Buffalo Terastation ISCSI Virtual Disks Recovery

An iSCSI Terastation storing virtual disk volumes across a raid 5 array of 4 hard disks. The client had attempted a raid rebuild before sending the drives to us for data recovery.
Terastation iSCSI Virtual Machine Disk Recovery

Buffalo Terastation ISCSI Virtual Disks Recovery, Crewe, Cheshire, UK

Data Recovery
The Buffalo Terastation iSCSI IP SAN units display their storage as iSCSI virtual volumes and are available as desktop or rackmount versions. They consist of 4 SATA hard drives and the unit is usually used in conjunction with Microsoft's iSCSI initiator to provide anything from LUNs, Virtual Volumes VMware ESX vmfs, Citrix XenServer virtual machines, NTFS partitions to name a few. We have successfully recovered the Virtual Volumes from these units when there has been a hard drive error. Also we have recovered data even after when Buffalo has attempted to rebuild the raid5 to a new spare drive but the rebuild failed and simply kept going into a raid rebuild loop or the Terastation entered emergency mode and requested reformat. The best advice we have is to simply switch off the terastation and call is if you value getting your data back - the less it is messed with the better the chances of recovery. This Data Recovery was filed under words like Terastation iscsi virtual machine data recovery.

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