lacie Big Disk external drive with firewire usb and esata connections, enclosed in a silver aluminium case. These drives are very popular with Apple Mac owners due to their aesthetic design.
LaCie Big Disk Extreme+ eSATA USB data recovery

Lacie, LaCie's Big Disk Extreme+ includes eSATA/SATA and USB connections. It is available in 1TB, 1.5TB, and 2TB sizes with RAID-0 (stripping) and Retrospect backup and recovery software for Windows and Mac OSX. Two or more units can be connected and mirror Raid or RAID-0+1 configured..

Lacie Ethernet Disk mini data recovery

A Lacie Ed Mini disk awaiting data recovery. This was the first Ed-Mini that we worked on and had to develop a new data recovery tool to rescue the files.
Lacie Ed-mini Ethernet NAS data recovery

Lacie, The Lacie Gigabit Ethernet Disk mini is available in 250GB/320GB/500GB hard drive capacities. It includes software to allow central file backup, stream photos, music and videos and is supported by Windows, Apple Mac OSX and Linux operating systems. It provides a 10/100 Fast Ethernet interface..

Buffalo TeraStation Pro II Data Recovery

A terastation awaiting raid rebuild following hard drive failure. It is shown with the nas box door open exposing the 4 hdd inside.
TeraStation Pro Data Recovery

Buffalo, Buffalo TeraStation Pro II includes 4 RAID modes - RAID 0 (Striping), RAID 1 (Mirroring), RAID 5 (Parity) and RAID 10 (Striped Mirrors) and Gigabit Ethernet connection. Built in SMB, FTP server. It is built on 4 SATA hard drives (quick-swap) providing 1TB TS-H1.0TGL/R5, 2TB TS-H2.0TGL/R5, 3TB TS-H3.0TGL/R5, 4TB TS-H4.0TGL/R5 models..

Asus Sata Raid Data Recovery Rebuild

A close up picture of Asus Motherboard and sata raid hard drive. The raid 0 was lost and so the drive was not recognised as part of the array. Following this it ws sent for data recovery to ourselves.
Asus motherboard raid-0 rebuild sata drives

Data Recovery, The Asus P4 series of motherboards P4C800-E P4P800 delux include built in Sata Raid controllers. We recover an increasing number of RAID-0 problems from this board, often occurring with Maxtor or WD Raptor Sata Hard disk drives. Often one drive will have lost being recognised as part of the raid array. Both drives are still seen in the controller bios. We can re-build the raid array and recover your data files photos videos etc..

Buffalo TeraStation Pro II 19 inch Rackmount raid recovery

A rack mounted Terastation which lost its raid array. The fornt cover is closed, so hiding the 4 internal hard disks.
TeraStation Rack-mounted data recovery

Buffalo, The Buffalo TeraStation Pro II Rackmount comes in 1TB TS-RH1.0TGL/R5, 2TB TS-RH2.0TGL/R5, and 4TB TS-RH4.0TGL/R5 models. It features 4 bay quick-swap SATA hard drives, Gigabit Ethernet connection, Built-in FTP server RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, JBOD, in a 19 inch Rack format. We recover data from the lost raid array or when access seems to be impossible including via the web console..

Buffalo TeraStation Live NAS data recovery

A Terastation Live made by Buffalo. The NAS is awaiting data recovery in our lab.
TeraStation Live data access recovery

Buffalo, Buffalo's TeraStation Live is designed to be a Multimedia Server Network Attached Storage device. USB ports allow extra hard drive expansion, and LAN connection is via a Gigabit interface. RAID modes are RAID0 RAID1 RAID5 RAID10. It is built on 4 SATA hard drives (quick-swap) providing 1TB HS-DH1.0TGL/R5, 2TB HS-DH2.0TGL/R5, 3TB HS-DH3.0TGL/R5, 4TB HS-DH4.0TGL/R5 models..

Buffalo LinkStation Live LS-CHL data recovery

A Linkstation Live that was made by Buffalo and is presently waiting for data recovery and file access repair.
LinkStation Live LS-CHL data recovery repair

Buffalo, With built in FTP and DNLA server the Buffalo LinkStation Live LS-CHL comes in 500GB LS-CH500L, 1TB LS-CH1.0TL models. It is based on a single SATA hard drive and is Mac OSX and Windows compatible..

LaCie 2TB RAID5 NAS data recovery

A close up of a Lacie NAS box showing the orange blinking led lights on the front. The drive door is closed hiding the 4 hard disks that were configured in a raid array. The raid array needed repair in order to access the data.
LaCie RAID5 data recovery

Lacie, LaCie Network Attached Storage 2TB RAID5 comes with 4 hot-swap SATA drives and selectable RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-10 and Raid-5 + spare. It has an ftp server and can act as DHCP server for the LAN local area network via 2 gigabit ethernet connections..

