Buffalo Linkstation Data Recovery NAS Raid Rebuild Repair Data Access

Buffalo Linkstation data recovery, Raid error, lost raid, lost share folder, re-formatted raid, error codes, lost share folders, formatted disk
Buffalo Linkstation data recovery, Raid error, lost raid, lost share folder, re-formatted raid, error codes, lost share folders, formatted disk Services

Buffalo Linkstation Pro Live Home and Pro Duo RAID Data Recovery Repair

Linkstation problems or troubles are typically described below.
Write errors followed by a crash. Hard Drive 'unformatted' error. Failure of the RAID array. After power cut /outages E13, E16, E23, and I12 errors because a Disk is not found.

Buffalo LinkStation's contain SATA hard drives, and file shares over Ethernet LAN network. The Linkstation can have RAID modes RAID0 and RAID1 and storage provided via a SATA Hard Drive. It supports Microsoft Active Directory and a USB port allows for connecting additional external hard disk. The device can be configured from a web configuration management console.

Recover share folders and Flashing Blinking LED Lights

We can recover data from Linkstations when the SHARE folder is no longer visible or lost. In some cases they have a burning smell / smoke/ burnt pcb. After powering the device back up, it sounds an audible alarm, beeping beep sound, and the red LED light blinking / flashing indicates a disk failure Error. Disk error are also shown on the web based configuration control panel screens. We Recover from following disk error LED Flash codes.

3 flashes - Partition problem Reformat the hard drive.
4 flashes - Fan problem.
5 flashes - ROM problem.
6 flashes - Hard Drive can not be recognized.
7 flashes - Problem with motherboard (RAM, LAN, or Hard Drive controller)

An error in a RAID Array has been detected.

We commonly see this type of trouble. Stored data in this RAID Array can`t be recovered because RAID0 disks are damaged. The Linkstation would suggest to Select `Delete Array` to remove this Array. Do not do this as you will loose data. Simply power it off and contact us for a recovery quote.

Data Recovery from Lacie Disks

Our list of supported models include those below, but the list is updated all the time so just ask us if your model is not shown.
Buffalo Linkstation Live - 250GB HS-DH250GL, 320GB HS-DH320GL, 500GB HS-DH500GL, 750GB HS-DH750GL

Pro-Duo Linkstation 1.0 TB LS-W1.0TGL/R1,
Pro-Duo Linkstation 2.0 TB LS-W2.0TGL/R1
LinkStation Pro 320 GB LS-320GL
LinkStation Pro 500 GB LS-500GL
LinkStation Pro 750 GB LS-750GL
LinkStation Pro 1.0 TB LS-1000GL

LinkStation Mini 1TB LSWS10TGLR1 LS-WS1.0TGL/R1
LinkStation Mini 500GB LSWS500GLR1 LS-WS500GL/R1
LinkStationand#153; Quad 1.0 TB LS-Q1.0TL/R5
LinkStationand#153; Quad 2.0 TB LS-Q2.0TL/R5
LinkStationand#153; Quad 4.0 TB LS-Q4.0TL/R5
LinkStation EZand#153; LS-CL 500 GB LS-C500L
LinkStation EZand#153; 1.0 TB LS-C1.0TL
LinkStation Liveand#153; LS-CHL 500 GB LS-CH500L
LinkStation Liveand#153; LS-CHL 1.0 TB LS-CH1.0TL

If you have a problem not described here then smply contact us by email
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