Linux Striped Raid-0 Data Recovery

2 Linux hard drives used to form a raid 0 striped array in an Ubuntu server. The raid was no longer detected so these two WD sata drives were sent to us for recovery of the files.
Linux Server Raid-0 Striped Data Recovery

Linux Striped Raid-0 Data Recovery, Swindown, Wiltshire, UK

Data Recovery
A large UK printing firm had one system running under Linux with 2xWD5000YS Ext3 drives forming a striped raid0 system. The mdadm raid was set for auto-detect, however data access was destroyed when a new Ubuntu system was installed over Fedora. The Raid was no longer recognized or detected. We successfully restored files and recovered the data to a new drive. This Data Recovery was filed under words like linux raid 0 data recovery.

SERVER Data Recovery Laboratory, Linux Raid Server, Swindown, Wiltshire, UK

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Linux Raid Server

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