Bluetooth PCLOS2009.2 and the EEEPC-1000h

An Asus eeepc running linux.
Bluetooth not working PCLOS & EEEPC

Bluetooth PCLOS2009.2 and the EEEPC-1000h, Chester, Cheshire, UK

This article is more for advice rather than what we do for data recovery. We love Linux and have been taking our first steps in it for the last 7 years. One piece of advice for those with eeepc & PCLOS 2009.2 who do not appear to have got their bluetooth working - we suggest installing kdebluetooth. After boot up try root command "hcid", then right click on kbluetooth and devices should appear. Well it worked for us. Other commands for testing whether the bluetooth is seen atall can be found from "apropos bluetooth". Good luck. Sorry we can't answer individual qustions on this subject. This Data Recovery was filed under words like linux eepc pclos bluetooth not working.

RAID Data Recovery Laboratory, Asus EEEPC, Chester, Cheshire, UK

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