Raid NAS and Server Data Recovery

Raid data recovery and array rebuilds Raid5 Raid6 Raid0 Raid1 Mirror Striped arrays.
Raid Data Recovery Services

Raid Data Recovery

Don't get raid rage - get help. Our friendly team is here to help recover data from your failed raid array. Simply email or a call us with your problem. See above for contact details.

server data recovery

Server Data Recovery

  • Dell Perc Data Recovery
  • SCSI HDD Raid Data Recovery
  • HP Compaq Server Raid array Recovery
  • Fujitsu FibreCat Data Recovery
  • Raid Array Rebuilds
  • More....

Data Recovery covers anything from modern Raid, Virtual Disks, iSCSI, all the way back to older SCSI Compaq servers. We also write our own data recovery software, and bespoke recovery from old optical disks or forgotten file systems.

Raid Array error 1 or 2 hard drives failed

Typically 1 or 2 of your hard disks are failing in the raid array so either you have degraded mode or perhaps the array has gone offline. Conventional wisdom suggests that if 2 drives have failed in a raid 5 array you can't recover from it. However we have recovered data many times when 2 drives have failed. So we do not subscribe to the conventional practices and this makes our recovery success even better!