RAID rebuild repair & file data recovery or transfer

A close up of some scsi drives forming a raid in an old server.
RAID data recovery rebuild or file transfer

Data Recovery, RAID Repair Rebuild for Striped RAID-0 RAID-5 RAID-6 RAID-10 RAID50 RAID-60 JBOD including software and hardware raid systems as well as specialist applications like Sagitta / Agfa photo / printing systems are covered by our data recovery services..

Network Attached Storage NAS data recovery - no access raid

A WD Netcenter NAS device that uses Maxtor hard drives to store data and is connected to the network via Ethernet. They run a proprietary operating system to display the shared files and folders.
NAS data recovery - broken raid

Data Recovery, A rise in the number of Buffalo Lacie Netgear Western Digital (WD) Maxtor NAS devices such as the Terastation , Linkstation, Ethernet Disk, SC101 & Netcenter has seen a rise in the number of recoveries we are undertaking in this area. Common failures occur after power failures or lost raid recoveries. Linux Data Recovery and Buffalo Netgear LACIE NAS Network Storage Data Recoveries are covered by our services..

Buffalo TeraStation iSCSI data recovery raid access

An iSCSI Buffalo Terastation awaiting data recovery in our lab.
TeraStation iSCSI data recovery raid access rebuild

Buffalo, With a focus on small business backup/file sharing, Buffalo have the TeraStation iSCSI and TeraStation iSCSI Rackmount versions. Available as 1TB (TS-I1.0TGL/R5), 2TB (TS-I2.0TGL/R5) and 4TB (TS-I4.0TGL/R5), or rackmounted 1TB (TS-RI1.0TGL/R5), 2TB (TS-RI2.0TGL/R5) and 4 TB (TS-RI4.0TGL/R5). TeraStation iSCSI 5 RAID levels: RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, and RAID10. Storage is on to 4 250GB, 500GB, 1.0TB SATA hard drives..

LaCie 2TB Ethernet Big Disk data recovery

A Lacie BigDisk which connects to the network via Ethernet and is popular with Apple Mac users.
LaCie Ethernet Big Disk data recovery repair

Lacie, The LaCie 2TB Network Storage Ethernet BigDisk is aimed at Windows, Linux & Mac OSX Home Office users. It's USB port allows connection of additional hard drive. The MediaServer option allows streaming music, photos and video files over the network via the LAN connection..

LaCie 2big RAID Hard drive data recovery

A Lacie 2Big network raid drive that was sent in to us for data recovery.
Data Recovery Lacie 2BIG RAID disk

Lacie, The LaCie 2BIG series includes 2big Dual, 2big Triple and the 2big Network RAID drives. They include 2 hot-swappable removable hard drives. And programmable glowing blue smart button. Interfaces include eSata II, USB 2.0, FireWire 800, FireWire 400. The 2big Network drives are Ethernet connected and can act as a file sharing or backup server. Backup Recovery Software includes EMC Retrospect Express for Windows / Apple Mac OSX. RAID modes are specified as BIG, FAST (Striped), and JBOD..

Data Recovery LaCie 4TB Network RAID Ethernet Disk

A lacie ethernet disk in silver colour with its led status lights on showing the health of the hard drives, raid array and ethernet connectivity. This one was awaiting data recovery.
Lacie Ethernet Disk 4TB data recovery

Lacie, LaCie Ethernet Disk RAID is a 4 bay 4TB network attached storage unit equipped with hot-swappable SATA disks. It has 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, along with USB connectors to attach further drives. It includes RAID 0, 1, 10 and 5 + spare as well as LAN DHCP auto IP address allocation and ftp server..

LaCie 5big NAS hard drive RAID-5 RAID-6 2.5TB, 5TB and 7.5TB

A Lacie 5 big RAID drive awaiting data recovery and reapir after it disappeared from the network
RAID data recovery rebuild Lacie 5BIG Network drive

Lacie, The LaCie 5big Network, comes as a five-bay hot swappable SATA hard drive NAS / RAID unit. It offers both RAID5 and RAID6 modes and 2.5TB, 5TB and 7.5TB capacities. Genie Backup Manager Pro for Windows and Intego Backup Manager Pro (for Mac) are included for backup and recovery / restore software..

