Fibrecat SX80i SX80 SX88 Data Recovery

Data Recover Fuijitsu Siemens Fibrecat SX80i, Virtual Filesystem iSCSI Recovery VMWare ESX, SX88
Data Recover Fuijitsu Siemens Fibrecat SX80i, Virtual Filesystem iSCSI Recovery VMWare ESX, SX88 Services

Fujitsu Siemens FibreCat Data Recovery SX40 SX60 SX80 SX88 SX100

We can recover data from the Fujitsu Fibrecat systems in virtually any set up that it is used in, especially when connected to a server via iSCSI using Windows 2003/2008, Linux, RedHat, VMware-ESX 3.x platforms. The FibreCat system allows multiple hard drives to be configured as RAID systems supporting iSCSI Virtual drives and filesystems. The RAID system is often made up of the following components...
1. Hard drives are combined into disk groups or arrays.
2. The disk groups are partitioned into Logical drives which are mapped to LUNs.
3. The LUNs are formatted as RAID level eg Raid-5 Raid-6 Mirror Raid 1, JBOD / concatenated disks and striped Raid 0.
The FibreCat system can allow SAS and SATA hard disks, dual RAID controllers, and SAS external ports for additional storage.

FibreCat Virtual Filesystem VDMK file data recovery

Customers come to us wanting the data recovered from the VDMK files. We can provide the whole VMDK files. The VMDK is often formatted using Windows NTFS and more often the customer simply wishes the files from the NTFS to be copied out to a new drive which they can put back into any windows machine and recopy the files across to the replacement server.

Rebuild the raid and Extract the data

No matter your configuration of layers of Raid and iSCSI LUNS we can rebuild the data structures so we can extract your critical data files and information to a new drive.

Transfer iSCSI Virtual Machines to hdd

We can also convert a virtual disk or virtual machine to a normal hard drive.

FibreCat Data Recovery and Raid Rebuild Archive..

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