Intel SS4000-E lost share folders

An Intel SS4000e 4 hard drive NAS device. This one is configured as Raid5 and has faled to boot up following a power cut over night. There is no access to the shared directories. This one is coloured black, but similar Lacie nas is coloured Silver.
Intel SS4000-E not boot up

Intel SS4000-E lost share folders, Wrexham, , WALES

The Intel SS4000-E can be configured as RAID5 Raid10 etc. Customers who experience failure often say to us that "it was working one day then failed to boot up the next day." Consequently the problem is that the drive data is not accessible from LAN Network so the Shares Directories are lost. Also the console may show he raid array configuration requests disks to be initialised and the hard disks are shown a NEW. The best thing is to pull the power off the devuice and call or email us for a quote. These units are usually recoverable in 2 days. This Data Recovery was filed under words like Intel SS4000 E not boot up.

NAS Data Recovery Laboratory, Intel SS4000-E data recovery, Wrexham, , WALES

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Intel SS4000-E data recovery

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Intel, SS4000, E, not, boot, up.
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