Easystore Share Raid Array Offline Disk Change Data Recovery

Easystore data recovery from Raid5 array, disk change notification, lost share folders Raid and formatted disk
Easystore Data Recovery Services

Easystore Data Recovery

Is your Easystore not easy to deal with? Our friendly team is happy to help recover your data.

Like most hard drives these units do not like to be shut down suddenly eg. in the event of a power cut. The first thing you realise is that you are not able to browse or view your data from the network, even though all the hard drives themselves are physically ok. Investigation of error log files may reveal the active directory is not synced. The disk change notification may appear even though you have not changed the disks. The raid array will have disappeared along with your shared files and folders.

Acer Altos Easystore Data Recovery Raid Rebuild Repair

Fortunately by contacting us we can restore access to your files and folders and the sooner we see the device, the better the chance of recovery. Simply power it off and do not change settings or drives on the unit as every action could further render data unrecoverable. You can contact us by email or telephone at the top of this page for a quote.

Easystore Data Recovery

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