Buffalo LinkStation EZ (LS-L500GL) 500GB data recovery

A Linkstation EZ sent to us for repair after losing access to shared folders.
Data recovery LinkStation EZ LS-L500GL

Buffalo, Buffalo LinkStation EZ 500GB NAS provides file storage and sharing via an Ethernet network connection. The Gigabit LAN interface provides 10/100/1000Mbps. The Linkstation is equipped with a SATA Hard Drive..

LaCie 4TB Biggest Quadra 4-Disk RAID rebuild data recovery

A Lacie Biggest Quadra external drive with Firewire, usb and eSATA connections awaiting data recovery in our labs.
Data Recovery Lacie Biggest Quadra RAID rebuild

Lacie, LaCie's Biggest Quadra, a 4-disk RAID solution for Workstation backups. It has 4TB and interfaces through FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0 and eSATA / SATA. It includes RAID 0, 0+1 and 5..

Buffalo LinkStation Quad NAS Raid drive Data Recovery

A Linstation quad awaiting data recovery. This unit has 4 drives in Raid configuration and sometimes this is lost after a power cut.
Data Recovery LinkStation Quad NAS RAID rebuild

Buffalo, Buffalo LinkStation Quad supports RAID5, RAID 0, 1, 10 and JBOD modes. It includes a BitTorrent client, SMB, FTP and file management features to share and back-up files over the LAN network. It is based on 4 SATA Hard Drives (250GB, 500GB, 1.0TB) and is Mac OSX and Windows compatible, and an external drive can be attached via the USB port. It comes in 1TB LS-Q1.0TL/R5, 2TB (LS-Q2.0TL/R5), and 4TB LS-Q4.0TL/R5 models..

LaCie Rack-mounted Ethernet Disk 2TB, 4TB and 6TB data recovery

Lacie Ethernet Server in its rack mounted format, sent in for data recovery after it lost its raid configuration.
Data Recovery Lacie Ethernet Disk rack mounted

Lacie, Lacie's 1U 19" rack mounted Ethernet Disk with up to 6TB capacity and is compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux and Unix computers. It has Gigabit Ethernet connection and is Active Directory compatibility. The LaCie Ethernet Disk provides backup and recovery. Genie Backup Manager for Windows and Intego Backup Manager Pro for Mac OSX are provided as well as being able to use the unit with Mac Time-Machine..

Thecus N7700 7-Bay NAS Server Data Recovery

A Thecus N770 NAS server awaiting data recovery, and shown with its front door open exposing the 7 internal hard disk drives formaing the raid array.
Thecus N7700 data recovery raid rebuild

Thecus, The new Thecus N7700 follows Thecus N4100 & N5200. The N7700 supports RAID 0, 1, 5,6,10, and JBOD as well as eSATA port for additional SATA hard Drive. The 7 SATA hard disk bays allow 7TB of storage and can select ext3 or ZFS. It includes an Intel 1.86GHz processor..

Mandriva mini for Netbooks data recovery

The linux penguin intimating raid data recovery from linux systems.
Mandriva linux Netbook data recovery

Mandriva, Mandriva Mini has been released and is aimed at netbook laptops such as Intel's Atom. Unlike Windows, Linux Mandriva Mini has a small footprint, power management, and interfaces designed for the small display screens on these small notebook computers..

Adaptec SATA RAID Data Recovery.

An hard drive from an old adpatec raid server.
DATA Recovery Raid Rebuild Adaptec SATA hdd

Adaptec, Adaptec RAID cards include such advanced data protection features which are currently available for the Adaptec SATA2 Serial ATA II RAID 2420SA four-port controller, the Adaptec SATA Serial ATA II RAID 2820SA eight-port controller, the Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI RAID 4800SAS eight-port PCI-X controller and the Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI RAID 4805SAS eight-port PCIe controller. These include Hot Space (RAID 5EE) and Striped Mirror (RAID 1E)..

Raid Data Recovery Facility

A seagate hdd from an Adaptec raid array controller.
Data Recovery RAID0 RAID1 RAID5 RAID6

Data Recovery, Apex Technology are pleased to include RAID6 Data Recovery facility. We recover data from all types of RAID systems & RAID Servers. We can rebuild RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-5, RAID-6, RAID-10, RAID-50.We can Re-construct all types of SCSI RAID, SATA RAID, and IDE ATA RAID Hard Drives, especially from Dell, Sagitta, Netgear, Buffalo and many others..

Data Recovery, and Conversions

Data Recovery, and Conversions problems that we recover data from are listed below.
Data Recovery Conversion Transfer File Recovery Repair Read Files Data.
News on our latest Data Recovery from Servers, Raid Arrays and broken connector repairs. We also sell HDDs and can recover hard disks from electronics failures including IDE, SATA and USB..