HP Compaq SCSI Raid5 configuration

A set of SCSI hrad disks from an HP Compaq server awaiting data recovery after the raid5 array failed.
HP Compaq SCSI Raid5 configuration

HP Compaq SCSI Raid5 configuration, Slough, Berkshire, UK

There are not many companies who recover SCSI drives these days. However we like the cases no one else wants to touch. After we clone the disks (to preserve the data), the next problem is to work out the raid configuration as the customer rarely knows this since the people who set them up have long since left the company. Often they are set up as Raid 5 or Raid 5 with hot spare, stripe sizes vary. Finally we put the data on a modern USB drive which holds many times the original capacity at a fraction of the cost of the original HP Compaq system. This Data Recovery was filed under words like HP Compaq SCSI Raid5 configuration.

SERVER Data Recovery Laboratory, Raid Configurations, Slough, Berkshire, UK

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